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  • Why do I want to be treated like a child?

    I’ve gotten my life in order.  Things have been much better and happier for me.  However, it feels like it’s missing something.  I often fantasize about being treated like a child again.  Being punished for my bad behavior, being awarded for my good behavior.  Being told what to do and how to do things.  Being loved and taught what is right and wrong.  I think I know the reason behind this, but it’s hard to tell.  I’m a trans male, and often desire to have been able to grow up as a boy.  I was raised as a girl, so I don’t have very fond memories looking back on my childhood.  Should I possibly talk to my therapist about this desire?  It may help to cope through it and figure out what’s actually causing this issue. Thank you.

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  • How do I get my life together? It seems impossible and stressful at the moment.?

    I’ve been having an extremely difficult time lately. Life has been out of my control lately, with all these new responsibilities thrown at me.  I’ve never had to deal with this before, as I have been very sheltered and responsibility free as a child.  Right now I’m expected to finish up an entire drivers permit thing in a couple of days (I have 14 lessons left), I have a part-time job now, I’m trying to be there for and talk to my friends, I have a new puppy as well which requires so much care and time out of my day, I need to finish up projects that I’ve started on, and I have to take care of myself as well which I haven’t been doing.  I’ve been neglecting eating, drinking, and taking showers.  It’s been hard, and my body dysphoria as a trans man doesn’t help with my eating and showering issues.  This has slowly devolved into taking my anger and impatience out on my parents who’re just trying to tell me I have to get stuff done before it’s too late.  Is there I way I could work on getting these things done/into a routine and getting my life back in order?  I’m so sick of feeling anxious and unorganized.  If any of you have some advice, I’d like to hear it.  Thank you.

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  • Why do I always see shadow creatures?

    I always see these shadows creatures.  Sometimes, they’re not in the corner of my eye but in front of my eyes, plain in sight.  They can vary from small cat-like creatures, to big animals and tall humans.  My most notable experiences were when I was walking into my garage and saw a tall human-like figure grabbing onto the wall and crouching behind the car.  The second most notable one was when I was sitting at my desk and I saw this big dog coming down the little hall leading to my room.  It looked a lot like a tall Doberman but I thought it was our big Saint Bernard and brushed it off.  However, when it came close enough I turned around to greet it and saw nothing.  I called down to my relatives and asked if our Saint Bernard was down there and in fact she was.  I’m not scared of them.  In fact, they’ve never bothered me or have gotten close enough to me to startle me.  I actually find them very fascinating and I look forward to seeing what kind of shadow creature I come across next.  I know I’m probably going to get some whack answers on Yahoo Answers but I thought it’d be interesting to see what you guys think.

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  • I’m sad about my relationship?

    I met this wonderful person (they’re non-binary) and I love them so very dearly.  They do as well, yet, I’m sad in my relationship atm.  I don’t know if it’s normal or not, I haven’t had good or any actual working relationships in the past so I’m confused.  We’re long-distance so it can be hard.  We both want to be with each other in-person.  We’ve been texting for so long and I’d like to do something else with them.  Texting can be hard and kind of boring after a while.  I want to FaceTime with them and play online games with them to diversify things and make our bond stronger, which they agreed to.  I offered to do it with them today after work but now we’ve just been texting and doing none of that.  We’ve only FaceTimed once and I miss that moment.  I haven’t mentioned it and neither have they.  I’m pretty down about it and I’m kind of tired of texting and carrying the conversation constantly, every day.  I need help...should I just mention it to them?

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  • Is my father a toxic parent?

    In my opinion, he is and I want to distance myself from him.  He’s said terrible things, made me afraid and fearful many times, and used horrible “biblical-like” examples to try and make me “reconsider” when instead it made me feel worse about myself.  Im a Transgender Male, and I thought he disliked me enough for being lesbian.  Damn was I wrong.  Our server at a restaurant accidentally called me a gentlemen and when my dad mentioned it I was so excited about it that I said I liked it in front of him.  He forced me to come out the next day.  I explained my feelings but he couldn’t give a **** about them and blew me off because “It isn’t right.  Like how murderers like to kill people even though it’s not right.” (yes I’m not exaggerating his quote).  He always made me feel terrible for being trans and gay especially since he’s said horrible things in the past about the LGBTQ+ community before he even knew I identified with that community.  Thankfully he keeps his mouth shut more often about gender identity and sexuality when I’m around.  One night we got into an argument and he grabbed both sides of my head, pinned me to the bed, screamed at me, and threatened to beat me before yelling at me to get out of the house.  I’ve never trusted him ever since, and he knows it even though he tried to apologize to me a couple minutes after it happened.  But sometimes, he seems nice.  However he’s a dick 80% of the time and I know his true feelings towards who I am as a person.

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  • Can dreams predict future illnesses?

    My mom needs elbow surgery, so we’re waiting for that day to come. But strangly one night my mom had a dream about her dead mother visiting her, and she never has dreams about her mother. All the sudden her mother told her that “she couldn’t have her elbow surgery because she needed stomach surgery instead”. I found this really disturbing, and so did my mom. I’m worried for her, I dont want her to suffer from yet another issue, her elbow is bad enough. Do you guys know anything about this? Can this dream be true, should we be concerned? Thank you for reading this, I hope this can be figured out.

    4 AnswersDream Interpretation2 years ago