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I love yahoo answer it gets me looking up things i would'nt think of finding out about.

  • Help!! looking long-term residential placement for batter and abuced woman and there childeren?

    I'm trying to get a list started of long-term residential placement for batter and abused woman and there childeren. This is a state wide search. So any place in the united states would be good. Thank you for any help, web links are good if not just name a phone numbers would be fine

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  • What is the meat used in green chili. I need help fast have to shop in 6hrs?

    Help! what is the Meat you use in green chili. i see a lot of pork used in recipe. i had this at familys house one year for xmas but i'm not spanish and i never had it before. i made tamales as a child with my friends family but never had green chili so i don't know how to make it. i'm makeing tamales for the first time by myselfe this year and would love to have the green chili with it. Hot is fine, i just need to know a good easy recipe for it and have no way of knowing for sure what meat to use.

    please help me i have to shop in 6hrs.

    thanks for any help.

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  • Is There a group of people who look for the Identity of John and Jane Doe's?

    There is a new show on abc (i think) called Forgeten. On the show they are apart of a large group of people that look for the indentity of John and Jane Doe's.. On the show this group works with the police that gives them the case's that the police could'nt slove... If this group is really out there could someone tell me how to find them..i know that more than likely that these groups are just made for Tv. but if they are really out there i would like to find them .. If anyone knows please tell me how to find them and tell me how they work to find the cases to start with. Thanks for any help and i have open email so you can send me email if you want on it.. Please no games or lies to just make fun i just want to know if these kind of groups are real

    thanks for any help

    Kathy email

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  • were is a good place to log on to watch moives and TV shows.?

    i lost my cable and i have nothing to watch. i know about youtube there just aren't that many movies. and the tv shows are few just big brother and that's only because someone keeps up with the shows.

    I know there are some out there i keep hearing about it but don't know were to find it.

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  • were is a safe place to Download moives and Tv shows?

    i need to find a place that check there stuff before download. or plays it from the web sight. I know about lime wire and frost wire the have both given me virus.

    Thanks for any help

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  • How do i trun my tv in to a computer Monitor?

    i know it can be done but i just don't know anyone to ask to find out how to do it. my computer is only a year old. its a HP.

    please email me if you need to to

    Thanks for any help you can give me

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  • Male's who cross-dress: Need your help?


    I know a young man who has made his mind to live as a woman. I have watch him kind of grow up. He was a school friend of my kids and i never knew him that well. He lives in a small town and there are not a lot of fiends he has but i was told buy my girls (who are his friend) that he still is have problems with that man smell ( from penis area) like when men get to hot,

    First how do you tell someone i know its hard for him to live in this small town and i just don't think that he knows any one else who cross dresses or not close enough to be told that he has this problem and

    2 what would he need to use more than bathing more than once a day. to help this problem

    He just needs more help on smelling like a woman.

    can you tell what kind of things he could buy to help with it. I know i always hear boys talk about corn starch powder but that sounds old and i want to make sure i tell him the right things because it will be hard enough just to tell him. Please help i need to know a lot of different things that men who dress like woman do to help keep the male smell down, so he can try different things ... I like this kid and i know no one will tell him and its hard enough for him in a small town. it might help him more i don't know i just hate not helping him out.

  • Were can i find Cheep Beneficial Nematodes (they kill fleas, ticks. its a organic insect control method?

    Beneficial Nematodes - Organic Insect Control

    Beneficial nematodes are underground pest hunters that control over 250 different species of insects that spend some part of their lives underground. They are a very efficient organic insect control method and kill most insects before they become adults. This includes lots of common lawn and garden pests such as grubs, fleas, mole crickets, japanese beetles and weevils.

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  • mixed Border Collie found shot?

    I found a mixed Border Collie Shot. He was starved and on his lag he had a open wound.

    I took to vet they said he still had the top muscle to lag but the bottom one was gone.

    Vet said wound was old. I did'nt want to remoive lag if there was a chance that he could get some use out of it.

    When he heals i want to help him rehab his lag. At this time i want to keep him eating foods that with help build muscle growth. I am feeding him baby formal at this time and meat's. I need to know what foods are best to building muscle

    I need help in finding someone who as rehab dogs with this bad of a lag wound, or info that i can read about it.

    can the lower muscle be rebuild and if not can the upper muscle work and build to make up for the lost muscle.

    Thanks for any help

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  • How can you make and find new friends.?

    I dont work and work is a hard place sometime to make outside of work friends. I'm 40 with grand kids and poor. Kids are cool friends too but you cant share eveything with your kids.

    2 AnswersFriends1 decade ago
  • on Extreme Makeover a kid made a solar panel it looked to be made out of coffie cans. how do you make this.?

    This was powering his house. He made it at school i think. The panel looked to be made from Coffie cans around 9 or so. How did he do this i'm poor and need a way make solar power to my home. I have large family liveing in 3 bed room moble home. I also need to know how to build cheep windmill and power it to home. I dont want to pay someone to teach me how. Please help me find the Free info. can also email me at

    Thanks Okie kathy

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