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  • Can anyone recommend a backpacking sleeping pad that is around 39 inches wide?

    I have a tent that is 39 inches wide. I really want a sleeping pad that extends to the edge. The single pads only go up to 30 and the double pads start at 47. That is a huge gap so I'm hoping someone knows of a pad that is int he middle. Please and thank you!

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  • OK pathetic, but would like to know why people still believe in love?

    I mean maybe once a while ago it was real but now ...

    1) 12 year olds write songs about love - clearly don't even know what it is

    2) romance books are now mostly about the sex scenes and how steamy they can get - not that I'm a genius but love can't be about the sex

    3) movies are so unbelievably unreal its crazy - 'I love you even though I just met you" which is only said when the movie is starting to get boring so they have to show a pair of boobs to reel people back in

    4) when people get married there are already bets placed on when the upcoming divorce will take place

    my opinoin is people can't love anymore because there is this unbelievably high expectation to find everything you have already (in your mind) listed in a partner that no one person can fulfil. example: Jane loves Tarzan, Tarzan is built but lets say is stupid from hitting too many trees and Jane one day decides that Tarzan is no good anymore because he is stupid - He is no longer enough because Jane knows that men can be built and smart, You see once it is in our heads that we can have more in a person we want that. it is greedy and is why love doesn't exist in our society, So why still harber hope for it????

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  • Where to buy anime mangas?

    I live in St. Catherines, ont. and I recently just got into reading the mangas online and i want to buy some. But i have no idea where to look.

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  • Need a website for the top colleges in Canada?

    I have been accepted at many colleges and I need another way to eliminate some of them fom my final list.


  • Student locker searches?

    Many people agree with locker searches for the safety but what if the 'reasonable suspision' is from someone who hates you or has an agenda? Or if you have embarassing female products or contraceptives in there? It is the schools but it is yours while your there, we should feel okay about using them and not always looking over our shoulders to see who is looking in ot spy. I completely agree with scent dogs and metal detectors not with open lockers. How do you feel?

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  • How long do you have to study before you can become a vet?

    My mom wants to be a vet but she has not finished high school and doesn't know how long you have to study for

    please help

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  • anyone have an idea on how to write an article on OSAID?

    I have to write a small article in the school newspaper on OSAID and awareness and joining and stuff

    anyway i'm really excited i just don't know where to start and i was hoping to have some ideas and i also don't really want to make it all that sad or scary and its teenagers i'm writting to so i'm looking for witty, and interesting with a 'can't stop reading' vibe

    please help even some websites would be great i need something or its gonna tank

    thanks :)

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  • Going away to school? help me!?

    stuck, my dad tellls me that it will be really hard for me to go to a different province for school about four away actually - to the other side of canada to be more clear. He says 'kayla you'll never make it without your mother and i and it will be hard because we won't be able to just get on a plane and come see you if you have a problem, what if you don't like it what will you do?'

    my question is ... is he right? i expect it to be really hard the first year but i'm itching to leave and be on my own

    any advice would be awesome thanks

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  • If I wanted to study in education, what degree should I be looking for?

    I'm looking to be a teacher but I don't know what kind of university I should be looking to apply to.

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  • Damages /How many hair perms...?

    I've had my hair permed and I really liked it and I would like to do it again because its gone frizzy. My hairdresser says its time after 5 months to perm it again but my stepmom says you should only perm your hair once a year for hair damage reasons.

    *So I was wondering if anyone knew how many times you can perm your hair wothout having some kind of damage?

    * Also what kind of damages come from perming your hair in general? - because I've read a lot of articles that say dry and brittle hair but I never had that and I don't want to have that

    anything would be great Thanks :)

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  • Culinary schools in canada that offer a degree, anyone?

    I have been searching all around the internet and my school guidence department for a culinary school that can offer me a associates degree. I really want to stay in canada but i'm willing to go outside as long as it is not in the U.S - nothing against the country its just my mom who is absolutely hystarical and I have family in most other parts of the world. Anyway, I was hoping that someone could point me in the right direction. The only two things that really matter is that it HAS to offer a degree and that its NOT in the states

    thanks :)

  • anyone know of a site that i could find some really good college info on?

    i'm going to have to apply to a post secondary school soon and i really could use some answers on my culinary dreams i want a degree but i also want to go to england to study and i could use a website that allows me to find a school. anything will help thanx :)

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