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Someone 2 good

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I'm totally a guys girl! I'm hot, yet sporty! I like to read books pages between 100-800! I am totally smart! I love a guy who is sweet, sensitive and is a jock! I will practicly say what I feel and always speak my mind! I'm Catholic so you can trust me with ANYTHING!

  • Is it weird to be in love with 4 guys?

    This question is for girls please... I like this guy and I also like his best friend I also like his enemy and I also like this other guy... I don't know who to choose! I love them all but I can't decide! Please give actual answers PLEASE!

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  • I need help!?

    Ugh! Someone I know totally trashed my email and I really like him, what should I do! Please give nice advice I really don't know what to do does this mean he hates me? What really bothers me is... he is my friend!

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  • Mitchel Dating?

    Who do you think Mitchel Musso should date? If you feel he should date you then say so!

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  • Should I tell him?

    There is this hot guy I know and I liked him ever since the 2nd grade but I think he likes me too, but I don't know if I should tell him! We are really close friends and if I tell him it might ruin our friendship! What should I do?

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  • Should I tell?

    I'm a really sporty girl and I don't know if I should tell anyone! I play tennis, softball, basketball, baseball, volleyball, hockey, and about 10 more sports! I don't want people to know cause I will be to shy if they know! I act like a shopaholic but I hate shopping!What do I do!?

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  • Who loves Mitchel Musso?

    Anyone out there luvs Mitchel Musso???

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  • Mitchel Musso vs. Cole Sprouse?

    Who do you think is hotter?

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  • Don't You think Women Should Be President?

    Doesn't anyone out there think if women were president we wouldn't have so many wars!

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  • What do you think about Shakira?

    What do you think of Shakira's video of Hips Don't Lie?

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