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Hi, my name is Adam and I'm 17. My favourite artists are: Transatlantic Dream Theater Porcupine Tree Pink Floyd Genesis Anathema Mike Oldfield

  • Looking for a new Camcorder - 4K for around £800-£1000?

    I have a Panasonic HC-X800, which is a few years old and starting to go wrong, and I wish to replace it and upgrade.

    I had a look at Panasonic's latest VXF990-EBK, which looked good on paper, but the lens isn't as wide as mine, it takes longer to start up when opening the screen, and a few other things just seemed inferior to my current model.

    What other examples are out there?

    My requirements are as follows:


    My current camera has a 35mm-equivalent focal length of 29.8 at its widest, so anything more than that would be ideal.


    I film cars, very loud ones, so a built-in microphone that can pick up very loud and sudden sounds would be great. My current camera doesn't struggle at all with it.

    4K VIDEO

    Might as well move with the times and get 4K

    BETWEEN £800 and £1000

    Under £800 would be nice, if it suits.

    Thanks in advance

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  • Good video tripod for £90 or less?

    Hi there,

    I'm looking for a reasonably good, with smooth movement, tripod for video (and photography) use.

    I don't really want to be spending more than £90, as I have other things to buy (a dolly for it)

    I would also like it to have a removable head, so I can use the head on the dolly. I've done some research, but nothing really explains all the features that I need. What would you recommend?



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  • Laptop keeps shutting down when processing a video?

    It started doing it out of the blue yesterday.

    I make a video on Cyberlink PowerDirector, and whilst the video editor is putting the video together, my computer just decides to shut down. It just gives up the ghost and turns off.

    It's not a problem with the video editor, I'm sure it's the computer. But it randomly just started to do this from yesterday.

    I have a Toshiba Satellite L500-1XD

    Windows 7

    4GB RAM

    Running low on space in the harddrive.

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  • What is this piano piece?

    I'd like to know the name of the piece played at 8:15 in this video:

    Youtube thumbnail

    I've tried Shazam, but it wouldn't detect it.

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  • Very I'll. can't work out why and what to do?

    I came back home after Reading Festival yesterday feeling fine. Now though, I feel awful. Woke up in sleep.

    I DID NOT HAVE ANY ALCOHOL OR DRUGS. I just had a burger and 6 doughnuts as well as cups of water served out by Marshalls, a cup of Relentless and several bottles of fizzy drinks.

    The doughnuts were too much. Think I had top many. But could they be behind my illness?

    I feel extremely sick (stomach) and am shaking. All this thought of the evening is making it worse.

    What is this, and more importantly, what should I do about it?

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    So, I fork out a lot of money on a nice new camera, and I am presented with TERRIBLE PHOTOGRAPHS!

    I started with a Nikon D3000, which was easy, but now, I have a D7000, with an 18-105mm lens, and every photo is focused on the background. I have it on auto focus mode, but changing it to single-focus point makes it harder for the camera to focus.

    It's annoying as I take pictures of cars, and the actual car is rarely in focus. The successful pictures (about 10% of them) are on my Flickr page, AdamC3046.

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  • Ford Mustang clutch EXPLOSION?? What on Earth happened?

    So the other day, I filmed a Ford Mustang shatter its clutch and flywheel after a failed burnout attempt.

    But what exactly happened to the insides of the car to cause this to happen? What was the driver doing wrong which meant his wheels didn't spin?

    I'd like to know for personal information, and to answer some commenters.



    Youtube thumbnail

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  • Nikon D7000 or Nikon D5200?

    So, I am looking to update my DSLR.

    I am a College student, studying photography, and would like one within my price-range. I have narrowed it down to either the D7000 or D5200. I'd love the new D7100, but it's too expensive.

    I mainly photograph cars, but all kinds of photography really. I would also like to use the film function as well, again for the cars, on occasions.

    Which is better for me, do you think?


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  • Find the equation of the normal to the graph of y=(x^2+4)/x at the point where x=1?

    Please help. I'm retaking my Core 2 maths on Monday, and I'm stuck on this.

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  • My dog knows when she's going for a walk?

    Well... basically... whenever we go upstairs to take my dog for a walk, she knows. She sits by the stairs and starts crying and becoming impatient.

    However, when we go upstairs and we aren't taking her for a walk, she doesn't do anything.

    We don't do anything different, we just get changed into 'walking clothes', which doesn't make any sound for her to hear, so we can't think of why she does this.

    It's not a bad thing, of course not, but we're just interested as to how she can tell. Can they sense things that we're thinking?

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  • UCAS Application: Employment - can I include YouTube?


    So I am filling in my UCAS Application for University.

    I have reached the 'employment' stage. I did have a part-time job that I can include. I now get income from uploading videos to YouTube (AdamC3046).

    Can I use that in the Employment section of the online application?

    If so, what would I enter for 'Employer name', 'Employer address', 'Job Description' and 'Full or Part time'?


  • What albums (if any) have you bought in the last few days?

    Well. Pretty self-explanitory.

    Here are mine from the last 3 days:

    Anathema - Weather Systems

    Biffy Clyro - Puzzle

    Blackfield - Blackfield

    Devin Townsend - Ziltoid The Omniscient

    Devin Townsend Band - Accelerated Evolution

    Jethro Tull - Aqualung

    Muse - 2nd Law

    Neal Morse - Testimony

    North Atlantic Oscillation - Fog Electric

    North Atlantic Oscillation - Grappling Hooks

    Spock's Bears - V

    Yes, I went on a spending-spree


    Bonus Questions:

    1) Which is your favourite / which are you most looking forward to playing (if >1)

    2) Which is your least favourite / which are you least looking forward to playing (if >1)

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  • Prog Rock questionnaire (for fans of all genres)?

    Please answer this. It will help loads for my Media Studies coursework.

    1) What do you associate with Prog Rock?

    2) Name the top 5 bands that come to mind when I mention Prog Rock.

    3) Would you say the genre is any more musical than some other, more mainstream, genres?

    4) Would you agree that the album covers of Prog Rock are...

    a) More artistic than other genres

    b) More experimental than other genres

    c) All of above

    d) None of above

    5) What would you say the key generic codes of Prog Rock are that differentiate it from other genres?

    6) Please state your age range (5-15, 16-25, 26-40, 41-60, 61-100)

    Thanks, this will help me alot.

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  • PROG Fans! Order these albums; best to worst!?

    Dream Theater - Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence

    Opeth - Watershed

    Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here

    Genesis - Selling England By The Pound

    Yes - Fragile

    Porcupine Tree - Deadwing

    Pink Floyd - The Wall

    Dream Theater - Octavarium

    Porcupine Tree - Fear Of A Blank Planet

    Jethro Tull - Thick As A Brick

    King Crimson - In The Court Of The Crimson King

    Electric Light Orchestra - Out Of The Blue

    Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon

    Genesis - Foxtrot

    Mike Oldfeld - Tubular Bells

    Rush - 2112

    Anathema - We're Here Because We're Here


    *Bonus Questions*

    1) Name your favourite Prog Rock album that isn't on this list.

    2) Is modern Prog Rock the same as it was in the 60s and 70s?

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  • Case for 2 Camcorders?


    I have recently purchased a new camcorder (Panasonic HC-X800)

    I also have a Panasonic HDC-SD60.

    They're both reasonably-sized camcorders, especially the new one, and I would like a camera case that can fit both of them in, as I like qualities of both of them.

    Are there any camcorder cases for 2 camcorders?


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  • Best universities for Graphic Design?


    I'm applying for open days for Universities for Graphic Design, and I would like to get an idea of what the best ones are.

    So what Unis are among the best for a Graphic Design (or similar) course?


  • About to reach 100 subscribers. Ideas for a special video?

    Hi, my channel is about to reach 100 subscribers (it's on 95 atm).

    What do you think I should do as a 100-subscriber special? My channel isn't a vlog channel. I film things from Supercars to Live Music to Fails & Wins.

    My channel is here if that'll give you a better impression>


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  • Selling games on eBay?


    I've got a selection of about 15 PSP games that I'd like to sell.

    What is the best way to sell them to get the most money?

    As a batch - all in one - or seperately. Or maybe in pairs/groups with games that are related to eachother.

    I owe my parents money for Download Festival, so need as much money as possible. Also, it'd be a shame to see them go for near to nothing.


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  • Differentiation question?

    Differentiate y = 2 / 3√x

    Here's how I did it:







    But the answer is -(1/2)x^-(3/2)

    Where have I gone wrong ? How on earth do you do this?


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  • R&P: Your favourite Pink Floyd covers?

    So yer, what are your favourite Pink Floyd covers?

    Not songs Pink Floyd have covered, but Pink Floyd covers that other bands have covered.

    Examples: Dream Theater's cover of The Dark Side Of The Moon

    Anathema's cover of Comfortably Numb


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