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  • What's the purpose of putting sugar in sauce for hot wings or buffalo wings?

    I can understand for sweet flavored wings like barbecue or sweet chili, but why for hot wings or flavors you don't associate sweetness to,

    9 AnswersCooking & Recipes1 year ago
  • Men only: Why are some men against abortion? Is it because they want to control women's bodies?

    A group of old white men lawmakers are banning abortions across the nation, which will have the most impact on low income women. Why are pro-life men against women getting to choose whether she wants to be mother or not? Do pro-life men think a woman is not smart enough to choose what is best for her and her body?Why is the government obsess with controlling women's bodies? Why do you think conservative lawmakers are doing so now when reelection is around the corner? Isn't a risky political move? How can you be against aborting a pregnancy, but support the death penalty and pro gun which kills people. Do you think only promicious women get abortions? Just want to get your perspective.

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