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  • Whats a good book to read?

    Ok, I've only really read a few books in my life that I actually enjoyed and couldn't put down. Narnia, Harry Potter, Eragon (sort of) and Lord of The Rings. Well, I guess I think of Lord of the Rings as a really good book, but I got bored with it at times. I've read a lot of other books that people say are so good but I find most of them to be really boring, unoriginal or just bad writing. I really hate that new writing style that authors are using like in Maximum ride where everything is in first person through the main character, and the "Don't put this book down" thing in the beginning really bugged me. I also didn't like Pendragon, I thought it was pretty bad writing and I guess it seamed to be a little to..young for me. I kind of like the more serious writing style that doesn't try so hard to relate to teenagers. I think even though Harry Potter is aimed towards younger readers, it has a great writing style that really makes you care about whats going on.

    If you want to suggest a book to me, make sure the book truly meets these requirements.

    1: Well written (not just a good story, I mean skillfully, cleverly written.)

    2: not boring

    3: If possible, it would be nice if the book had the sort of writing style I was talking about.

    4: Not kiddy (I hate the kind of books that make you feel stupid when reading them because all the themes are so simple and thoughtless.)

    5: Doesn't have to have wizards, magic, special "chosen one" people or anyone perticularly special. But if the book is truly good, why not.

    6: No Vampires -PERIOD-

    7: None of these: Pendragon, Twilight, The wheel of time, Maximum ride, the Gorge Martin books.

    I know I'm really picky, but I just can't seem to find any books I like anymore. The books can be higher level reading to.

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  • What books will I like?

    I didn't like reading an till I read the Harry potter books. They totally turned me on to reading and I loved them! The problem is, ever since I finished the series, I haven't been able to find any books that are as fun to read. I've read the Eregon series, the percy jackson series and 3 books in the pendragon series so far. None of the books even came close to Harry potter. I had to kind of force myself to read them thinking they would get really good, but they didn't. The point is, I really want to find a books that's really good and not a total rip of of another book. Is that so hard? I loved the hobbit, Narnia and The Lord of the Rings and of course Harry potter, but so far I haven't found any books that are very good. does anybody have any recommendations? As you can see, I like fantasy and adventure books so if you know of any, please tell me.

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  • How can u tell for sure if your guinea pig is pregnant, and not fat? heh...thanks~ weird ques. i know?

    if her tummy is squishy, then is she just obese? she was introduced to her breeding dude Jan/4/08/

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  • Do you say tum or tums?

    I was just sitting around the diner table at my grandparents house when my Dad asked for a Tums. I Corrected him saying "You say can I have a tum not can I have a tums" . He said I was wrong and surprisingly my whole family including my Grandparents agreed with him. So what is it? Do you say "Can I have a Tum" Or "Can I have a Tums"?

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  • Can I put 2 crapy computers together?

    I have 2 really crapy computers that i cant really use because there really slow and stuff. i was just wondering if i would tack the parts of one computer and put them in the other to make it better

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  • Whats the largest art community in the world?

    Me and my brother just made a $10.00 bet. I think that the largest art community in the world is because it says so and it has over 30 million pieces of art submited. He thinks that there is a larger one. Is there?

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  • Who has heard of IMVU?

    I just started using this 3D IM program called IMVU ( Its really fun and I think that its the best Instant messenger out there. Anyway, dose anybody else have this program or has anybody else heard of it? Well, if you haven't, then you should check it out.

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  • Is it possible to get really strong in a week?

    Last week, the same day I got this IM program called IMVU. ( I started working out a lot, to try to look like my avatar from IMVU. So, now I feel a lot lot stronger from just that 1 week of working out. My mussles have all gotten really sore and they are alot bigger than last week. I never new that it was possible to get strong that fast. Am I really stronger, or do I just "feel" stronger???

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  • Whats The Best IM program?

    I think IMVU ( ) is the best IM program, since its 3D and stuff, but are there better ones?

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  • Whats your best talent?

    Hey guys, i was just woundering what everybodys best talents where. And i though it would be to to make a website where you could look at other peoples talents at. So I made a we site just for that! So if you want to go there and be like the first people on my site and have the first videos of your scills, then go to show your talents and remember, you dont have to! But it would be cool, i just wana c how this would work.

    Ok, remember show your talents

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  • -----Which one likes dolphins more?-----?

    If you saw two guys walking down the street, one was named Flippy and the other was named Hambone... Which one likes dolphins more?????

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  • Whats the best color?


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  • Funny blong joke!?

    the funniest blonde joke

    I knew a blonde that was so stupid that.......

    * she called me to get my phone number.

    * she spent 20 minutes looking at the orange juice box because it said "concentrate."

    * she put lipstick on her forehead because she wanted to make up her mind.

    *she tried to put M&M's in alphabetical order.

    *she sent me a fax with a stamp on it.

    *she tried to drown a fish.

    For more jokes, go to:

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  • Would you rather be Blind Or Deaf?

    Think about it for awile, then tell me why you chose your answer

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  • 9/11 was a setup and a Lie?

    Ok, i posted about this subject about an hour aggo, but now, i found a better video to explain why 9/11 was a lie and a set up, enjoy:

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  • 9/11 was a setup and a LIE, a big fat jucy Lie?

    Yup, its true, 9/11 was a setup bye our oun government, it would tack me a long time to explain, so insted, you can watch this video about it, pleas do not post, antill you have watched it. Thank you. and here is the link:

    This movie is pretty long, and mabey boring at times, but i think its worth it, to know the truth, Tell me what you think of the movie bye sending a email to me, at :

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  • Is your first kiss accward or good?

    I mean, dose it feel more good than weird?

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  • Who whent to one on the protests last thursday?

    Who whent to one on the protests last thursday? You know, the one to drive bush out of his throne.. DOWN WITH BUSH!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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