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The Gods are listening which is more than i can say for myself.

  • Would a PSU still run if the motherboard is dead?

    I have a Compaq SR5000 that refuses to turn on. I took the PSU out and did the paperclip test and it ran fine (fan was running and it seemed to be humming along). When it is put back in the system back into the system it's a different story. The light on the back comes on indicating it has power coming from the outlet, but it's not running at all. Only two things I can think of is the motherboard is unable to close the circuit or the towers power switch is faulty.

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  • What is the best collection of non-conflicting mods for Oblivion?

    I just can't seem to get a decent collection on my own without annoying errors. I have the latest patches and both Knights of the Nine and Shivering Isles as well. I use OBMM to detect the potential conflicts it just seems that Knights conflicts with everything.

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