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  • I have a family member who recently entered in a relationship with an New Zealand national?

    They have only been together a short time, But now she's pregnant but been told she would need to leave in 2015, They seem to think she be able to stay but I find it unlikely am I wrong ?

    4 AnswersImmigration6 years ago
  • driving third party, Driver hit me and admitted liability UK question?

    I have fully com insurance on my car and so as my sister, She lent me her car to drive to the shop as mine is off the road, As I drove 100 yards, A driver pulled out of side road and hit me, He admitted his at fault and swap insurance details, Being though I am only covered third party on my sister vehicle, There shouldn't be any issue with her insurance considering he has already said he was at fault and I had a witness, I have contact my own insurers and they seem to think it's a done deal as the bloke as admitted it, But I was told today her insurers could decide to have nothing to do with as I am only third party is that true?

    Being though her insurers won't be paying the bill I cannot see the issue the insurers will have

    7 AnswersInsurance & Registration7 years ago
  • is a diesel worth it?

    I am looking to buy a new car, I am trying to think if it's worth having a diesel or a petrol, I roughly do 8000 miles a year..

    7 AnswersBuying & Selling7 years ago
  • failing motherboard?

    I been getting the blue screen of death recently..event 41 kernel-power, I have updated the drivers with no success, I have re installed window's 7 still it happens... I have taken out RAM and booted up with one at a time yet it still happens.. I have also disconnected the DVD drive yet it still get the same issues...

    I have taken out the graphics card and just used on the board graphics yet the crash still happens...

    the CPU isn;t over heating as I did a stress test on prime95 and only got to 53'c I have also did a Ram test which they pass..

    The motherboard is about 8 years old.. I am using a intel core duo 2 E7300 2.6ghz with an old MSI lga board...

    Could it be the actual motherboard failing?

    4 AnswersDesktops7 years ago
  • How do you feel about the in out debate with Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage?

    Who do you feel who won?

    For me Nick Clegg lost the entire debate the moment he utter the word's "Little Englander" to back up his argument to stay within the EU

    But how do you feel about it?

    7 AnswersGovernment7 years ago
  • Window's 7 not to be sold any more after shops have sold existed stock?

    Are Microsoft stopping the retail version of Window's 7? I heard they wouldn't be supplying stores with new stock...

    I don;t think it's true as every online store I looked as plenty of window's 7 versions in stock, But I was told shops are only going to sell window's 8

    5 AnswersSoftware7 years ago
  • Suzuki SV650?

    I was riding my bike today, Everything seemed fine, I was on the motorway and selected the gear's fine, But after a while it would only go into 1st and 2nd gear luckly i was on local roads at the time but It wouldn't let me select 3rd or higher,

    Any idea's what it could be?

    2 AnswersMotorcycles7 years ago
  • David Moyes, Time running out?

    This season Man united have been turned into a average side, Everton are doing just as good!..

    Do you think he get another season or will the board decide to part ways?

    prospect of no champions league football next season, will that add to there decision ?

    3 AnswersEnglish Football7 years ago
  • British workers lazy? Or left wing propaganda?

    Like any country you will have you small percentage of people who don't want to work but its sicking to hear the media and people branding British person with laziness and job snobbery..

    If anything it's based on the monthly wage is it affordable for a single person or even a person with a family who the sole provider...

    when in fact people want to work but are priced out of working due to cost of living and the living working wage no where near each other, And the lack of job's

    when polish workers come over here they do come here in groups of 8 or 10 people and they Share a rented accommodation and all chip in with the rent,, so if there all on the same wage, they are paying very little to live and work...

    but for a single person working and living in London is nearly impossible, if a person is on the min wage of say £6.50 on a monthly basis that's about £800 after tax.. So how on earth is a person able to go work, pay there rent or even pay for food ? the average private rent in London is £130 a week and that's without council tax on top...

    British people have always worked for many years, We're told the NHS would suffer without the immigrants who run it, But British works who worked in the Hospital's got the job done far better, We never had this problem with MSRA in the passed... But the point is if the working wage was suitable then you will see far more people getting of there **** because its affordable to work..

    My question is do you think British people are lazy or just typical left wing propaganda ?

    11 AnswersPolitics7 years ago
  • Just taxed my motorbike?

    I declared it SORN for the winter, But I have just taxed the bike online, When will I be able to ride the bike?

    I checked the status online and it still says SORN,

    I'm I able to ride the motorbike tomorrow or do I have to wait till DVLA update there records?

    3 AnswersMotorcycles7 years ago
  • Would you as a cyclist push your way through?

    I come across this clip of road rage involving a cyclist and a van in central London.. I think the cyclist could of just held back for a second but the cyclist wouldn't give up and it ended in road rage but it all could of be avoided, I think the van driver reaction was disgraceful but what do you think of the incident ?

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    6 AnswersOther - Cars & Transportation7 years ago
  • volvo v70 crank seal leak, cheap fix or expensive?

    Does any one know how hard it is to replace a crank shaft seal on a Volvo v 70

    4 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs7 years ago
  • Is this correct to you?

    Someone was trying to proof god and islam is true by using Oxygen as an example

    Oxygen is only 21% of the air you're breathing. And you're not breathing because oxygen exist. Rather, you're breathing because you need to.. Just saying.

    would you say that statement above is correct?

    5 AnswersBiology7 years ago
  • I was thinking of upgrading now but would you wait?

    is it worth waiting for Intel's new CPU?

    5 AnswersDesktops7 years ago
  • Head gasket? can it happen instantly ?

    Can a head gasket failed instantly or does it take a while for the problem to lead to a massive loss of power and then engine failure?...

    8 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs7 years ago
  • Is this hypocritical?

    A supposedly peace activist in Lauren Booth, Who converted to Islam, Calling for war?

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    a bit of a double standard isn't?

    6 AnswersPolitics7 years ago
  • how do you feel about the relaxed restrictions of Romania and Bulgarian already arriving in the UK?

    The UK cannot cope with anymore immigration, these people came to the on the 1st so they were clearly eger to come but we were told none would hardly come.. are the British people being lied to again?

    9 AnswersImmigration7 years ago
  • why do people class you as racist if you disagree with Islam?

    It seems these days if you disagree or oppose islam your branded as racist. But how when being Muslim is not racial its a religion

    14 AnswersPolitics7 years ago
  • The NHS is not a international service and its's being abused?

    Time to stop people abusing the system..that goes for people in the UK and those who come from aboard for free healthcare...

    They shouldn't be allowed to travel to the UK without medical insurance, If they don't have it they should be allowed to fly, IF they are, Once they get into the UK then they should be turned away at customs...

    5 AnswersPolitics7 years ago