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I am 54 years of age,mum of six with 8 grandchildren and I have been present at all grandchildrens births and have a personal interest in midwifery.I am in contact with the American midwife Ina May Gaskin who is a pioneer of home births,we have been communicating for a number of years. I am also a follower and believer of freebirthing (unassisted pregnancy and birth).Bornfree is my favourite website,please check it out.

  • why my boyfriend dislikes me?

    I am 53 and going through the Menopause.I feel insecure sometimes and according to my boyfriend am paranoid.I compare myself to his last girlfriend who was 15 years younger than him.I know I can be a pain in the butt,but I don't know what to do to remedy this pain.We are living in a bedsit,so cannot even go into another room when we argue.We don't argue much,usually I start it due to feeling insecure about my body and looks and comparing myself to his exes.(He has never had a wife or girlfriend of my age.)I have horrible nightmares about them and although he reassures me I still can't stop them occurring.He recently said that he would be going out every day (he doesn't work )to get exercise,go to the library and just get out of the room.This is fine by me.He began going out every day,all day,then yesterday just didn't go out.I went out and was gone about 1 and half hours,shopping.When I arrived back he said "You were quick" and I got upset because it seemed he would have liked me to stay out longer,like he does,to have some time alone.He exploded and wouldn't listen or let me speak,just told me I am a paranoid weirdo,that I had ruined his happiness and he had had enough,didn't want to talk to me or listen and that I could just not talk to him for 6 weeks and do my "thing".By this I assume he meant get upset and cry.He hates me crying or getting upset for some reason unknown to me.I was upset and hate being shouted at and told I'm basically a freak .I couldn't help but cry for several hours,in the same room,on the bed.I fell asleep early and he just came to bed that night.I know if the roles were reversed I would have at least touched him,we usually do before sleep,and I was aware that he came to bed,but he just turned over and went to sleep.Obviously,very angry with me still.It was the same this morning,totally ignoring me,which is so upsetting and he knows it.I tried to talk,but he just gave one word answers.I had asked if he would like tea.So I could feel myself beginning to cry again and just said that I wouldn't bother asking him again as it is obvious he doesn't want me to talk to him,as he said yesterday.We were also meant to be going out to lunch with his family today but yesterday in the middle of his shouting at me he said he was cancelling it because I made him so unhappy,which he did.It just felt so spiteful at the time but it would have been very awkward to go with us not speaking.I would like to know how others would deal with this.I feel physically sick,cannot eat and have an ache in my heart.Where am I going wrong?Should I move out for a while or permanently?I love him unconditionally,but I don't think he wants a woman like me.

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  • lost wallet in strange town and no cash to get home?

    Can anyone advise please?My boyfriend is in another town from the one we live in.He has lost his wallet and has no cash or Access to any.He managed to send me a text before he ran out of credit and power,so he can't even charge his phone.He had to spend last night sleeping rough and hasn't eaten.I don't drive,have no cash till Monday and no-one who can help.Please someone suggest some help.Is there anywhere he could go for help.His main need is a bus fare and something to eat.Thank you.x

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  • does anyone know if the grandmas kitchen recipe cards are still available in the UK?not from states.?

    on ewebsite is in states and doesnt ship to uk.the other website mentioned before as only emailing recipes is the wrong one.i found someone selling 12 cards on ebay but from states.does this company still operate in uk and does anyone have a contact or set of cards please?.thankyou.

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