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  • What subjects are required to study law at uni?

    I am taking O Levels, English, Math, Add Math, Bio, Physics, Chem and Business studies. What is required for law?

    2 AnswersStudying Abroad7 years ago
  • A pimple suddenly on my cheek?

    I've never had a pimple on my cheek. Never. I'm 14 and the only places I've ever had pimples were my forehead, nose and chin but never my cheek. One day I woke up and saw something red on my cheek and I thought it was a mosquito bite. My cheeks used to be baby skin smooth and now it has a pimple? What caused this?

    6 AnswersOther - Skin & Body7 years ago
  • Should I get a new phone or an iPad?

    I can't decide on which I want. I can't get both so it's hard for me to choose. I already have a phone, which is a Samsung Galaxy S2. I know, it's not that bad. But it's getting really glitchy these days. I can handle it but it's kinda annoying. And the point that's most confusing, phones aren't allowed in my class but iPads are. Sometimes when I have to search the dictionary, or search something really quick I have to take my friend's and it's troublesome. Most of my friends say iPad but I don't know..I've been planning to get the Note 2 for a while. Opinions anyone?

    4 AnswersOther - Electronics8 years ago
  • How to stop shaky hands?

    Is there any way to stop my hands from shaking? It's not like shivering it's more like mini vibrating, is that how I should call it? I enjoy photography very much and my shaky hands are making my photos very blur. And I have done research and all of the websites say that caffeine is doing it but I don't drink coffee very often or even tea. What should I do?

    2 AnswersOther - Health8 years ago
  • I'm straight but I have lesbian dreams?

    Trust me, I'm straight. VERY STRAIGHT. I like men and ONLY MEN. However I some times and now usually dream about me having sex with my best friend WHO'S ALSO STRAIGHT. I don't like it at all but why does this happen?

  • Translate into Chinese please?

    Can some one translate "Is the black and white shirt included?" into chinese for me? The simplified kind. I'm not trusting google translate because I can read understand pinyin and it's not how it'll sound like :\

    3 AnswersLanguages8 years ago
  • Extremely obsessed with K-Pop?

    I'm 13 this year and I think I'm really obsessed with K-Pop. Everyday after school, and after dinner (cause I'm in the afternoon session), I just go to my laptop and start K-Popping on Twitter and Tumblr. Or go check out the latest performances of my favorite groups and stuff like that. Or variety shows or dramas! It's like I have no life. I got into K-Pop in the middle of last year. Before that, I used to do all my homework. Now, I rarely do my homework because after using the laptop I just go to sleep! I'm also losing a lot of sleeping times thanks to K-Dramas. During the holidays, I watch them till like 6AM or 7. Sometimes, I sleep at 5AM because of Fanfics! I'm a super addict to fanfics. But, I can still live a day without reading one. I just can't live a day without hearing a Korean word! I have my own K-Pop group at school with like 6-7 people in it and I think I'm the worst out of all of them. They too sleep late and stuff but at least they do their homework. We also have this habit of using Korean words in our daily lives. My friends that don't like K-Pop are getting annoyed with us. It's really creeping me out with how much I love K-Pop. My wall is also covered with posters of SNSD, SJ, UKISS, INFINITE, SHINee, BEAST, 4MINUTE. Even my mom is annoyed (yet she fangirls with me sometimes LOL). And every time I go to the mall to hangout with my friends, I at least HAVE to buy a K-Pop album back home. I bought about 14 now and damn some of them aren't cheap. In another section of my wall, I pasted the Korean alphabet to help me learn because sometimes I can't wait till the subs are out. My mom is at least supporting me on that one, because I'm technically learning a new language. And here, the worst part comes. You know how some super delusional fangirls think that they're going to marry their idols? Okay I'm not one of them, but I do have fantasies about them every night. Like, I'll hug my pillow to sleep imagining that's Woohyun of Infinite! Or that they're in my room or some nonsense like that. (I don't talk to myself, only in my brain LOL) Also, I have mini fights with my friends about our fanbases. You see, my friend's a big ELF but her main fandom was a Shawol. My main fandom is forever Shawol too but I got obsessed with SUJU the same time as her. Now, her second bias group is SUJU and mine isn't anymore. Because this year, my other friends got me into Infinite and my list completely flopped. 1st is SHINee and 2nd is Infinite. When I told this to my friend she was really angry at me :\ Obviously I wasn't feeling good and I was kinda angry at how she was angry at me for something as simple as this. But we made up a few days later. I think there's no way for me to get out of it. AND OBVIOUSLY I DON'T WANT TO GET OUT OF KPOP LOL BUT JUST AWAY FOR ME TO DO MY HOMEWORK..? AND HAVE A LIFE.

    6 AnswersOther - Music8 years ago
  • Facebook relationship request can't be received?

    So my boyfriend wanted to send me a relationship request on facebook, but he said that facebook said "(My name) already has a pending relationship request". When I don't have at all. And when I try to send to him, it says it sends but he never receives it. What should I do?

    2 AnswersFacebook8 years ago