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  • Should I travel to Asia with my female friend or alone?

    My friend and I (I'm a guy and she's.... well, a she) are seemingly different in thinking and persona. She's kinda not mean but rougher around the edges but not like a tomboy just a girl that is you know. Different from me. I'm a cool laid back guy. I want to go all over asia. (I sometimes believe that I must have had some connection with asia especially Feudal Japan due to my deeply rooted and odd passion for that time and that country). I would like to enjoy the actual districts of Japan and go to the forbidden city in china and also to south korea. Both me and her sister wanted to go to south korea but because of some bombing that of south korea by north korea she didn't want to go anymore hence her sister no longer wanting to travel with us. By the way my friend has a boyfriend who is only her BF by title if you ask me. They have never been in the same room together as long as i've know her which has almost been a year. I don't want to put her business out there but I feel at odds being the ONLY friend who goes on this trip with her and i'm a guy but again I have never in the months of knowing her have ever heard her say anything relating to this relationship but I found out that it is in fact a relationship. I know this is alot but I really want to know if I should continue to pursue looking into packaged hotel rooms and things. I live in Philly and she, in PIttsburgh and she expects me to go there to leave with her and yada yada butwhat should I do. Thanks alot for reading!

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  • Where can I find the PDF book of cyclomancy: the secret of psychic power control by Frank Rudolph Young?

    I've been looking for quite some time and can't seem to find the PDF version anywhere! It may be hidden under a different name like "Yoga for men only", "the secret of spirit through magic" or even "The laws of mental domination" Can anyone please provide any information as to where the PDF is or even any info about the "code" names it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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  • Are there any online puzzles like in assassins creed 2?

    I was helping my friend to complete two of them and they are very fun and challenging and almost addictive, I'd been looking online for challenging puzzles aside from the dozens of cryptograms I try each week, are there any puzzles similar to the ones found in Assassin's Creed 2? Thanks!

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  • Can You put xbox ISO's on the xbox harddrive?

    I have my brothers old xbox and don't really have disc games, only iso's and was wondering if this was a possibility of doing that? Everywhere I've check online has no clear information as to whether or not it's possible. I know of the modchips but not if I would need that to do this, but id there any way, or several ways perhaps where I could put the xbox iso's on the harddrive. Any info would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!

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  • What's the plugins for PJ 64, the nintendo 64 emulator?

    I have the emulator and it works fine on some games like super mario 64 and mortal kombat but i'm having trouble with one of my favorite games, paper mario. apparently the video plugin or graphics plugin is not fit for this game because the screen distorts the game whenever I am walking in the game, Any Emulator guru... Please help me!!

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  • Why does my fl studio toolbar keep moving?

    Every time I get on my fl studio 8 program, the toolbar changes to different locations even though it's already locked and everything. And when I unlock it, and change it all back to where it's suppose to be (or where I think it's suppose to go) and lock it back, it continues to go back to the same style whenever I open the program again!!! Please Help!! I already know to lock it but it doesn't lock apparently.

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  • What's the weirdest phobia you've heard of?

    Believe me, there are hundreds of them, and some of them are really really weird. I've heard Phobophobia- Fear of phobias, Triskaidekaphobia(fear of thirteen) and Arachnibutyrophobia(Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth), Pantaphobia. The fear of nothing and lastly the weirdest one EVER!!! hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia- fear of long words.

    What are some of the crazy ones you've all heard!?

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  • Is the ATI Radeon HD 4350 good for less demanding games?

    I am planning on buying the new hp elite e9300z series desktop soon. I know it has a pretty good graphics card for it but I wanted to know if it was good enough for less demanding games like for emulators and other computer games like call of duty, street fighter and things like that, and marvel ultimate alliance. I would like better performance all around especially for my games and considering the price range, it's right up my ally in college!

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  • I lost my Blackberry Curve!!! Is there any program that could help??!!?

    I lost my Blackberry Curve!!! I remember getting out of my schools shuttle bus and when I got to my dorm I didn't remember having it at anytime prior to getting out of the bus. Is there any program of sorts that could help me find it or any other blackberry I may lose?? I am still waiting for the police to tell me whether or not I should stop looking for it. Once they stop helping me search then I will get another blackberry. Your answers would be greatly appreciated!

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  • How can I order the backwards compatibility disc from xbox?

    I know it seems simple but I would like to order the disc for convience but I don't know where on the xbox website could I order it from? All I see from the xbox is the FAQ which doesn't really help me in actually ordering it offline............Please help!

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  • Can you purchase a World of warcraft online game card for the free trail accounts?

    I have a WOW free trail account and would like to upgrade my account and don't really know any other way to do it, and was wondering if the online game cards that they have would work on a free trail account as well. When I start the game it says that I would have to upgrade my account and this is a way to upgrade an account, I just want to know it would work on my free trail account before I buy it.

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  • Which xbox 360 consoles are able to play the old xbox games?

    I know that the elite is capable of doing this but in the hopes to save alot of money, I was wondering if there was any other kind that can allow me to play some of the old xbox games on it. Thanks!!

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  • Does anyone have any death songs? If so what are they?

    Death songs are songs that I have chosen to listen to on the day that I die, they would be play constantly on my death bed. Do you have any? and if so, what are they??

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  • why does my marvel ultimate alliance not work anymore?

    I bought MUA on the pc and for some reason it's not working anymore, when i click on the icon it either says put in the dvd or it'll just say that it's an error or something and that windows is trying to fix it. By the way if it helps, i have a windows vista dell.

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  • Is it possible to control or manifest various types of energy?

    I am aware of the many types of energy in the world that myself as well as others believe to be possible to control. Like; pyro-kinesis, cryo-kinesis, telekinesis, psycho-kinesis, etc. Is this possible, and if so, how? and from where does this energy travel to and from?

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  • Why does my blackberry keep freezing? What can I do to stop it?

    I had my awesome blackberry for about a few months now and was just wondering as to why it keeps freezing on me. When it freezes, a little hour glass shows up on the screen and sometimes it says something like an "http error 401?" and im not even on the internet!! I also have a 4GB memory card which I think could be a possible reason but I only have about twenty songs on there for now. Anyone with a blackberry who has dealt with this before I would reallly appreciate it if you could help me!

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  • How to stop my laptop from jumping sentences when typing?

    Often when i am typing like right now doing a college paper my word processor 2007 on windows vista often jumps to different sentences when i am going back to something to make corrections and not noticing until late do i stop and erase the half sentence that continued on a different line and start off where intended. I also was wondering if this could be me as well because looking at the screen most of the time when typing I don't really know if it is me doing that somehow or if it really is the computer doing that on it's own! Please help!

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  • What to do when your girlfriend blocks you out of myspace, facebook, and yahoo just by having your email?

    My best frineds girl just blocked him out of his facebook, myspace, and his yahoo account. What could he do, to get it back? He obviously pissed her off to a very high degree to cause her to do that to him!! He's pretty f****'d at this point, so what could he do?

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  • How to remove bags from under my eyes?

    I'm an 18 year old guy who is trying to lose these horrible bags from underneath my eyes which seem to be permanent.

    I do often sleep at very erratic hours but you would think if would go away throughout the day but they don't.

    I've tried using tea bags, and frozen spoons but nothing seems to work! Sorry to rule out some of your answers but they really didn't work for me, please help!

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  • Short anime poll continued from "JESS"?

    This poll originated from jess, a user here on yahoo, and his question was deleted so I was unable to send my answers, I enjoyed it so much that I have revived it for it's continuation.

    1. What anime do you wish would stop airing? Naruto!

    2. Which anime character is the ugliest to you? Orusuae from Inuyasha (She recreated Kikyo)

    3. How would you kill your least favorite anime character? (Disperse Naruto's body like the Phoenix did on X-Men 3) Lol

    4. What would you do if your anime 'crush' came up to you and kissed you? I would be very very happy and probably sulk in my experience with Sango!!!!.............Kikyo too!

    5. Which anime character would you want to be? SESSHOMARU!!! TRULY THE GREATEST!

    6. What anime would you want to be in? Inuyasha!!!!

    7. Who's the craziest anime character? I think Marik from Yu-Gi-Oh!

    8. Best anime opening/ending you've ever seen? ALL OF THEM FROM INUYASHA!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY! (The best would have to be from Shinjitsu No Uta, come, Ita Zura Na Kiss, Fukai Mori, My Will, or Change the World .......all from Inuyasha!!)

    9. Who is the most useless anime character to their anime? Shippo, and Rin from Inuyasha.

    10. What's your favorite anime quote? Hiraikotsu!!!! Sit Boy!!

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