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  • Tenant problems and legal action?

    My boyfriend's parents own the house he and three other people are living in. One of the tenants was expecting to get financial aid via a student grant but, for reasons unimportant to the question, couldn't go to school and therefore didn't get the money. Unfortunately, this also means he was struggling to pay rent and utilities.

    My boyfriend helped cover his utilities for several months (to the tune of about $500 total) but seeing as he was behind on rent, they (boyfriend's parents/actual landlords) told him to either pay or move out.

    He decided to disappear to a friend's house, leaving behind all his things and locking his room. This persisted for two weeks, during which he refused to get in contact with my boyfriend or my boyfriend's parents, who did everything short of driving over and demanding to see him.

    Since they couldn't get in contact with him for two weeks, they decided to change the locks. During this, they also got his room open.

    Today, two days after they changed the locks, either one of the roommates let him in (against the landlord's express wishes) or he broke in (also today, we found out the back door's lock is wonky and doesn't lock properly. Guess how.) and took his computer back. He left everything else.

    What (reasonable) legal actions do they have here in the state of Georgia? They would like to get the money owed for rent and utilities, plus I don't know whether the whole 'breaking and entering' thing should be addressed.

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  • how to treat luxating patellas?

    i recently adopted a 2 y.o. fixed male pomeranian. shortly after adopting him, i took him in for a wellness check. the vet prescribed amoxicillan (for his kennel cough, he's now over it) and told me that he seemed healthy, just that he had luxating patellas on both hind legs. at this point his patellar luxation is grade 1, meaning they don't pop out unless manually manipulated.

    at the moment i am saving up for his possible future (hopefully never) surgery. he's also getting 250 mg glucosamine chondroitin msm daily, and he gets walked up and down a hill. he's being fed wellness core and innova grain-free, and he gets raw meaty bones as treats (usually as an afternoon 'tea', so hours between kibble). i'm careful about how much he eats, because i'm aware weight can exacerbate the problem.

    am i doing everything i can for this dog? i know that i've covered the obvious bases, but if anyone's had a dog with this issue and has tips, i'd like to hear them.

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  • What is your favorite fish and why?

    just a fun question for all you aquarists.

    for example, i absolutely love pygmy corydoras. they're like miniature hand-held vacuums when they eat, they look like they're hovering midwater, and they've got tons of personality. they're also really hardy little fish!

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  • Honey Gouramis and Shrimp?

    i'm looking into getting some red cherry shrimp, and have gotten mixed messages about gouramis. i know that most gouramis are either aggressive enough or large enough to snack on a small shrimp, but these get about 2 inches and are reportedly very docile. i've had no trouble keeping mine with ghost shrimp - she doesn't pick at any of them, i've never seen them hiding because of the fish - but i've recently bought a male and another female (all three of which seem to be doing fine and ignoring the shrimp)


    the tank is a 5 gallon heavily planted affair, with the trio, a small school of pygmy cories, a pair of kuhli loaches, a nerite snail, and several shrimp. i'd like to add in some cherry shrimp, since they're hardy and easy to breed, but i'm a bit concerned that the gouramis might decide that bright red shrimp are tastier and easier to see than ghost shrimp.

    also: i'm quite aware that i'm overstocked. however, last i checked my parameters were perfect, my plants are growing well, and all the fish seem active and healthy. i believe i can safely add a few shrimp for a nice splash of color.

    so: would i be safe in adding cherry shrimp into this tank? would they be able to sustain their population, or is it more likely that all the baby shrimp will be eaten?

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  • hermit crab smells odd?

    so okay, i bought a pair of hermit crabs today. they're both very active (one is currently investigating a new shell, actually) and seem to be happy and healthy. the larger one (marcus) smells a little off...not the standard dead-fish smell of a dying hermit crab, but a weird, almost cabbagey odor. he's not lethargic, he's been climbing rather than digging, the room is about 72 F...i don't know. the only idea i have is molting, and he's not showing any signs of it. any ideas?

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  • Fainting/seizures while donating blood?

    I went to a blood drive with several close friends today. While I was perfectly fine, one of my friends, right after they had finished taking blood, fainted. Since I was already done (and since we were in a bloodmobile), I couldn't get a good look, but one of my friends fainted right after they had finished with him. I thought at first that he had just fainted, no biggie, but then he seemed to stiffen up and literally drum his feet against the chair while unconscious.

    He doesn't remember any of it beyond realizing he was going to black out, and obviously I was scared to death when he wouldn't wake up and started what seemed like a seizure, especially because his chair was in the way and I couldn't see what was happening or do anything about it.

    Basically, is it normal for this to happen, and why does it happen?

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  • Knifty Knitter Patterns?

    I've looked all over the internet, but I can't seem to find any free patterns. I don't mean patterns as in how many stitches are needed per scarf, but stuff like this:

    The Twist'n scarf is something I'd love to try with the loom. However, I haven't even found something as simply as chevrons or stripes (which should be easy). Help?

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  • How to Restore Faith?

    I'm sure I'm going to get answers telling me to leave him alone to do as he pleases and that there is no God, but I'd like to ask right now for those people to keep that to themselves. It's not helpful and I'm not really interested in answers about whether or not I should help him/there is God.

    My boyfriend of eighteen months has recently been feeling out-of-touch with God, mainly because there's really no empirical evidence for God. I think it probably came from our Anthropology project of Creationism vs. Evolution (which was irritating and idiotic, as the rest of our group did absolutely nothing and the argument wasn't as coherent as I would like, but I digress) because, well, while there were some interesting and persuasive evidences, others were completely stupid.

    I've had quite a few strange things happen within my family (ie, a non-believer cousin could not find his own mother's apartment in the apartment complex the day/time she died, surrounded by her Christian children, though he went there often) as well as more ordinary "miracles", so I'm more compelled to believe in things without scientific proof, but he's hung up on the fact that no big miracles happen anymore.

    But I don't even think it's that. Some events have been documented (Near Death Experiences - I mean the awareness and group types, not the "bright tunnel" type) and not very well debunked.

    Anyway, completely off topic, so tying back into the question: how do you restore faith in someone who doesn't really have a reason not to believe in it? He just doesn't "feel" it, because religion/God is not provable/disprovable.

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  • Gemini and Taurus couple?

    For fun:

    I'm a Gemini (June 2, 1991) and he's a Taurus (May 19, 1989). I don't know what time he was born, but I was apparently born about 1 pm. I know just about every site says that we're going to eventually kill each other, so I'm curious about your opinions. We're both pretty laidback and easy-going, pretty understanding, and while I have occasional mood swings he deals with it pretty well.

    So how are we supposed to interact, again, and any tips for this star-crossed (or rather, star-smashed) match?

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  • Sell me on Twilight.?

    Okay, I've heard a lot about the book. How it's great and wonderful and the best thing since sliced bread (or since Harry Potter).

    The problem is, I can't read it. I've tried, I got through half the book, and gave up, which is incredibly unusual. I found it sickening, really - most of the time I wanted to smack the heck out of Bella, the way you want to when your friend's dating an abuser. Don't get me wrong, I wanted to enjoy the book - I'm not big into love stories, but people were practically glowing about it. And I figured I was in the demographic - teenage girl.

    So can anyone tell me why they like this series so much? Maybe it's just not for me, but with so many fans, there's got to be something to make it worth reading.

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  • Swimming during your period?

    My youth group is going up to the lake tomorrow...unfortunately, my period started today. I was going to use a tampon, no sweat, change it whenever I get out of the water, but now my mother is freaking out at me. She thinks I'm going to get an infection and go sterile and die from the lake water (even though my belief is that the sea and pool water she's okay with is probably worse) so she's refusing to let me go.

    Anyone have any medical advice sites or anything to show that water is not going to invade my uterus and cause it to shrivel up and fall out?

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  • Fashion Matching?

    I was born and raised a tomboy - unfortunately, prom is up in two weeks and I have no sense of fashion. I do have a dress (it's a wine-colored gown-thing) and shoes (silver) but I have no clue about jewelry. If I have gemstones on it, do I match the dress color, contrast the dress color, or what? Any and all advice is appreciated (no, I don't have pictures, sorry).

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  • Penis Insecurity?

    Why are men so insecure about their penises? There's a vast amount of men asking about their size on Answers, and it's getting really silly. There's an answer to all this:

    The average penis length is 5.5-6.5 inches, the average circumference is 4-5 inches. If it bends or curves sharply (it looks like a hook) then you need to see a doctor, because that's a condition known as Peyronie's Disease and will make your sex life difficult.

    Women do prefer a larger penis TO A POINT. If you are below four inches and have finished puberty, then be concerned. If you are above eight inches, you are most likely causing her pain. And on that note: it's not the length, it's the width that's important. Otherwise, she's just a size queen and isn't worth your time.

    And when it's down, no one cares except for the locker room's gay resident (maybe).

    So please, no more of these questions. After all of the answers provided for them, I don't understand why they need to ask again and again. Do any of you?

    16 AnswersMen's Health1 decade ago
  • Prius or Civic?

    I'm looking at the new 2008 Prius and the 2008 Civic Hybrid (recommendations on trim would be great, too, since the ratings I've seen are drastically different per trim). I've done a lot of research already and it's coming up pretty close. I don't know if the Prius has gotten any easier to repair since the last model or if the Civic lives up to its nearly 50 mpg claim.

    I'm not concerned with cargo room, space, performance (I mean this in the "idiots-racing-their-cars" way, not the steering/braking/turning etc), or looks. This is gonna be my first car...please help me make a good choice :)

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  • Switching phones...?

    What's better, the Samsung SYNC or the Motorola RAZR? And is there really any difference between a refurbished phone and a brand-new one? I've heard both good and bad about both, just wanted some opinions.

    A refurbished SYNC or a new RAZR?

    2 AnswersCell Phones & Plans1 decade ago
  • Math help?

    We're on quadratic functions:

    A fat clown is shot out of a right cylindrical-shaped hole in the ground 128 ft below the circus floor. He reaches his max height of 16 ft above the floor 3 seconds later. Assume that the cannon and hole are on the Y-axis and that the clown clears the hole and lands safely on the circus

    Give the equation for the quadratic formula in standard form that expresses the height, y, in feet above the circus floor as a function of time, x, in seconds.

    What I've got so far is -16t^2 + 48t - 128. I can't for the life of me set it in standard form. It won't factor.

    Help is greatly appreciated.

    8 AnswersHomework Help1 decade ago
  • Biting? Yes or no?

    Just asking your opinion - how do you feel about being bitten? Not hickies (those, by the way, are caused by sucking on a patch of skin to burst capillaries) and not hard enough to hurt.

    Because I've found that I like it a lot when my boyfriend bites me on the neck, and vice versa. So, your opinion and any tips on where it's most sensitive?

    10 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • Parents are confusing me!?

    Today my mom told me that I wasn't allowed to have a boyfriend until I got into college. Simple, right?

    Not when you consider the conversation I had with my dad (he swears that what I said was that I made friends for life - true, I said that because he was voicing concern about me going off the deep end emotionally if and when we break up - but that I never mentioned relationships) and that he told me he talked to mom about it.

    It's been a month since that discussion, and now that this has come up, I'm afraid to debate this with them because I'm almost certain that they're going to forbid me to ever see him again. I don't want to hide this relationship, and neither does he, but I don't want to risk a schism between me, my parents, and/or my boyfriend.

    6 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • First French Kiss?

    I'm curious about everyone else's experience.

    I think I was lucky - he waited for me to be comfortable enough (and want it enough) and I actually enjoyed it.

    So how was it?

    2 AnswersOther - Family & Relationships1 decade ago
  • Braces and Alternatives?

    I'm 16 and am currently undergoing the pre-process to braces - right now I have spacers. My teeth fit tightly together, so it was literally a pain to get them in between my molars.

    Add that to my seriously busy schedule (3 AP classes! Show Choir! Anywhere from 5-10 clubs!) I really don't want to have to show up every few weeks to get my wires tightened/fixed. I'm already p'o'ed that I had to miss a review for my AP class today.

    My problems aren't very bad - slight crowding on the bottom incisors, a slight overbite, and some crowding on the top incisors.

    What are the pros and cons for metal braces, ceramics, and Invisalign?

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