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  • What master's degrees require no previous knowledge?

    I have a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration (major in accounting), but I want to go to graduate school to study another field. I am truly not interested in Business. Are there any other programs out there besides law, mba, medicine etc.?


  • How do you use the dribble to split a double team?

    Can anyone give me tips on how to split a double team on the way to the basket? Be it going from baseline to rim or free throw line extended to the rim. Thanks!

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  • What does Lo que Ria mean in Spanish?

    It is one phrase I don't get.

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  • Help with building leg muscles?

    Hey guys, I need a bunch of bodyweight exercises I can do to build muscle on my thighs, hamstrings and calves. I can use light weights, I have dumbells (up to 50 lbs) and a barbell up to 80 lbs. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • How tall will I be?

    I'm 5'10, 14. I've started growing a 'stache and a little beard. I have only grown an inch this year. How tall will I be?

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  • How can I get abs to show up?

    All right here's the story, I'm a 14 yr old 5'10, 132 lb male. I have very little fat on my body, but I think I very little on my stomach. I do 100 high intensity crunches every night. I can barely see 2 abs right now, how can I get at least a 4 pack? By the way, I fast at school.

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  • I need some sheet music for grade 2 piano!?

    Can anyone give me a link to some or at least the name of nice piano sheet music that is not too difficult.

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  • Why do I feel lke I lack energy all the time when playing basketball?

    I've been practicing every day, so this might be a cause but for some reason unless im playing with friends, I always feel like I'm dead in the mornings! It takes a lot to motivate me to practice now. Before, I could play basketball for hours and not get tired, but unless I have competition I don't feel like doing ANYTHING now, I feel dead. What is my problem? What can I do to counter act this? I've been getting 7 hours of sleep a day.

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  • How can I improve hitting guarded layups?

    When I'm wide up I can hit layups with ease, yet whenever I drive in in a game of 21 I always miss because I seem to go too fast. I normally fingerroll. If I slow down I could possibly get blocked. I normally end up missing because I get fouled. How can I improve my layup %? I practice layups every day but i don't see an improvement.

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  • Why can't I jump high if I can sprint?

    Everyone says that if you can sprint fast you can jump. For osme reason this isn't true for me. I have relativley no calves but I have large quads, thighs and strong hamstrings. On a side note, I was born with a short Achillies Tendon, so I walk on my toes.

    My sprint times are 100 M- 12.3 seconds

    200M- 25 seconds

    400M- 56 seconds

    800- 2 minutes 53 seconds

    The mile- 5 minutes 30 seconds

    Can anyone offer any insight on my problem and tell me what I can do to improve my vertical jump?

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  • Improving Passing and Ball Handling speed?

    Hello folks, I have another question. I have worked on my ball handling and passing to the point that I can handle the ball decently well. However, I need to work on my passing speed. I am rather thin at the moment and my passes are often limp. I throw chest passes with one hand. My baseball passes are very fast but when I try to hit a cutter sometimes the ball gets stolen or the pass goes array. My crossover dribble is relativley fast already but I need to increase it even more. Any tips?

    3 AnswersBasketball1 decade ago
  • Need a list of workouts to increase bulk and vert jump?

    Hello folks, I need a workout list to bulk up for basketball and possibly increase my vertical jump. I'm now a guard so yeah, I need to increase my jump to finish in the lane more and grab more rebounds in pick up games. I'm rather fast already so speed isn't an issue.

    On a side note, I have 15 pounds to gain

    Thank you in advance for your help....

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  • Weight Lifting Regimen for building optimum Mass?

    I have a problem- I do not get a chance to eat that much, so I have not been able to put any muscle mass on as of yet. I need someone to please help me construct a weight lifting regimen for my legs (I already do plyrometrics but need more help with vertical jump) and arms. I need more muscle for basketball as I can't drive in that well. Right now I'm doing sit-ups and other exercises for abs. Please note- I'm not used to weight lifting so I can't lift heavy weights.

    6 AnswersDiet & Fitness1 decade ago
  • I'm a 5'10 PF, 14 years old in Grade 9. I need to work on my crossover speed and passing. Any tips please?

    I play pick up games every day (normally games like 21) and can shoot, but I don't develop any real skills aside from shooting. Would you guys mind telling me some drills I could do to improve in other areas?

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