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  • Average price for good baby grands and grand pianos..?

    What is the average price for good baby grands and grand pianos? A range would be nice too, as long as it's not too large.


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  • What should I do about the match on monday?

    Well see I have a tournament match on monday.... and I haven't gotten my tennis racket restrung in... about a year. or more. You can tell the strings are like about to break (well they are definitely getitng old) and i don't know what to do. the local tennis restring store doesn't open on sundays, and the match is too early to go on monday. What should I do? I never got a backup racket (I should have) but I do have another racket of the same brand (dunlop) and it's my old one, same size, just different racket. Should I just bring that? Or are there any major sporting chain stores that restring rackets?? Help?

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  • Tennis Racket re-stringing?

    I have a Dunlop Aerogel 300 and tomorrow I plan on going to Cayman sports and getting it restrung. About how much will it be (like an approximate range for synthetic strings) and about how long will it take (again, a range is good)? Also, what strings would you recommend for a power hitter, and what string tension?

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  • barbie girl?

    Does anyone know where i can get sheet music for the piano for barbie girl without any paying or registration?

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  • U.S. President questions?? 10 points?

    i have a few...

    Which president was in office when france paid for reparations in the Napoleonic Wars?

    Which president called for the panama canal under U.S. control?

    which president was in office when 6 states were admitted to the union?

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  • Chocolate cell-phone?

    anyone know how the LG Chocolate cell phone is? I was looking for a relatively cheap (under $200) and this one caught my eye...

    If there's any comment you have on the phone... please answer!

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  • Fair-weathered fans?

    I'm a New York person (from ny) and i am a yanks fan, and a giants fan. Is it fair for me to be called a fair-weathered fan if i watched the pats and wanted them to have a perfect season, but then when it turned out it was pats-giants i went the new york way instead? I mean seriously one is NFC and one is AFC i rooted for both but once they were at the super bowl, i went with the usual giants (i've rooted for them my whole life). I don't root for the Red Sox, but first of all, they're in the same league (same division as well) and they have a bigger rivalry becuase of that. Would I be considered a fair-weathered fan?

    Be honest please so i wont make the same mistakes next year even tho i dont even think i did anything wrong

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  • Pirates of the Caribbean???

    Does anyone have a MIDI file of pirates of the caribbean "He's a Pirate" or "The Medallion Calls" for symphony orchestra? or could be orchestra by itself or band by itself? And I mean the real movie official version? plz help?

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  • What question would a zoologist, botanist, and ecologist ask?

    (3 different questions)(one for each)

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  • With insufficient room to start a scale at zero, what do you use?

    a. scatter plot

    b. histogram

    c. broken scale

    d. none of the above

    Also does a grouped frequency table organize data into intervals?

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  • Yahoo! Mail?

    I have another email account, and I want to forward all my mail from this account to that one. How do I do this?

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  • MLB Mobile Gameday.....? T-Mobile?

    Does anyone know what the carrier fee for T-Mobile is for having MLB Mobile Gameday on your phone??

    And how to you access it when you want to if you have a Razr?

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  • MLB Mobile Gameday...?

    Does anyone have T-Mobile out there, that knows what the carrier fee is to have MLB Mobile Gameday on your phone?

    And how to access Gameday when you want to if you have a Razr?


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  • bases loaded, 2 outs, bottom of the ninth?

    Did anyone see A-rod this afternoon!? Amazed me, really. A-rod's not excatly my fav player if you know what I mean. A gamewinning homer, brought us back from a 7-6 loss.

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  • Tennis Racket......?

    I'm getting a new playing racket, and i need some advice. I'm a big power hitter, and I've tried all the prince speedports, and the babolats. none of them really seemed to work. what other rackets should i try? and which ones to you recommend?

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  • Quick Math question?

    This is prob really easy but i don't understand the question. Here's excatly how the sheet prints this question.

    A carton is three feet square.

    What is its volume?

    I don't get it that they said "feet square" words. Shouldn't they have said "square feet?" Anyhow, can you help me on this question?

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  • I cannot believe the yankees lost???

    okay, even you yankee haters out there know that the yankees should have beat the pirates.

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  • HOMEWORK HELP AGAIN!?!?!? still due tomorrow?

    THe guidebook also recommends a pitch of 45 degress. WHat's a pitch!?!? this is about a treehouse too if that helps.

    another question:

    Write the unit rate as a ratio. Then find an equal ratio

    a. THe cost is $6.75 for one item. Find the cost of eight items.

    b. There are three feet in one yard. Find the number of feet in 15 yards.

    c. There are 9 rungs on the ladder. Find the number of steps on seven ladders.

    i know they're probably easy but i just want to make sure

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  • HOMEWORK HELP!?! plz its due tomorrow?

    The roof protects the tree house. The guidebook recommends an 18 inch. overhang. If the tree house platform is a 5' x 6' rectangle, what size rectangle will be formed by the bottom edge of the roof??

    what does it mean bottom edge of the roof?????

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