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  • Will I spin and jump clockwise or counterclockwise?

    I don't figure skate, but I have been doing ballet for over 10 years. In ballet, I do pirouettes (sort of like spins) and toure jetes (like a half jump..) better when i do them in a clockwise direction. My friend who is a figure skater taught me a sort of simple spin which I do clockwise. However, whenever I'm watching figure skating, it almost is hard to watch and sort of comfusing when I see someone like Ashley Wagner skate because she jumps and spins clockwise. Maybe that might be just because I'm used to seeing skaters go counterclockwise.

    If I started figure skating, would I rotate clockwise or counterclockwise?

    Also, is it possible to have a figure skater jump counterclockwise, but spin clockwise?

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  • When did you start figure skating?

    When did you start taking lessons? And how long did it take to get your first single axel after you started lessons?

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  • Is Accolay real?

    I've heard rumors that Jean-Baptiste Accolay, the composer wasn't a real person. I've heard that the composer Vieuxtemps? (I think that's his name) just wrote pieces under the name, Accolay. is this true?

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  • French conjugation?

    How do you conjucate the verb boire in french? for the nous form?

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  • How many time zones does the Earth have?

    I've heard that it's 24 or 25. I'm not quite sure because I did an online search and some articles again said 24 and others said 25. If it is 25, would it be 25 time zones because the international date line splits a time zone in half?

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