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  • I have a Linksys BEDCMU10 v2 cable modem, and my internet provider uses DOCSYS 3.0. Anyway to use the modem?

    I am currently renting a Webstar modem, but it keeps resetting, and Charter Communications is trying to get me to upgrade the rental to a better modem (for just $15 more a month o_O). However, if I can get this one to work, I'd much rather do that. They suggest you use a DOCSYS 3.0 modem. Basically, I have a 10Mbps plan, and am pulling 13Mbps (despite the dampener the tech installed in the box outside). This is causing lag and disconnections. Anyone have suggestions?

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  • Demonic causes of madness?

    Is there a classification of demon which causes insanity or madness? Something more specific that ghosts or possessions, please, even if the effect is temporary.

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  • What does C3rd B.C. mean?

    When researching history, I keep seeing dates notated as c3rd B.C. or c2nd B.C. What does it translate to? Am I even close thinking it could be 3rd or 2nd century?

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  • Possible concussion?

    My partner fell in the shower and hurt her head. She has a line about half an inch long at her hairline. She says her vision is 'a little trippy.' Her pupils dilate properly and she can follow a point fine. No headache. However, she seems a little more clumsy than normal. If she gets worse she is going to go to the dr, but for now she doesn't want to. I don't think she has a concussion, but I want to be safe. I remember something about staying up for hours with one, but I cannot remember how long, so I wanted to ask here. And suggestions short of a trip to the dr?

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  • Gay Animals?

    I just wanted to share. I read this answer:

    "animals aren't gay. because we weren't created to be gay, its a perversion, which is why animals never couple up with other animals of the same sex."

    And I had this response:

    or any google search for gay animals...

    What are some takes out there of gay animals? I know my vote in favor of little rainbow collars...but I'm interested to hear the voice of Y!A.

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  • Go to the vet?

    Why is it, when anyone asks for advice, people find it necessary to type VET as loud as they can? What if it is something that you can help at home? [In example--"Hey, my dog ate a square of chocolate. He weighs 100 lbs. Answer: He should be okay, watch him. Go to the vet if he vomits."]

    Sometimes, people just want to know if it can wait till morning, which means a vet bill under $100, or if it is an ER trip, which as any of you know is very costly if it is just diarrhea.

    Some people don't live in areas with ER vets...unless they drive 2 hours or more, as is the case with my parents. In which case, they need real advice, not lecture.

    I do agree, most of the time, that the vet should come into play. After all, those degrees come in handy, and a vet looking at the dog knows far more than a vet online would. Still, I wanted to know why people waste their time to be the 10th person to type "GO TO THE VET ASAP!" like no one else thought of it.

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  • The Dog Whisperer, friend or foe?

    How many people here like the Cesar? I personally don't like him, and I've found a lot of professional dog trainers agree. I just wondered if anyone else saw the same things I did...

    I do think he has done a lot for dogs in that there are a lot of people more educated on how dogs think, I just wish he used more humane techniques. Flooding, one is his favorite, has a very scary bad side. If you were scared of snakes and we tied you down and covered you in snakes, would you be cured of your fear?

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  • A four week old puppy, orphaned.?

    I have this friend who (dumbly) did not spay her dog. You can guess what happened. However, out of 6 pups, 3 are still alive. I have one, and another person we know (a stay at home Mom) has the other two.

    I know from being a trainer roughly what to do in, say, 3 more weeks, but I'm a little uncertain right now. I told her she had to pay vet bills for the tike and was otherwise to be held as legally responsable as I can make her, but I am caring for him. He goes this weeked to the vet for a well puppy exam, wormer, and shots. He is on Royal Canin BabyDog and loves it. No interest in a bottle. I have a small kennel for him, as well as a pen and puppy pads. I have a 3 year old male GSD/Dobie mix and a 1.5 year whippet/something mix. They are well trained, and have even cleaned him a bit. I've been watching very close. Any advise would be very much appeciated. I've never been around a puppy this young. I anticipate very little sleep, and a lot of holding. Thank you very much

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  • What should I feed my dog? See details.?

    My dog has allergies to some meats. Not just chicken and beef, but bison, duck, venison and turkey as well. He does not like lamb, but will eat it when he is too hungry. Also, he does not do well with some starches such as potato and rice. He is a GSD and dobie mix. The vets he has seen tell us he should be about 70 lbs. according to his skeletal structure, but we are excited to see him at his current weight of 57 lbs. With lamb, his weight drops because he only eats 1 or 2 cups a day of it.

    Right now he is on Pro Plan Sensitve formula, with Salmon. He will eat 5 to 8 cups a day on it, but still no gain. He doesn't take well to supplements, either. Right now he still has skin issues from allergies on that.

    I tried cooking for him, and he loves it, but it ends up complicated, and I am horrable at cooking. I burn ramen.

    He also has seperation anxiety and other disorders, which I think contribute to his weight, so I need the best thing for him.

    Any ideas?

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  • Why do people think it is okay to let their cats run around outside?

    Dogs have to be on leashes or in fenced yards, but I know of several cats who run at large a lot. Cats can scratch up your car, ruin your garden, they fight, can damage property, and I have seen more than one occasion of an intact male attacking a kid for 'violating his area.' I think it is really irresponsable for people to endanger their cats like this, especally when you can leash train them very similar to a dog. Mine are both leash trained and love it.

    I do however love the fact that if your cat gets picked up and taken to the humane society you have to pay a hefty fine to get them back, but I think they should get tickets as well. What do you think?

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  • Would a reptile become sick from eating an already ill rodent?

    I am in a debate with someone about ball pythons and rats. If you had a rat that had a respiratory infection, bordetella, or any other illness, would the snake itself become sick? Are there any diseases that pass from rat to snake?

    I am having trouble finding out information on my own, and I am worried that it is because I am biased to my side of things. References would very much be appreciated. Thank you very much. : ) I do appreciate this, but please if you are opposed to feeding live food this might not be the best place to debate it. So please, no arguing about rodent treatment.

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