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The interest has left. There is nothing more I can do here. Until Yahoo correctly maintains this site, I feel my efforts here are going to waste.

  • Discontinuing Yahoo 360?

    In light of yahoo discontinuing the 360 profile pages, I just wanted to let others know of their options. New social networks are popping up every day and I have even been requested to "sway" users from Yahoo over to Unfortunately I recline this offer.

    But along those same lines..,, and now (which I personally use) have more options with very customizable pages and features.

    If your looking to get out of the main stream social network of the lack of having one.. Try one of the networks I listed above.

    1 AnswerYahoo Profiles1 decade ago
  • Not A Question, More Of A Comment..?

    I have told me in the yahoo chat rooms about the suspected yahoo messenger update. Well I'm letting you know now. Update is taking place and with this update all those whom use "third party software" to log the yahoo server will no longer be able to. Therefore, you need to obtain the official yahoo messenger or webmessenger. For all other messengers good luck. Yahoo is doing this update in order to cut back the amount of bots and spamming issues within their main frame. if you wish to stay on yahoo messenger, you will have to wait until the update is completed or search for another chat/messenger service.

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