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  • Is it a good idea for my friend to quit her job and move back home?

    I have been trying to convince my friend that moving back home would not be a good idea and I am wondering if I am right. She moved from Seattle to Maryland when she got a job offer for teaching. She quit the job after a month because it was too difficult. Out of luck (since she doesn't have a medical assistant certification) got a job as a bilingual medical assistant. 7 months later she quit to try teaching again at a private school. After a few months she realized teaching just wasn't for her and quit. (again luckily) the replacement at the doctor's office had quit so they offered her back her old job there. Her parents don't like that she is doing a medical assistant job and were only ok with her moving for a teaching "career". They are demanding that she quit and move back home and just try to find a job back home. The problem is her undergraduate degree is in biochemistry and prior to getting a master's in teaching she was working in a lab for 2 years and didn't like it so she quit to get the teaching degree. Its been 5 years since she was at a lab and has been searching for months for a laboratory job with no luck and it seems now days laboratory jobs want certificates. I tell her that quitting once again to move would make finding a job difficult and its better to stay with the job she has a do night classes to work on the laboratory certificate. Is there any other advice I could give or would moving home be a better option?

    (side note the parents thing is cultural so saying no to them is hard outside of having a "career" job or strong evidence to stay)

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  • What chapter of the manga does the Deadman Wonderland anime end at?

    I recently just finished the Deadman Wonderland anime and really enjoyed it. Since there hasn't been any word of a second season or not I'd like to continue the story with the manga. I've tried some internet searches but can't find at what chapter of the manga I should start at that correlates to the 12th/last episode the anime left off at. Could anybody help ^^?

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  • Scholarships, grants etc, how to find for grad student?

    I recently got accepted into graduate school, which is in another state. I filled out the FAFSA, but it seems to take quite a while to lean what award I got. I've been using scholarship data bases and books about scholarships to try to find some to apply for but I'm having a real hard time. It seems there aren't that many for graduate students and usually when I find some, they don't apply for me. I'm going into Education/Teaching and was wondering if anyone knows any good resources on this?

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  • "Made with real fruit Juice"?

    I been wondering this for a while. Ofen I come across fruit juice drinks that say "made with real fruit juice" or "made with so and so percent of fruit juice" and yet on the nutrition part, it indicates the drink has no vitamines or anything. To me it seems weird that if it was made with real fruit juice, shouldn't it have a little bit of vitamine in it?

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  • How should I act around and how close should I try to get to by boyfriends son whom is from his past marriage?

    I recently started dating a guy around 4 months ago who has a son from a previouse marriage that is 6 years old now. My boyfriend and I are very much in love and I don't mind that he has a son and his son is a very good kid but I feel nervouse when I think about what my role should be since our relationship is serious. I know his son likes me and has no ill will towards me but I still don't know how much I should try to get close to him or what I would be to his son. I know I won't be his mom since he has one. Is there anyone who has been in a similar situation with any suggestions or experiences?

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  • Mitsubishi 3000GT, worth to have?

    I've always liked the look of the 3000GT but it went out of production in about 99. I've always thought of getting one though but wonder if it's a good car to have. I've heard that when it's in the shop and whatnot it's supposedly expensive in costs. Dosen't anyone have or know someone who has the car and has good advice about it?

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  • Why are there 'cracking' sounds when i move or stretch sometimes?

    Sometimes when I move, such as stand up or stretch, there is a popping or cracking sound similar to when someone cracks their knuckles. It usually dosen't hurt and just happens spontaniously. What causes this exactly and is it a bad thing or can it lead to something bad?

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  • Looking for a hard to find Vampire Hunter D (original anime movie) song?

    Maybe unanswerable since this movie came out around the 80's and I never saw a sountrack available. But I really liked the song at the end of the movie before the credits and credits song. It was an instruamental piece played as D rode on his horse at the end of the movie. >.<

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  • Dizzyness/lightheadedness from a sinus infection that dosen't seem to go away?

    I recently have been suffering from a sinus infection for almost a week now. I went to the doctor and got on antibiotics and most of the illness is gone but I still feel lightheaded/dizzyness sometimes especially while walking which leads to nausia. I didn't have pain in my ear to think the infection had worked its way into my ear to create an ear infection since my ears dont hurt or seem under a lot of pressure but I can only assume the dizzyness would come from the inner ear. I've went to the doctor three times and never got help about the lightheaded/dizzyness. Any advice?

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