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  • Styrofoam cooler for moving?

    I am moving from California to Colorado and am thinking about buying a styrofoam cooler to move my food in. I'll be driving and it's about an 11 hour drive. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Never used a styrofoam cooler before. Are they durable enough?

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  • Moving to another state with 3 cats. Advice.?

    I'm moving next month to Colorado from California, and will be travelling with 3 cats, 1 kid and a snake. Needless to say my hands will be full, LOL.

    I was going to get a sedative for my cats, since they do not travel well, but the vet just informed me I'll have to pay an office visit for EACH cat, and then seperate prescriptions for each, which will bring me to around $400 total and I can't afford that right now with planning a wedding and moving to a new state.

    So I'm looking for any advice you may have. They will be in carriers (2 together, one by himself) and I'm wondering how to reduce the amount of stress for them. Any advice from people who have done this would be greatly appreciated. I also saw a few articles online saying you could give your cat liquid benadryl. Anyone done this?

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  • I'm moving to another state with 3 cats. Advice please.?

    I am getting married in August to a wonderful man. He lives in Colorado and I live in California, so I will be moving to CO in July. I have 3 cats and a snake (and a child, LOL).

    Can you please offer some advice for moving with the cats? Keeping them comfortable, getting them to use the litter box, etc. Anything you can share would be helpful. Thanks!

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  • Tips for blending our families. I need advice.?

    My fiance and I are getting married in August of this year. He lives in Colorado and I live in California, and he has a 4 year old son and I have a 6 year old daughter. My daughter and I will be moving to Colorado in June and I need some advice on making this a smooth transition for both of our kids. They have not spent a lot of time together due to our distance. Any helpful tips you have would be great.

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  • Question on Father's Rights in California?

    I have a 6 year old daughter and her father and I were never married. He is not on the birth certificate either, because he was not there when she was born. He came around about 2 months after and we had a paternity test that he ordered off of the internet. He sees her every other weekend and we split holiday's in a way that works for us. He pays me child support too, but we have NEVER gone through the courts for anything. I recently got engaged and will have to move to Colorado, as that is where my fiance lives. I will obviously be taking my daughter with me. What are my daughter's father's rights? Can he stop me permanently? I intend to tell him as soon as I have more details, but am curious what he can do if he wanted to stop me. Thanks so much!

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  • Question about pregnancy and periods.?

    This past week my fiance was home for R&R from Iraq. We had lots of unprotected sex and he finished in me. The last day we had sex was Sunday and then this morning (Tuesday) I got my period. Is it still possible to get pregnant even if I got my period today? Thanks so much.

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  • Easy recipe for pork chops?

    I have 3 thin cut, bone in pork chops defrosting in my fridge right now and would like a few ideas on how to cook them tonight for dinner! I'm not going to the store to pick up anything, so it would need to be with stuff that I have around the house. Normal spices, maybe some cream of something soup, etc. Any suggestions would be helpful!

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  • What are some things I can send to my boyfriend who lives out of state?

    My boyfriend lives out of state and I like to send him things to remind him of me, between the times we get to see each other. So far I've sent a shirt that smells like me, my favorite teddy bear, cards, a love letter and today I'm sending something goofy for his son.

    I'm running out of ideas though! I could use some ideas of cheap, easy stuff to send. Mostly stuff that will fit in a manilla envelope. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

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  • What are the chances I'm pregnant?

    I got off of my period on 10-15-08, then had LOTS of unprotected sex Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

    What are the chances that I got pregnant? Also, when would I be able to take an accurate test?

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  • Questions on New Ball Python?

    I have a 5yr old child, a cornsnake and 2 cats and will now be getting a 5 ft ball python. I am getting him from a girl who is moving across country. My daughter and I went and saw him last night and we really like him, but I've never had a python before. I looked up some care sheets, but I have a few random questions for python owners. The girl said she always wears a sweater when she picks him up out of his cage, just in case. Does anyone else do this?? Also, she said he only eats a med rat (white only) every 2 weeks. Is this enough? She feeds him in the bathtub, which I am fine with, but should I put the rat in first, or the snake in first? With my cornsnake, it doesn't matter, he will wait until I put it in to eat it. She also keeps her other pets out of the room when she is handling him, do I need to worry about him eating my cats? LOL Lastly, I read they are escape artists. How bad is it really???

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  • IUD Question?

    I just got an IUD implanted on Monday. I had very light spotting and really no cramping. Today though I'm having some light cramping. So I checked to see if I could feel the strings, and I can't. I don't know if I'm just not finding them, or if it went up into my uterus. Anyone else have an IUD and have problems finding the strings? Or is the cramping 4 days later normal??

    Thanks for your help! I know if I call the doctor they are just going to say to come in and I really can't take the time off work, especially if I'm just over-reacting. So any personal experiences would be helpful!

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  • How do I keep my cat off of my snake's cage?

    have 2 cats and only one of them sits on top of my snake's cage ALL THE TIME! The top is like a screen and it's getting somewhat stretched out from my cat laying on it. I'm afraid one day it's going to break and my cat will fall in and get the snake. I have to put my cat in the other room if I want to get the snake out cause she goes ballistic trying to get the snake! Any suggestions on keeping my cat off of the top of the snake cage?

    I asked this in the cat section, but people are telling me to cover up the top with foil and mats...they clearly don't understand that my snake has to breathe! So I thought the reptile people might have better answers! Thanks!

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  • How do I keep my cat off the top of my snake's cage???

    I have 2 cats and only one of them sits on top of my snake's cage ALL THE TIME! The top is like a screen and it's getting somewhat stretched out from my cat laying on it. I'm afraid one day it's going to break and my cat will fall in and get the snake. I have to put my cat in the other room if I want to get the snake out cause she goes ballistic trying to get the snake! Any suggestions on keeping my cat off of the top of the snake cage?

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  • Scabs behind one of my cat's ears?

    Hi everyone! I have 2 cats, Princess who is a grey haired tabby and Lilly who is a calico.

    Night before last I was petting Princess while I was watching TV and noticed behind one of her ears, at the base of her ear, it was rough feeling. So I felt the other one in the same spot and it was there too. So I tried to get a closer look, but you know cat's! She kept moving her head. The scabs weren't brown like they had been bleeding or anything. They were white. It didn't bother her when I was touching them or anything and she hasn't been scratching them! She is on advantage for flea management, along with her sister Lilly. Anyone have any idea what it might be, or what I could put on it to make it go away? Thanks so much!!

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  • Question regarding my D&C?

    I had a D&C 6 days ago because they saw that I was pregnant with twins and there was no heart beat for either. I was 17 weeks. Anyway, my bleeding has been pretty light for the past 6 days, bad cramping for 3 days, boobs got engorged and just finished leaking out!!! I am wearing a pad now at their instruction, but am wondering when can I wear a tampon??? Has it been long enough? They had to dilate my cervix since I was second trimester. Anyone know? Thanks!

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  • Any other mom's not able to get everything done???

    Hi! I am a 26 year old single mother of a 5 year old girl. I work full time from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm, monday through friday. I feel like there is never enough time for anything! Here is an average day for my daugher and I:

    6:30 I wake up, make my coffee, drink it for 10 minutes while watching the news.

    6:45 go wake up the kidd-o (which takes about 10-15 min).

    7:00-8:05 Give kid breakfast while she watches morning cartoons, and I get ready for work.

    8:05 Make lunch for kid

    8:10 Get kid dressed for school and teeth brushed.

    8:15-8:20 Leave for school.

    I drop her off and get to work 20 miles away by 9, hopefully!

    6:00 pick kid up from boys and girl club.

    6:10 start dinner

    7:00 dinner over, start homework and any other things that need to get done

    7:30 bath

    8:00 bed time!

    There is no time to just spend together and relax, play, etc. I guess there is always the option of putting her to bed later, which I do sometimes; but she does much better when put to bed at 8:00.

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  • Help dealing with a friend...?

    My best friend is going through a depression. She and her boyfriend broke up about 2 months ago, they were living together and she felt like he was the one for her, but she broke it off because she realized that it wasn't working out and that he didn't want to settle down (he is 41 and she is 36). Now she is just depressed all the time, and she depresses me! I feel like if I play into her criticizing herself (she is over weight) and everything, it's just going to add fuel to the fire, but I don't want to be too insensitive either. Any time something good happens to me or someone does something nice for me, she pulls a pity party on herself and makes me not even want to tell her things anymore. I can't deal with it and I'm ready to go off on her and tell her to get out of her funk or stop calling me. Or perhaps I may go off on her and tell her this is why the relationship ended...because she acts like this!!! Which she does...

    Any suggestions?

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  • Question on Cat Carrier/Kennel?

    I have 2 cats and was wondering if I can get away with putting them both in one cat carrier when transporting them to the vet or the groomers, etc.

    I realize that it's physically possible to do this, but I was curious about anyone's personal experiences with this.

    6 AnswersCats1 decade ago
  • Flea Problem, need advice!?

    Hi everyone! I have 2 cats that I rescued when the California wild fires were raging a few months back. Lilly is a one and a half year old Calico female and Princess is a 3 year old gray american short hair female. They were in the same house before they came to me. When they came to me, they had NO fleas. I have only been in my apartment since August and I know the previous resident had a cat. My girls have never been outside before and I inspected them like crazy before they came to me for fleas. Now all of a sudden within the last month, they are everywhere! My daughter sat down on the floor of our bedroom last night and started screaming her head off because there were fleas all over her! It had not been that bad before. I vacuumed everything and then this morning when I was brushing my daughters hair, there was a flea in there. Any suggestions on products that worked to remove the fleas from our carpets and our home in general? I am getting the cats some Advantage.

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  • Question about changing cat food for my 2 cats?

    I rescued 2 cats from someone who's home burned in the San Diego wild fires a few months back. Lilly is a 1 1/2 year old calico and Princess is a 3 year old grey shorthair. They are so sweet and my daughter and I just love them! The owner has always fed them Whiskas hard food and they share a can of Whiskas soft food at night. I've always fed my cats Purina and feel that's a better food. The Whiskas just seems so cheap to me and lacking in nutrition. Would it be wrong for me to change their food, or is Whiskas not as bad as I think?

    Thanks for your help!

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