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  • I am getting married is it right?

    Me and my ex broke up about 2-3 months ago. And i started dating another one of my ex's right after that. Now we are getting married. But the problem is that from time to time i still think about my ex. I don't know what to do. She wants nothing to do with me. So i haven't talked to her since. But sometimes i find myself dialing her number. I want to get married don't get me wrong. I just want to know how to get my ex off of my mind?

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  • Help in Love!!!?

    Yesterday my girlfriend left me. Not for someone else(that i know of). Anyway she said it was because she was confused she didn't know anything. Her and her stepdad got into a big fight and she moved out and is now staying with her real dad. She said that she couldn't be with anyone right now. I don't know what to do. I love her so much. Should i wait for her so she can clear her head or should we just be friends and move on? I don't want to lose her forever. I want to be with her. Should i give her some time? If so then how much time should i give her? Please help!!!

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  • Which girl?

    I was with the love of my life for a year. Then i went to one of my friends houses to have a xmas party nothing big just her parents and her family and one of her friends. Well I got to know her friend quite a bit. We talked the entire time and i liked her and she liked me. My gf broke up with me on xmas. And now i am dating the other girl. But my ex wants me back and i keep telling her no i want to see were this other relationship will go first am i wrong? Should i go back to her or should i stay with this other girl? what do i do?

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  • Does anyone know a person with a yahoo id freelovekyle?

    If you do know her then how do you know her?

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  • What should I do?

    I found a letter in my girlfriends purse. She was their when she remembered what it was she didn't want me to read it. I had a couple of things that worried me. Her and a guy was passing the note. Anyway in one part she talked about working my corner meaning that she would only sleep with me. But then she said that if he wanted her to come to her corner between 1 and 7. That got me to loose her trust. I still love her with all of my heart. But I don't know what to do. We are still together and it's been a couple of weeks since I read it but it still bugs me. What should I do?

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