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  • Do I have asthma?

    I've been experiencing a cough for the last several months. It is just a dry cough with wheezing at the end, but at times I cough so much it gives me a headache! I also choke sometimes. I've been to the doctor and he told me it was probably one of three things. (He did do a lung xray - everything fine there.) Reflux, allergies, or asthma. Because I also do have reflux, he gave me nexium to see if that would help. It hasn't. It has been a month now and today I've coughed so much my chest hurts. The doctor is calling me in a nose spray and an inhaler to see if this helps. What is it?

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  • Can Rheumatoid Vasculitis affect breast tissue?

    I know that RV can affect your organs and limbs, but I'm not sure about breasts.

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  • How do you dial long distance from another country to the US?

    My daughter will be traveling this summer to Ireland, Wales, England, France, Belgium and The Netherlands. I plan on supplying her with phone cards to call home from each location. How would she dial?

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  • Why would my question here be removed?

    I posted a question about how to tell who cashed a check if there wasn't an endorsement. Banks aren't supposed to cash them without one, I don't think, but this check was to me. It has been cashed somewhere in Georgia, not by me and when I received a copy of it there was no endorsement. The bank said they can't tell where it was cashed. My question had one answer and its been deleted. Now my question isn't about the check because nobody seemed to know. My question is why was my question deleted?

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  • How do you keep pie crust from shrinking when you bake it?

    I'm not a very good pie baker, and my crust always shrinks! And it tends to be kind of tough. Can anyone help?

    12 AnswersCooking & Recipes1 decade ago