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  • how about trying to kill the fake panic? its a fake panic.  ?

    the sars and h1n1 flu were both worse than this covid19 virus. more contagious and more deadly.

    why no panic then? no you tube and no facebook and no media induce mass hysteria. its a fake panic. this flu should take all the same precautions as all the other flu's. no different, no panic.

    this stupid hysteria is killing the economy, that is the real pandemic, the media fake news.

    what im getting at more than anything else is that the panic is the more dangerous part of this pandemic, not the virus. the fake news spreading panic for no extra ordinary reason besides mass hysteria paranoia.

    we as a people have gone thru this before more than once but this is the first time the population has gone thru it with this much media coverage. from facebook and you tube and the major media outlets. the most ever coverage ever. from idiots. and that incites panic. the fake panic. like the y2k panic. its not a real panic.

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  • i dated a girl who had typical firm b cups. she was 4o then. suddenly and naturally she grew to very squishy g cups.  ?

    squishy like the green guy in monsters vs aliens.  my hand would disappere inside her breast yet they didnt sag at all. very round and looked very firm.  is this normal for some women? 

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  • what would be the most honest and practical awards show? ?

    who isnt getting tired of the fake awards only give to those who kiss *** the most no matter how bad, boring or average the movie is? awards for who the best actor shouldnt be voted on by other actors asking them to vote for them.  thats marketing and soliciting, not acting talent. 

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  • i want to raise my house. i have a 700 square foot foundation. almost perfectly rectangle. it has no basement so i want to raise it?

    looking for anyone who has already done this to get an idea of what costs im looking at. everyone online wont post an average costs, all want to give quote and i dont want to bug anyone if im not sure i will follow through on it yet.

    if you have done this in the usa or canada, please let me know how much it cost you.


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