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  • When things in relationships are not what they seem?

    Sometimes, when you are bored and distracted by frustration, you look for something else. I am on my own, in my own situation, and not seeing anyone. Of course, it is perfectly all right to go seeking something when alone if the person who interests you is alone, too. 

    But don’t expect it to pan out. Don’t rush to decisions. Don’t arrive with exalted expectations or sudden impressions. Look at the inside. If the looks are good, the taste may not be. And you may just be there out of frustration or disappointment from relationships, life, boredom, or something else. 

    Distractions don’t work out most of the time and often fail to meet expectations. They also are just band-aids for the real issues. You got to work on the real issues. Pursue your distractions if you like. Just be aware. 

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