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  • What were the CDs the size of Vinyls called that were popular back in the 90's for about a year?

    I remember them back in school, they looked exactly like CDs but had movies on them and were the size of vinyls. They didn't last long - only about a year or two - but I can't find them on google and it's drving me crazy!

    3 AnswersTrivia1 decade ago
  • Is this mineral makeup making me break out?

    I recently started using a mineral makeup that is sold by a female who makes it out of her home. I like supporting people, not companies. Anyways. She only uses mica, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, oxides, and kaolin clay. I have been using it about 2 weeks. I noticed some dry skin, so underneath it I started using the "perfect world" moisturizer they sell at Origins. Now the sides of my face are breaking out. is it the fault of the ani-oxidant lotion or the makeup? Help!

    7 AnswersMakeup1 decade ago
  • Is it okay for me to wear an emerald green shirt and my husband a lighter green shirt...?

    to my companies Christmas party? I'm a really traditional christmas person, so I want to do something classy that is holiday themed, but I don't want to be so lame as to dress one of us in red and the other in green. What is the trendy thing to do nowadays for couples attending Christmas parties?

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  • Is there a technical term for glitter-phobia?

    I have looked all over google and can't find it! My husband has this problem...

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  • How can I stop myself from getting so wet?

    I'm 22 years old and just got married. My husband and I waited until we were married to have intercourse. It's been just over a month and we have run into a slight problem. I get too wet when having sex, and it decreases his sensation to the point that he can hardly maintain an erection when he's inside of me :( We can satisfy each other doing other things, but he feels inadequate and I feel like my body is disappointing him. I have always had this problem... when he gives me oral I practically drown him!! Is there anyone else that has a similar problem, and if so what helps??

    13 AnswersWomen's Health1 decade ago
  • Why does my husband have sensation problems in his penis?

    My husband is 26 years old. We waited till we got married to have intercourse. Before we were married he had no problem maintaining an erection, but now that we are having intercourse he loses his erection after only a few minutes. He says it is because he can't feel anything inside of me. He is not small, but says he feels small inside of me. This only happens about half the time we have sex, so we don't know if it is a neurological issue or what. He hates the doctor, does anyone have any ideas of what it might be, or any home remedies to try?

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  • How do I tell my family that my fiancee and I eloped?

    We are flying to California for vacation, and while we are there taking a road trip to Reno to tie the knot. Most of my family wants a traditional wedding for me, but we know that none of us will be able to afford it. So we're doing a quick ceremony in a little chapel in Reno. I want to tell them when I get back, but how in the world do I do it? And how do I let the rest of the family know? Most of them live several hours away and it's not practical to drive over and show them the rings. But I don't want to just call. Any in-between ideas? Thanks!

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