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I'm a geologist, and I work for a mining company. My interests are science (especially earth science!), aviation, photography, wine (red!), and alternative energy. While I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with others, I am not prepared to answer blatant homework questions.

  • Any suggestions for a lightweight gas-powered engine in the 25 hp range?

    I need a lightweight engine in the 25 hp range for an industrial application. I've been using a Honda GX690 (V-twin 22 hp), but it is too heavy and doesn't work well at high altitude. A diesel engine would be ideal, but I doubt that the power to weight ratio will be very good. Any suggestions? Perhaps something out of a snowmobile or motorcycle?

  • How do I work with tables in Corel Draw?

    I need some help on how to add text to a table in Corel Draw version x5. I can create a blank table by choosing Table > Create Table. The Help feature says to use the table icon from the left hand tool bar to insert text, but all I get is a red square.

    Also how do I change the background color in the table cells?

    5 AnswersDrawing & Illustration7 years ago
  • How to open front hood in 1999 Porsche Boxster with dead battery?

    My 1999 Porsche Boxster (Canadian version) has a completely flat battery from sitting all winter. Now the front hood, which should give me access to the battery, won't open. I've done some internet research, and it seems there are four possible solutions:

    1. a manual release cable hidden under one of the front wheel wells (its not clear if its L or R),

    2. moving a tab between the two release levers under the driver's (L) door,

    3. applying 12V power to a pull-out hood release tab in the fuse panel, or

    4. charging the battery through the cigarette lighter.

    And the results of my attempts:

    1. I have not had any success with finding the manual release cable. I’m not even sure which side to look on. Does have anybody have a photo or a good description of where this mystery cable is? It would help if I knew if I should be looking in the left or right wheel well.

    2. I can’t find a tab between the hood levers.

    3. My fuse panel does not have the pull-out tab to power the hood release.

    4. I’ve put a 2A charge on the cigarette lighter for 12 hours. The charger indicates it is delivering a charge, but I am not getting any signs of power at all in the car. I suspect the battery is too far gone to allow even a small charge.

    Short of calling a tow truck and going to the Porsche dealer (which is what the owner’s manual call for), does anybody have any advice to offer?

    Thanks in advance!

    9 AnswersPorsche8 years ago
  • What year did Cessna put the Lycoming 320 in the 172?

    I am looking to buy a Cessna 172, and have been told that the preferred engine is the Lycoming 4 cylinder 320. When did Cessna switch from the Continental 6 to the Lycoming 4? What model does that engine change coincide with - the 172L?

    Any other comments or advice on selecting a good model year?

    4 AnswersAircraft8 years ago
  • What are the rules for deleting questions?

    I have taken time and effort to answer some very complex questions, and then the asker deletes them. That doesn't seem right. I am wondering what Yahoo's rules are for deleting questions.

    3 AnswersYahoo Answers8 years ago
  • Can electronics be damaged by smoke?

    We had a small fire in our warehouse where we stored some very expensive electronic survey equipment. Everything is covered with black soot that can be cleaned up, but I am wondering if the electronic components could be damaged. I am concerned about corrision and electrical shorts.

    Can it be cleaned? What's the best way to clean it and test it? Any advice?

    This is not household electronics like computers, TVs, and stereos, but one of a kind custom-manufactured electronics. I am guessing that the principles of the possible smoke damage would be the same.

    5 AnswersEngineering9 years ago
  • Is there any way to turn off the "Caps Lock" key on my computer keyboard?

    Sometimes I accidentally press the "Caps Lock" key on my PC, and then everything I type becomes capitalized. I never intentionally use the Caps Lock key so I am wondering if there is a way to disengage it. Thanks in advance!

    4 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks9 years ago
  • Any suggestions for some good web sites with planet maps, so that I can find planets with my new telescope.?

    I just got a new telescope (102 mm refractor) and I'm looking for some web sites that give me guidance to find planets based on date, time, and my location.


    6 AnswersAstronomy & Space1 decade ago
  • What is the equivalent of 6 gpm hydraulic flow at 2200 psi when the pressure is 2000 psi?

    I have a hydraulic pump which is rated at 6 US gpm at 2200 psi. I'd like to power a hydraulic motor which calls for 10 gpm at 2000 psi. Is the hydraulic flow sufficient to run the motor? What will happen if its not? Will it just operate slower or will it produce less than rated torque?

    2 AnswersEngineering1 decade ago
  • Which of the NHL hockey rinks has the largest seating capacity? The smallest?

    I'm curious how the NHL rinks vary with seats. The United Center in Chicago has 22,000 seats (sold out tonight!)..what are some of the other rinks?

    8 AnswersHockey1 decade ago
  • Has anybody studied the effects of cigarette smoking on the atmosphere?

    I'm wondering if anybody knows of data to show the contribution of cigarette smoking to CO2 emissions. There is the burning of tobacco that contributes directly, plus all indirect consequences from CO2 emissions from growing, processing, and transporting tobacco. products.

    6 AnswersGlobal Warming1 decade ago
  • How do I adjust the cam chain tension on a Suzuki DRZ-125?

    Does the tension automatically adjust when I loosen the locknut-setcrew combination? Should I do it when the engine is hot or cold?

    Same engine as a Kawasaki KLX 125.

    1 AnswerMotorcycles1 decade ago
  • Will an Iomega 250 zip drive read and write Iomega 100 MB zip disks?

    I have some old Iomega 100 MB Zip disks that I need to recover data from, and I am curious if a 250 MB drive can read those disks. Or do I have to get a 100 MB drive?

    3 AnswersOther - Hardware1 decade ago
  • Why does Yahoo News have to show the pain of Utah coal miner's families?

    Yahoo News is showing a picture of 10 year old girl obviously in deep stress and anguish over the deaths and uncertainties of the coal mine rescue efforts in Utah. I think we are all hoping for good news and want to keep up to date on events, but we don't need to see pictures like this. Why does Yahoo - and other media groups - insist on showing the personal pain of these family members and others when such tragedies strike? I

    12 AnswersCurrent Events1 decade ago
  • Can I use my USB digital camera as a web cam?

    I have a Canon Powershot A520 with movie and sound capability, and I'm wondering if it will double as an occasional web cam. Thanks in advance.

    4 AnswersAdd-ons1 decade ago