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  • advice on cardinal tetra issues?

    i started adding fish to a tank a couple weeks ago. it was already cycled properly with supplements and zebra danios. my tank now looks like this:

    6 zebra danios

    4 corydoras catfish (2 bronze, 2 peppered)

    8 cardinal tetras

    the problem is the cardinal tetras. i know they need acidic water but i read that they could be acclimatized to a pH of 7 which is what my test shows. in the tank however, they stay hidden and dont eat much. their colors are still very bright though. is it because of the danios who are much more active? or is there a problem with water chemistry?


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  • how long can cardinal tetras survive while i change the pH?

    i've already put them in and am in the process of lowering the pH to about 6.7 or 6.8. is this low enough and can they survive the slow acclimation?

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  • chemistry help for specific heat problem?

    one piece of copper at 105 degrees C has exactly twice the mass of another piece, which is at 45 degrees C. Both are placed in a calorimeter whose heat capacity is negligible. what is the final temp in the calorimeter? the specific heat of copper is 0.387 J/g degreeC.


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  • trying to decide between 2 phones?

    i've narrowed my search down to the blackberry bold 9000 and the LG incite. both are from AT&T. i cant decide but im leaning toward the bold. does anyone have any insights on both? or any sites that compare well. i've already used CNET. i need other ones. thanks

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  • would you marry a girl who was not a virgin? (from a guys perspective more than a girls perspective)?

    i've heard this questions a lot. and i want to know what other people think.

    please explain why or why not. thanks

    and just a note, im a virgin and no where close to being married yet. still in high school.

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  • is she stuck on him? should i keep at it?

    i like my best friend. we went out and she broke it off for what i later found out was another guy.

    she told him that she liked him. he didnt like her back.

    she came back saying that attempted relationship was a rebound and she wanted me.

    then she told me on christmas (what a bummer) that she had made out with him. still she said she didnt see her with him and losing me was going to "break her heart".

    now she wants me again as more than her best friend. and i asked her what if she found out the other guy liked her. would she break up with me?

    she couldnt answer me.

    what do you think? anything helps. thanks.

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  • am i just temporary to her?

    i like my best friend. she knows and i know. we had a few encounters over the past year and we went out for 6 months. she broke it off saying college was taking up a lot of time. turns out it was another guy. he didnt like her so she was broken. we've been talking again as a little bit more than best friends. she still likes me according to what she is telling me but on christmas she told me that she made out with that other guy right after she came by my house a week before. now im starting to think she is needy and im just a filler until she can get that guy to like her.

    what do you think?


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  • what are the chances of....?

    getting back together with your best friend? in this situation, just suppose that you and your best opposite sex friend had dated but broke up.

    what are the chances of getting back together, if any.

    and if you were to get back together, how would you go about doing that?

    just wondering.


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  • for the guys...what makes a girl a keeper? (girls opinions welcomed)?

    what i mean pretty much is:

    what would be one thing about a girl that makes you want to be in a relationship with her and possibly spend the rest of your life with her?

    or more than one. anything.

    and girls...vice versa :)


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  • what is a dealbreaker in a potential relationship?

    what would turn a potential boyfriend/girlfriend into someone you would not want to pursue in a relationship?

    for me, its someone who doesnt motivate me and drags me down with them. when i see that, i'll try but 9.5 times out of 10, im out.

    what are potential dealbreakers for you guys?


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  • getting back together with her? ?

    me and my girlfriend broke up yesterday. before we were a couple, we were best friends.

    but she kissed me a while ago and it went from there. and then she broke up with me after about 6 months. she said it was cuz she wasnt being fair to me cuz she had so much going on in college that she was neglecting me. she kinda was. we are still best friends, she said. but i do miss her.

    i dont know if she cheated on me but people have said that she might have.

    but she's still semi-leading me on though. she told me flat out that im the guy who is supposed to kiss her in the rain. (its one of her biggest wishes, to be kissed in the rain). i asked her if i was still the guy that was supposed to. and she said "yes, no one else. just you."

    so my questions...

    1) do you think she cheated on me? i dont think she did. i hope she didnt.

    2) is there a chance that me and her could work out later on? yes or no.


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  • what do you think of her? opinions greatly appreciated.?

    my girlfriend was also my best friend before we got together. so i wanted some opinions on her cuz hesistant about taking things further.


    -shes sweet and sometimes calls in the morning just to tell me to wake up while she laughs at my grogginess. its cute.

    -when she was still a senior in high school, she was always there when i needed her. i told her everything, almost.

    -she actually believes in me and keeps me inspired and motivated. something i really appreciate.

    -she likes me even though i am nerdy. i mean...i am a swimmer so i have the swimmer build but i guess im a closet nerd.

    -she is real around me. like...i see who she really is.

    -she trusts me and i can kinda sense she really likes me. so can everyone else that knows her.


    -she slept with her new best friend in college while her roommates were away. she told me not to be jealous and that they didnt do anything together. but just the fact makes me kinda upset. i mean there were two other beds...

    -she is a partying kinda girl. not that i mind. its just she gave her phone number to one guy when she was drunk at a party.

    -she expects me to remain perfectly faithful. and dont get me wrong, i try. i'll flirt but im always loyal

    -if i ever mention that i was flirting or being flirted with, even when i am joking, she gets mad and doesnt talk to me.

    -she has been sexually active before with more than 2 guys and she had a Fbuddy for a long time. not anymore cuz we are together now. but she has a sex drive and i would hate it if she cheated on me, though i really hope she wouldnt.

    i really like this girl. what do you guys think? she is my best friend after all.

    anything helps. thanks.

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  • is this considered cheating? or am i being naive?

    she says she's being faithful to me. its kinda hard to believe.

    im faithful to my girlfriend. i like to think so. the only thing i do that she doesnt like is still keep in contact with my ex. like hugs and talking. thats all.

    but for her, she has slept over at 3 guys' dorms. once or twice while she was drunk. yesterday, she invited her guy friend over and they slept together in her bed when her roommates were both out.

    maybe i shouldnt be too pissed cuz she says they are friends and he has a girflreind too. but i dont know if anything happened.

    and she gave her phone number to this one guy when she was drunk at a party.

    and just another note: she's been sexually active before. her ex was her Fbuddy and she still talks to him too.

    whats up with all of this? the Fbuddy thing, im not too worried about anymore but everything else...whats up with it? anything helps,


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  • am i obliged to take her to prom this year?

    its very early for prom but since i heard about winter formal, i wanted to ask.

    i asked my ex to my junior prom last year. at the time she was my girlfriend. i got in trouble with my school and wasnt allowed to go to prom. so i had to tell her that i couldnt go with her.

    since then we broke up. she refused to speak to me and put her best friend ahead of me.

    now i am with my best friend. she is amazing. i want to take her to prom but i cant cuz my parents wont let me go with her at all. and i talked to her about this and she said she doesnt like me taking other girls but she trusts me and she wants me to get to go to senior prom.

    i have 4 girls in mind.

    my ex (possible obligation?)

    my girlfriend (my parents dont want me to)

    one of my swim team teammates (me and her are supposedly the "cutest couple that never was")

    my friend (she is really responsible)



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  • this was a kinda random dream...?

    so in real life i have a girlfriend. to start it off.

    so i was in the back seat of a car driven by a girl i used to know. and in the seat next to me was this one girl. i think she is really cute. she is one of my teammates on the swim team and everyone has been telling me that she and i would be a cute couple.

    but in my dream, she gave me a nice little kiss and then a few more longer ones and then we stopped at some house and we stayed for a hwile. didnt do anything and then just drove back to some big field.

    in real life, i have never kissed this girl.


    just wondering if anything cool could be interpreted from this dream.

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  • does she want me? or is she using me?

    its my girlfriends birthday soon. and before, she used to be happy with thoughtful sweet gifts. but now...its differnet.

    i got her a gift card from a store she really liked. it was really hard to get, it took me forever. and it took a chunk out of my money i thought she would appreciate my efforts, you know?

    but it bothered me when she said things like

    "oh my guy friends are all spoiling me when you're supposed to do that."

    or "since you are my boyfriend you should give me the best gifts. im scared that other guys will give me better gifts than you".

    then i told her i would mail it to her after i finished a birthday card i was writing to her. and she texted me and said "dont worry about that, i just want the gift card."

    what the eff?

    i mean ok its her birthday soon so am i being unreasonable? i mean...i could be. maybe its a once-a-year thing...and its her day not mine so i shouldnt complain about it anyway. but it bothers me.

    any opinions on this would help. thanks very much

    and another note, she had been my best friend for 2 years before and we became a couple a short while ago. and she never did this before. last year, when we were both single, she didnt even tell me it was her birthday.

    anything helps. thanks.

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  • what would you do (guys especially)?

    if your girlfriend went to a party she told you about and got drunk. and then spent the night at that place and ended up sleeping with another guy but not having sex with that guy.

    how would you react if your girlfriend did this?

    im just wondering. for me, i would be pretty effing pissed. even if no sex happened. how about the rest of you?

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  • did i come off as an ******?

    last night, i texted my girlfriend and asked if she wanted me to call her later. i was working a lot and she was hanging out with some friends so she told me that she would call me. it was about 10:00

    and she went to a party at her friends dorm and she got a little tipsy. i still dont know what she did. she's had sex before but i really dont think she would cheat on me. at least i hope she wouldnt

    anyways...waited for her call. til about 1:30. then she texted me. and i was kinda harsh. i just said "i hope you are feeling ok, you dont have to call me, get some rest."

    and she called me at 2:30. and said it was to say goodnight. i was kinda pissed already cuz i mean...i waited for her call. for like...2 and a half hours. so i just said, "yeah, i wasnt sleeping, just waiting for your call." then me and her said goodnight. she texted me and told me she loves me. and i replied. saying that i love her too. and another goodnight.

    and this morning i texted her a goodmorning, left a message to apologize for being a ****** the night before. and then texted her one more time in the evening to say hi.

    she hasnt returned anything since then. she called me once but i wasnt there to pick up. i called back and she didnt pick up.

    whats up here?

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  • an issue with sex....your thoughts?

    my girlfriend and i have been together for not so long. we were romantically linked for 10 months (we were best friends at the time) but not exclusive until about a month ago.

    she has been sexually active. with a lot of guys. she isnt open to anyone about it except me. before we were a couple, we were best friends. so she would tell me about it. im a virgin though. her sexual history bothers me, i have to admit.

    in that period before we were exclusive, she had sex once with a f***buddy. that was right after we made out for the first time.

    that kinda hurt alot...

    but since then, she has been celibate. for me she says. she is in college. a freshman. im a senior in high school.

    i want to believe her. i kinda do. but in the back of my mind, i have doubts about her staying celibate for me.

    my decision has been made. im not gonna have sex for a while. just cuz its really not the time for me to do that and i kinda want to wait until marriage or close to it. i just want opinions on my girlfriend and stuff. will she wait...and whatever.

    anything would help but i just want to see what other people think.


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  • saving the sex......?

    in a relationship. is it a good thing?

    for me, i have been in an exclusive relationship with my best friend for a little over a month. we were both attracted to each other before hand. her to me in january and me to her in may, when i figured out that she liked me.

    since may, we have done stuff together. not sex though.

    she has been sexually active with multiple partners. after the first time we made out, she had sex with an f buddy.

    i was kinda broken but i wasnt actually her boyfriend then so i got over it.

    and after that she did it one more time with someone. im gonna assume it was the same f buddy. before we were an item.

    but since that, she has been celibate since then. cuz she wants to wait for me. and a virgin cuz i try not to listen to my hormones.

    and she wants to have sex with me. and sometimes i feel bad. not giving her what she wants.

    she said she would wait for me so im assuming she would.

    kinda selfish of me. but im not planning to do it anytime soon.

    what do you all think? of this whole situation? anything helps.


    and ages. im a senior in HS and she is a freshman in college.

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