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  • Whatisthe new symbol on the2007 Loonie and Twoonie Canadian coins?

    On the 'heads' side of the coins where there used to be a maple leaf there is now an encircled symbol that looks like a bold M with a maple leaf top . . . anyone know what this is?

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  • Where can I find home selling prices in Canada?

    I'm looking (Website Preferred) for where I can find details of home sale prices for recent and historical purchases, especially in New Brunswick. Anyone?

    1 AnswerRenting & Real Estate1 decade ago
  • Are house final sale prices in Canada public or private information?

    I was recently having a conversation with someone who purchased a home and I asked what they paid. They were a little taken back and said they got a good deal. I was under the impression that house sale prices were public information, is that true?

    1 AnswerRenting & Real Estate1 decade ago
  • Canada Withholding Tax on Franchise Fees paid to U.S. based corporations?

    Lets just say for instance you are a running a franchise located in Canada for a US based corporation. You pay a monthly franchise fee of a percentage of your revenue. In an example of $100000 of revenue and 3% goes to your parent company ($3000), how much should the withholding tax be and how is it calculated?

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  • RRSP . . . A Bad Thing?

    I recently was at a party where there was some discussion on finances that came up (since it was a house warming, and another couples were in the process of buying a house). One young couple made the statement that they don't have RRSPs because they were advised against them by her father. I was too blown away (and loaded) to respond intelligently and since then I've been thinking about it.

    Can anyone tell me two things:

    1) In what situations are RRSPs not advisable to a young couple

    2) How do I try to knock the info in their heads that RRSPs are not a negative thing in almost every scenario (if in fact that is true).

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  • Insulating Paints - Actual Results?

    I've been researching online on good ways to insulate my basement when I finish it. I've run across two type of insulating paints. Many are ceramic based and are usually added to existing paint and then applied to the surface, and also I've found nansulate insulating paint which supposedly works slightly differently.

    Has anyone used these paint products and do they actually work as advertised?

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  • Too late to walk?

    I recently entered in to an agreement to purchase a pretty fantastic home for my family in New Brunswick, Canada. I am to the point of the transaction where I am doing the final walk through and we close on Friday.

    Long story short, between our last visit on the final walk through we found the power had been cut, pipes froze, extensive damage to living room, kitchen, basement and electrical. The home is not in a livable state.

    At this point is it too late to walk, or do we have to wait for the seller to arrange repairs through insurance, himself, or monetary compensation?

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  • Windows XP - Remote Desktop Stopped Listening?

    I run Windows XP Pro. I've regularly used Remote Desktop to connect to my machine from work. Suddenly one day it just stopped 'listening'.

    I have tried booting in same mode, removing the check box to allow RD, then restarting and adding it again. I've tried replacing the terminal service DLLs with the ones found online to do the multi-RD connections to a single machine. I've tried making my router go to my laptop for port 3389 which then works (although connects to my laptop and not my desktop).

    Running netstat -ab shows that 3389 is no longer listening on my desktop even if the check box to allow RD is checked or not. On my laptop this will change if the check is checked, 3389 listens, uncheck it goes away. I've tried doing some searching on google and have come up short, hoping somone else has run in to this and has a fix.

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  • High Res Widescreen LCD (2048x1280) anyone make one?

    I'm trying to find a widescreen LCD panel monitor that runs 2048x1280. I've done some searching, but most of the sites that come up with people who have dual 1280x1024 monitors.

    Does such a thing exist? I'm looking specifically for this resolution, so please no recommendations for less or more.

    1 AnswerMonitors1 decade ago
  • Do I have to incorporate?

    I live in east coast Canada. I am attempting to start an online business that will sell a service across Canada. As far as I can tell I may need to be federally incorporated as well as have a Extra-Provincial registration in my home province.

    Is this true? In order to provide a service across Canada do I really need to incorporate at all? If I do, can I just do it federally, or will my home office being in New Brunswick make me have to pay the extra fees?

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