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  • My Yahoo mail will not open & my messages won't send! What's up with that,? Why can't I open my mail or send?

    This just happened tonight. I have all this mail, some of it really important, and it won't open. When I tried to send a message in reply all my Yahoo did was "spin" this little circle .. even when I tried to open an email it did the same thing. What happened?

    1 AnswerNotices and Errors6 years ago
  • What were U thinking when U had unprotected sex?

    I am just curious to ask this question as I see all the questions being asked in regards to unprotected sex, and all the diseases associated with that act. If U practise unprotected sex, do U realize the "risks"? Do U want to "die" a terrible death of HIV? Have U infected others? Please only those who fall into this category need answer.

    8 AnswersSTDs1 decade ago
  • Why do they still have "unprotected sex"?

    I am constantly amazed at the number of questions regarding "unprotected sex" and the diseases associated with that careless action. What do the readers of this statement feel?

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  • Pre-teens,teens please answer these questions honestly:?

    1:Do you know what is the average age to have one's first sexual experience? #2:Do you know the statistics on contracting the HIV/AIDS virus? #3:Do you believe that you receive enough information,sex education at the school level? Now please be as honest as you can. Please state your AGE & Answers. I will post the results once tabulated. The reason for these questions is the growing gap between fact and fiction. Thank you ALL for participation.

  • Driving to Mexico from Toronto,any suggestion? read further?

    I have been considering driving from Toronto, to Pt.Vallarta - I'am asking any of you out there, that have done this or know anyone who has - to give me some pointers! Thanks to all who help..

    9 AnswersPuerto Vallarta1 decade ago
  • Come back EVERYONE!re:"cooking for the working poor" -read on?

    Several days ago I "posted" a question to you viewers re - an outline I had for a cooking show geared towards the "working poor", the BIGGEST growing sector of our population. This program will be nothing like the ones on TV - you will not need fancy pans and expensive ingredients! I will show you how to shop!save money!cook! and the whole family can learn - from children thru to seniors!I will show you how to incorporate the "food banks" with the specials at the low end stores, etc, INTO healthy,and good tasting meals. What I am asking from you this time is to HELP me with a name for the show!i.e. Come To The Table";Good,Cheap,Eating;??? & Eating;etc - I will let the view audience do the voting for the best answer - and I PROMISE to post the winner. Thanks again audience for your previous and positive responses and thank you for responding this healthy and be happy!!!

    2 AnswersFamily1 decade ago
  • EVERYONE! would you watch a cooking show for the 70% of the population that lives below the poverty line?

    I have an outline,geared to assist the "working" poor of our country- to show them how to incorporate the food banks' food, discounted items,specials,etc into nutritional meals,how to cook them and how to stay within their budgets.This program will be nothing like the shows on the Cooking Network,you will not need fancy pots or expensive condiments.

    15 AnswersCommunity Service1 decade ago
  • I am trying to find a FREE chat line...HELP!?

    I've tried numerous words but get everthing but - e.g.downloads!payments!etc, all I want is a site where you can log-on and use a user name and start talking!

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  • how do you enter the Garnier contest with the word "wellness"?

    I went on their site and could not find the contest!

    1 AnswerHair1 decade ago