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I grew up and currently reside on the east coast! My husband and I live in the country with our daughters Rylee (3 years) and Ella (8 months). I think I currently own the clumsiest and dumbest cat that has walked the face of this earth. We are lucky that both sets of parents are alive and well. They have been a HUGE help with everything, especially since our littlest one has been diagnosed w/ Microcephly (small head). I was a High School English teacher for years and was quickly burnt out. I realized that my true calling was to teach the youngsters, so I spent the next 4 years of my career teaching K and Pre-K!!! Now I have the best, if not lucrative, job ever! I get to stay home and raise my baby girls!!! I am truly lucky and blessed : ) I love scrapbooking, reading (when time permits), writing poetry, hiking, spending time with family and friends and so many other things... I really love life even with the ups and downs!

  • If someone has a child turning 3 and is already 40 pounds, should she be in a booster OR carseat?

    Confused! My daughter will be turning 3 on Sunday and she is already 40 pounds.We live in PA and I have been trying to find something that says what to do in that situation. I have 2 Cotsco car-seats and there weight limits are 40 pounds, so I need a new seat for her, so what should I buy?????? A new car-seat or a booster?

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  • Middle Names for Ella?

    No, I am not pregnant. My hubby just happened to mention that he liked one of my favorite names for a girl: Ella. It means "other". I am in to meanings and think it would be cool to name her Ella Jolie. It would translate to other jewel. Which is appropo, because my daughter's name is Rylee Margaret, which means valiant pearl. What do you think? I am also interested in hearing your ideas for middles as well.

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  • I am experienceing weird symptoms...Cramps?

    I have been feeling very weird symptoms ever since I went off my birth control. (I ran out.) My vulva is swollen. Yes, I went to the gyn. and he said I probably just have a swollen vulva (he gave me the medical name,but I cannot remember it right now). He says that it could be due to going off the hormone. I am also having swollen arms and legs / hands and feet. And I have this huge cramp in my side. I am awaiting the pap test results to see if there is anything wrong. What could be happening to me? I am most concerned about the cramp in my left lower portion of my abdomen. It really hurts! : (

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  • My Haiku 1 & 2 for Cinn's Challenge. What do you all think?



    A soft, silk blanket,

    my baby wraps me in arms,

    of dependent love.



    Trees stand above the

    crops that dot the land-

    scape of happy hearts

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  • What do you think of these baby names?

    I am not pregnant; I am just playing with these names for future children. Please, give me ratings and / or other ideas!

    Thanks " ) Oh, also keep in mind my daughter's name is Rylee Margaret, so please let me know if these names compliment that one, too!


    Marissa Renee

    Leilani Jolie

    Rayna Jane

    Chloe Lynn

    Maya Lane

    Jayda Elizabeth


    Nathan Coleman

    Colton Robert

    Gannon Zane

    Mason Warrick

    Shane Xander

    Asher Hayden

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  • What is your mood today? Why do you feel this way?

    I am happy! I am happy because everything is right in my world! I know that is selfish, but sometimes you just need to focus on your own world and the people that you deal with on a day to day basis! I hope everyone is enjoying life! Please, answer!

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  • Poem...Please, critique....?

    The sky was almost empty today,

    It only contained the sun,

    And you could even see the moon.

    The sky was so bright,

    So peaceful;

    The clear blue hurt my eyes.

    A few birds blurred my vision,

    Breaking into the water of the sky,

    Like fish in an azure pond.

    The winged adversaries flew away

    As quickly as they appeared,

    Allowing my breath to return.

    The beautiful cerulean of the sky today,

    Is a salve for my ever-racing mind.

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  • Sensory Remembrance....A poem....Would you please take a look?

    Sensory Remberance

    (dedicated to my Grammy)

    Your perfume lept into my nose today,

    Reminding me of roses and jonquils

    and tears sprang into my eyes

    in remembrance of missing you.

    Your carress flitted against the skin

    of my cheek,

    and I stopped to look around.

    You are not here, but you are not far.

    My heart feels your love all the time.

    A white cloud zoomed in

    as the focus of my eye

    and it brought your white locks into my mind.

    Many an hour I would spend watching you curl

    them into your beautiful coif.

    Your whispering praise sang in my ear,

    but I know that you are only whispering

    to the angels.

    The taste of hazelnut coffee danced on

    my tongue the other evening,

    and I now wish that I had you to share the

    stories of your past to go with the cup of joy,

    which is my life.

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  • A Poem that I would like to Share... Would you take a look?


    Life is precious,

    A gift above all else.

    Life is love and love is life,

    Especially when I was able

    to create it and bring it into this world.

    Blooming inside and then outside.

    Growing, flowering and ever changing,

    You bring joy, beauty and contentment into

    My life.

    Please, let me know what you think : ) Thank you in advance for any advice you give!

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  • When do people or children start to whistle?

    My 6 month old seems to be whistling!!! She purses her lips, blows and out comes a faint, but clear sound! Is she whistling or am I crazy? LOL! My dad, her Gramps and I have been whistling a lot around her....Is she mimicing us? Has anyone else had a young child do this around them?

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  • What do I do when baby starts turning over on belly at night?

    It has been engrained in my brain not to let my baby sleep on her tummy. Yet, now she is rolling over on her tummy at night. She is almost 6 months. Will she be okay?

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