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Cameron Out!!

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  • 11 Months later was I right or wrong about Moyes?

    May 8th 2013, I wrote a post asking if United fans wanted Moyes as manager.

    I predicted United would finish 6th and in take the club backwards and that he was an awful choice as manager.

    You all disagreed, well was I right or was I wrong?

    Moyes, never in a million years should he have got the MU job!! Never!!

    Hate to say, I told you so!!! but I did!!

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  • Laptop keyboard stopped working properly!! How to solve?

    I honestly do not know what happened, my laptop keyboard was working fine until last week when I tried to type in my password and it would not work, I then discovered certain keys were not working, thus not being able to type the password in full. I got logged in using the tedious on screen keyboard.

    How can I get my keyboard working again? it seems half of the keys are not working, making it practically impossible to do tasks such as type in web addresses or type anything without faffing around with the onscreen keyboard.

    I'm on Windows 8, any suggestions what to do would be so very much appreciated.

    Thank You

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  • Windows 8 password not working, help please?

    It is so odd, I turned the computer on and entered the same password I have had for ages and it did not work, thinking id hit a different key, I tried again, still did not work.

    I typed slowly and noticed in the type box it will only allow me to type 6 characters, my password is 8. I kept trying and to no avail, I typed my password again in full and although only 6 characters displayed I thought it had let me in as it said "Welcome" as it usually does when you log in, then again, incorrect password.

    It is so odd as no one on earth has access to the computer other than me, the password has not been changed, nor was the caps lock on, I cannot understand why i cannot type more than 6 characters, when there has never been any problem before and also the laptop im using now has a 12 character password with numbers and caps and it logged me in fine.

    It appears to leg me in and then comes up as incorrect password.

    Any hints to what could have happened or should I smash it to bits with a hammer out of sheer frustration!!

    PS my windows live and windows 8 passwords are exactly the same, so no mistaking which one.

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  • What is happening in my head?

    I find it impossible to make it through the day or do anything whatsoever.

    I have absolutely no motivation, drive or desire, i cannot pick myself up.

    For the past 3 years things have been very bad, last year 2013 was a horror movie, I lost my business and with that all my money and my familys money.

    For 3 years I have suffered with fatique but this is horrific, I am trying to rebuild myself and start a new business but I just find it impossible to lift a finger to do anything.

    My head feels like it is 10 times heavier, im fighting to keep my eyes open, sleep or no sleep I am absolutely shattered, my eyes are constantly burning. I have deep black/purple rings around my eyes and now little red spots under them.

    I have written out agendas and action plans to try and give me some structure, all day I have managed to send 2 emails!! This is not going to pay the rent!!

    I cannot bring myself to do anything, when im on the computer I just look at the screen or if i have a bit of energy, read an online paper.

    Every noise I hear sounds like a bomb going off, people on the phone, a door shutting etc.. every normal noise is 100x louder to me!!

    I always have a headache and feel as though my head is being crushed, as if someone is squeezing both sides of my head!!

    I have not had sex with my partner for months and this is driving me mad!! I find myself easily distracted by porn and i actually hate porn!!

    Im a walking bombsite and I have had many people tell me to snap out of it and pull myself together but I cant, I just cant, whatever I try, sleep, a beer, but nothing works.

    I have sold every posession I own to pay rent and now have nothing left!! Surely, surely that is the kickstart and motivation anyone would need to get their a55 into gear and get working but its all a blur, I feel so smashed and broken, body mind and soul!!

    I am letting my family down as they think I am working hard to get us out of this mess but im lying to them all!! Lazy? yes I am being very lazy but I just find it impossible to do anything.

    All i want to do is sleep, but its pointless, I could sleep all day and all night and a few hours later the feelings return and im back slumped in my chair.

    A few years back I had blood tests for ME etc.. and all negative. but this feels much different to a few years back.

    Any pointers much appreciated.

    And yes, im a lazy b&stard who needs to snap out of things and pull myself together for my family. Yes I know this already!! but any help to do that without resorting to name calling would be much appreciated.

    Thank you.

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  • Would this projector be compatible with Xbox?

    Im sure it will work with Xbox but im not an expert, will it work with a games console?

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  • Have I developed a Heart Problem?

    Before I go to the Doctor I would just like to have a few possible pointers please.

    Over the past 2 years I have encountered huge problems at work, losing alot of money in a failed investment and earlier this year losing my established business, leaving me practically penniless.

    I have been very stressed but over the last few days, since Monday Ive been getting very odd sensations and pain in the chest, especially the heart area.

    On Monday I started feeling dizzy, I woke up feeling uneasy, had a shower, ate and went out, all morning I felt so dizzy, then my left arm began to hurt, I have a numbness in the palm of my left hand and also sharp pain in the soft part under my elbow. I also had a pain in my left collar bone.

    Whenever the slightest thing stresses me, a pain in my heart area flares up, it could be mild but if its something that really stresses me my chest gets so painful. I made a mistake on something yesterday and I got so stressed everything, my left arm and chest flared in such pain and the dizziness felt as though I was spinning in my chair. After that attack my chest hurt all day, even to touch, it felt like Id pulled a muscle.

    The same thing but not as painful happened a few days earlier whilst in the garden, I started to get stressed and the dizziness really hit me.

    This morning I was a little stressed about something and my chest started hurting but a very small dull pain.

    Im quite worried, can I have some pointers please, i know nothing can be taken as diagnosis or treted as medical advice but I would just like some possibilities before I head to the GP.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Are people really so deluded about UKIP?

    Nothing against UKIP, in fact I quite agree with them, but do all these "im voting UKIP" really really believe UKIP will win the 2015 GE? UKIP would need over 100% swing and im sorry it aint gonna happen.

    Do you really think Nigel Farage will ever be PM?

    Please stop kidding yourselves, a vote for UKIP is a vote for Labour, UKIP cannot and will not win the 2015 GE.

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  • What is the problem with Heath Campbell?

    He wears fancy dress Nazi uniforms and gave his children unconventional names!!

    So that means he should lose his children?

    There are far worse people than him, and here was me thinking we lived in a democracy where political free speech was allowed!!

    He isnt inciting hatred, he isnt making threats, he just looks very silly and supports an ideology which is not even a patch on radical Islam or Communism.

    Its baffling!!

    The only thing criminal about Heath Campbell is he resembles Andy Carroll (A British footballer to you yanks who dont know him)

    God what a Left wing nightmare of a world its becoming!!

  • Vote in my poll!! Who is the worst British PM?

    David Cameron 2010-

    Gordon Brown 2007-10

    No Majors, Thatchers, WIlsons & co, just who is the worse PM between David & Gordon.

    Thank you.

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  • What is the problem being a Fascist?

    In a world of Political free speech, why is it acceptable to be Communist, Marxist, Socialist??

    However anything Right wing and you are a violent racist yob or only look after your pal the banker!! and are absolutely hated!!

    So if you were to believe in the principles of Fascism just as you would with Communism and yet have never raised a fist in anger, it automatically makes you a racist, "Nazi" (completely different principle)" thug, skinhead, red neck, socially and morally unacceptable!!

    I thought in a "Democracy" and free speech, you could lean to any side!!

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  • Who is better? Brendan Rodgers or David Moyes?

    Ive never understood the Rodgers hype, he failed with every job he had prior to Swansea, got them up in the playoffs which is a lottery anyways, kept Swansea up, does that constitute all this "second coming" hype, now even Citeh are being linked with him. What is it about the man!!

    Moyes in 11 years of plodding along with Everton, not even winning a teapot gets the biggest job in world football.

    I have to out of new found loyalty put my vote to Moyes and also I met him once but I struggle to think why the hype is warranted for both of them.

    Paul Ince is the same, did ok with Macclesfield, very well with MK Dons the 1st time yet flopped in all jobs hes had since yet any vacancy comes along and he is 1st in the frame.

    Michael Appleton also, what the hell has he ever done???

    I could write an essay!!

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  • Im supporting the BNP until Cameron resigns?

    I struggle to back Labour, Im tired of this coalition, UKIP are a fad, so if im going wast my vote im supporting the BNP, British people with British hearts!!

    Come on and join me!!

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  • I say good luck to David Moyes but?

    After calming down a little, I realise its time to wish him well and give full support however will he really last in the job?

    Are United, the fans, the board going to accept a long period of transition?

    2 AnswersEnglish Football8 years ago
  • Will Everton be relegated?

    Moyes is going to take his prized assets, Fellaini, Baines, Coleman, Mirralas with him. Now Everton apointing say Martinez who really really is a horrific manager, working with no budget probably bringing in Kone and a few other Wigan no marks, Are the Toffees really going to be able to survive in the prem.

    Not to mention losing 11 years of stability, will take a long time in getting back on track.

    I think they are the new Wigan TBH.

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  • Michael Laudrup won the league cup in his 1st season?

    and secured Swansea in the league with a respectable finish, also the European place to boot.

    Errr how is Moyes better than Laudrup?

    5 AnswersEnglish Football8 years ago
  • Will Everton fans be glad to see the back of Moyes?

    He hasnt actually done anything for you has he!!

    And you will get Martinez!!! Lord be with you!!

    2 AnswersEnglish Football8 years ago
  • Are the Glazers taking a leaf out of Arsenal's book?

    One of the greatest teams on the planet, success in the DNA, lets continue it and get a champion pedigree manager, Mourinho?

    Joel, hey Avi, look at the profits Arsenal are making, sell and save? , Cool Joel, lets rubber stamp this with this with Poppa!! Deals done, Moyes it is!! mediocracy for years huzzah!!

    Mission f*cking accomplished!!


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  • Do you really want Moyes as United manager?

    So "that day" has finally come and David Moyes is set for the job!! Im furious!!

    No experience at a seriously big club, never won a thing!! How the hell can people compare him to SAF!!

    Fergie at Aberdeen, broke the old firm stranglehold, won the ECWC against Real Madrid,

    Fergie was a proven winner prior to his United appointment!!!

    Moyes will not rebuild United he will wreck them!! no doubt Baines, Fellaini and Mirallas will be his summer signings, then what after that?

    2014/15, RVP leaves, Rooney leaves, De Gea leaves, Begovic in!! some Belgian or Dutch forward in!!

    Its total destruction!!

    Yes rebuilding and transition but this wont be!! Moyes is in his comfort zone at Everton!!

    And what for Everton? Martinez?? His annual relegation scrap finally defeated this season, well that will resume at Everton next year!!

    What a mess!! what an absolute mess!!

    So here is my prediction for 2013/14 EPL

    1. Man Shitty/Chelsea (If Mourinho comes back Chelsea 1st.

    2. Man Shitty/Chelsea

    3 Arsenal



    6.United!! Thank you David F***ing Moyes!!!!

    So much talk about the "Special one" coming succeeding Fergie and what do they get, the absolute below average one!!

    This must be part of the Glazers plan, get a manager used to having to penny pinch!! no ambition!!

    Cant even compare United to Arsenal and scrooge Wenger as at least Wenger is a proven manager!!

    Id rather have Benitez!!! or even Roy Keane!!

    Only consolation I may see is that Moyes is keeping the seat warm for Guardiola!!

    A f*****g disgrace!!!

    Fergies achievements flushed down the toilet, a mockery of a great club!!!

    9 AnswersEnglish Football8 years ago
  • David Milliband a wasted Political career?

    If he was the Labour leader, ive no doubt my colours would have been well and truly switched by now.

    This is no dream job, he cnnot handle his treacherous weasel of a Brother has destroyed his career!

    The winner of the 2010 leadership election was guaranteed to be the next PM, he was the better man than Ed, better leader and politican, yet for Union yobs carrying Ed over the line, the country has to suffer!!

    I think David can no longer live with what his brother has done and is really turning his back on him, disowning him and sadly having to go and brood in another country.

    To think we will have this inept idiot Ed Milliband running the country in 2 years time!! (Still cant be worse than the coalition!!)

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  • If UKIP are the UK Saviours?

    Why could they not even beat Nutty Caroline Lucas and the headcase Greens in the 2010 GE??

    Dont get me wrong I think UKIP talk the talk and its all good but surely they should have a seat or 3 in the house by now.

    14 AnswersOther - Politics & Government8 years ago