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  • Is this a good idea or not?

    There's a gorgeous Brindle Pitbull mix at a shelter near to me, he's about 10 months old, and I might be going to the shelter to meet him tomorrow. I have done lots of research on Pitbulls, though I tried to mainly stick to fan sources that admitted the breed's flaws. The website didn't have much information, so I only know the age, name, breed, size, general temperament, and have three pictures of him to refer to. I would like to get some information on the breed from someone who knows the breed or has had experience with them. I've got a medium sized fenced-in yard, and would like to walk the dog every day, so exercise shouldn't be a problem. I have two cats, and a small dog. I have a nine year old -demon child- brother, who tends to get in dog's faces, so my biggest concern is that it will be freaked out and nip his face and I'll have to surrender the dog back to the shelter.

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  • Look like a trustworthy breeder?

    I looked at both their crested geckos and gargoyle geckos for sale, a lot had breathtaking colors and patterns, so I'm very intrested in buying one. But one thing I want to know is do they look trustworthy?

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  • Gargoyle geckos as pets?

    I have owned crested geckos for years, but I recently gave my latest crested gecko up to a cause that shows them to children in a hospital due to me losing my bond with him. I don't plan on purchasing another crested gecko, but I'm intrested in Gargoye Gecko, do they make good pets, and where can I get a high quality one for a fair price?

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  • And good Craft ideas for this?

    Any good doctor who themed craft ideas? I've got a lot of time on my hands this week, and want something to do.

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  • Does my cat feel betrayed?

    I brought home my foster kittens today, my cat who I raised from eight weeks hated them, they're staying in my room, where my cat usually sleeps, does she feel betrayed? Keep in mind I'm on a terrible mood, have had a long day, and am really upset, I'm not in the mood for an argument.

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  • Bringing foster kittens home tomorrow?

    I'm bringing home my two foster kittens, will they keep me up all night? I know my current personal pet cat, Diamond, kept me up all night because she was scared and knew me the best during her first few weeks, I've got no problem with them keeping me up all night, at least it won't change my decision on fostering them. They are male and female siblings, five weeks old, and are american shorthair (female is silver tabby, and male is black. if I can I'll be convincing my parents to let us keep the male, I'm a back cat lover.) They will be staying in my bedroom. what is the likelihood of them keeping me up all night?

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  • Too late to start feeding?

    My male bearded is 5 years old, he has been fed mealworms(alive and freeze dried), crickets(same as mealworms), and grasshoppers(freeze dried only, he doesn't really like those) his whole life, though these are only the insects he gets, would it be too late to start him on phoenix worms? he's open minded and pretty much as smart as a person(I'm not speaking metaphorically, he's literally as cart as a person) and he's very fond of food. if it helps, he's male,a sand fire tiger pattern italian leatherback, and slightly aggressive towards non-humans.

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  • Opinions on black cats???

    Sorry for all the question marks, it was the only way to make it fit the at least 20 character limit.

    Anyways, opinions on black cats in general, please?

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  • Fostering kittens - how to get my cat to leave them alone?

    I'm fostering 3-4 4 week old kittens without their mother. I have two cats of my own, a 9 month Bombay mix who I'm pretty sure will get along fine, but my 18 year old cat is agressive towards most other cats - how can I get her to leave the kittens alone (I haven't gotten the kittens yet.)

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  • What's it like to own a brittany dog?

    First off, I'm really sorry for clogging up the dog category with all the questions on brittanys, but I'm wondering what it's like to own a brittany dog? Please only answers from brittany owners!

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  • Good breeders in my area?

    Looking for reputable English Brittany dog breeders in West Virginia, Virginia, or Maryland. I've been looking for a while but no luck. I'm looking for a show quality male. Serious answers only please.

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  • Is this a good breed for me?

    I've convinced my parents to let me buy a dog - I've decided on the english brittany, I have a big fenced-in back yard, two black cats, a small dog, and a couple small animals, I would be willing to take them on a long walk every day, but I would probably show the dog. I don't have kids - I'm a kid myself. me and my 8 year old brother know very well how to behave around dogs. My questions are:

    Is this a good breed for me?

    What are some reputable breeders of english brittanys in WV, VA, and MD?

    Do dogs have to be able to breed to be show dogs?

    How much should a show-quality Brittany puppy cost?

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