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I am a born again Christian who believes the WORD OF GOD HOLDS THE KEY TO SALVATION. I have car knowlege and trucker knowlege. and I'm a health nut, I believe in caring for yourself. I am willing to talk to anyone who is honest and sincere..

  • I am looking for a Bose premium speaker for Nissan/infiniti?

    I have a 2000 Maxima I bought, but the rear woofer that is mounted under the rear window is gone. I priced a new one at $500.00, so am looking for one used..keep in mind this is a premium Bose system and it has only 1 speaker under the window and 4 in the doors..The Infiniti J30 is similar.. tried Ebay, no joy. can anyone help?

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  • how do I run chkdsk utility in w/vista? I am such a dummy?

    sorry.. i will try to follow instructions.. but JIC i am asking again.. thx for all of your replies..I hope this works..and it has happened before, had a help but it did not run for a month.. he said H drive was dameaged, but it ran later a fixed it.. and the problem has returned.. any ideas?

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  • I dont believe in the WRATH OF GOD, as many people do and are preaching, do u?

    I believ in the GRACE OF GOD, the kind that protects us from instant destruction..the scriptures explain how we cannot see GOD at anytime, but we have seen the express image of THE FATHER in JESUS CHRIST.. so what does that mean?

    Many today are preaching a devil theology, as I caLL that makes OUR FATHER look like a mean GOD,, but that is really who satan, how do we understand who GOD is? well, JESUS said it best.. so, what do you think?

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  • My horse is recovering from EPM.. I need a good immunity supplement. any suggestions?

    Equine Protozoal Myoencephalitis is debilitating if not treated.. My vet is an expert in neurological problems.. we are treating him with Marquis, a new medicine that kills the protozoa in 28 to 45 days of treatment..The only prevention is a strong immune system.. My horse was left to eat stubble for 2 winters before I got him, and this was unknown to me.. I have been feeding him Purina Ultium, plus 1500 IU of Vitamin E powder, recommended by my vet..and he also gets a flake of California Alfalfa, and since the fall he gets some locally grown Coastal Bermuda..

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  • Is there anyone tired of the Hendrick motor sports show?

    NASCAR is gone, and I won't watch one driver dominate a sport that was completely redesigned to create more competition.. anybody tired of this baloney, like me??

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  • For sexually experienced women only, I have a question?

    I have been in a argument with my lady partner... I am of the mind that there is a normal level of satisfaction between a man and a woman, that is a compatibility issue..she says there is no definition is that during sex, a woman's climax happens during the act, IF and I mean IF the man knows what he is doing and pays enough attention to her needs physically.. I have been with other women in my past where this occurred, and I have also been with women who did not ever climax during sex..I know this issue is a big one..and ther are alot of variables.. I want to know if I am expecting too much.. I know about women and their needs, and I have been very successful in my past years satisfying my lady partners.. (NO MEN) she likes to use a vibrator, during sex, and it is the way she wants to use it, like I have to wait and be still while she hammers away..and then tada!!! but for me , well maybe I am spoiled, as I love to be the one that brings her to her pleasure zone..

    So tell me ladies, what is going on here>> Thanks..

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  • Christians, try a new focus for Joseph..?

    This week my wife and I have been reading a harmony of the gospels surrounding the birth of Christ.. what I noticed is Joseph's role in the story.. So, I ask you , would you please read the story of JESUS, and his earthly father Joseph.. you will be pleasantly surprised..

    5 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • how do I make a vegetable soup base from scratch?

    I am a dude, so I am cooking at home to save money while unemployed..I have tried chicken broth in the can, and that worked well.. I looked at some mixes, and they were not an economical solution.. looked at bullion cubes, they were not as far as I could tell.. so what is the way Grandma used to do it?? Keep in mind my goal is healthy, vegetable soup in a crock pot..Thank You

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  • please help me set up my windows email program?

    when on a website like craigslist that requires an email response, my computer has to use the program the host site,(craigslist) uses in my comp. so, it is not setup and I try to do so, until it asks me computer language questions like pop3 and html. I get lost then.. can someone be very specific and give me the step by step? I can enter my name and my email but after that it goes wacko.. or I aqm..I know this is easy for u, but not me.. help pls..

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  • for this Thanksgiving what are you thankful for?

    I want you to be is my list.....

    I am Thankful for the PRESENCE OF GOD in my family.. I needed that this year..I am thankful for GOD'S PRESENCE in my life this year as I have needed it as well.....I am thankful to my friends who have been there for me when I was down on my knees..and I am thankful that I still have a home, and my pets and horses, and my health.. and here is the kicker,, I am glad osama bama won the race because that means we will be seeing the clouds roll back as a scroll real soon..there is alot of heartache and trial before us but when the reward is realized we will shout HALLELUJAH!!!!!! HEAVEN IS CHEAP ENOUGH!!!!!

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  • A question about herbs and horses?

    Can I use Saint John's wort to calm down my horse?

    4 AnswersHorses1 decade ago
  • Does anyone intend to watch Knight Rider tonight?

    the 2 hour premiere is on tonite at 8 central time on the name Knight Rider and watch the trailers.. and hasselhoff is in it it out

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  • do you know who Francisco Ribera is, and his impact on today's prphetic interpretations?

    read the aloha website on furutrism and preterism.. is has a historical record of this.. what do you think??

    I am asking only those who understand prophecy.. I am asking nonbelievers to pass on this one..Thank you

    2 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • info on VW Jetta '06 model..need a owner's manual, website for this car?

    I recently purchased a 06 Jetta, 2.5 l 5 cyl with everything except moonroof and alloy wheels..wanted to get a owner;s manual for it and a website to learn and ask questions about this car..anyone know of any?

    1 AnswerVolkswagen1 decade ago
  • how many days should we separate our filly from our mare at weening?

    Our mare collicked last wednesday.. we took her thurs a.m. to the vet. got her back on Friday.. she passed the blockage Sunday morn.. so she has been away from the filly since thursday. today is tuesday. Our filly, Pleasure has been eating fine and staying next to mommy with a fence separating them..

    how many days should we keep them apart ?

    7 AnswersHorses1 decade ago
  • more hp for a stock 94 LT1 camaro?

    I have a buddy that has a stock 94 camaro ragtop, w/ LT1 350. he wants more throttle response and hp, about 50hp.. I am thinking a catback exhaust, chip and throttle body..he has a cold air intake already. suggestions please? we have a 1000 $ budget.. we want it to be emissions legal. in Texas where they do a drivability dyno test on it to pass inspection. thanks..if you suggest a chip, please give details with price..

    9 AnswersChevrolet1 decade ago
  • does anyone know anything here at this blog about 6th cranial nerve palsy?

    I have been diagnosed with this by a er md, I do not have insurance and am unemployed at this time.. to see a neuro opthalmologist is not an economic option for me.. we have explored the net for any and all info and have found that the cause needs to be found asap to prevent furhter damage.. we live in the ft worth tx area.. I have called the social services agencies. they want to base my income qualifications on last year.that makes sense doesn't it? so any body got a idea on this?

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  • I would like to challenge the YA nascar regulars with a real question?

    Would you be willing to write real questions that are technical, intriguing and require research and thought, besides all this popular bashing and talking about 5 drivers? anybody know anything about the woods bros? who builds their engines? who will drive their 1 car at michigan?why do they still race? what about Hall of Fame? why don't they go get a winning driver? come on people lets give the outsiders no reason to label us..use your heads this week.

    5 AnswersNASCAR1 decade ago
  • If the engines are almost Identical, and the chassis are too, where is the performance advantage?

    I have asked 2 previous questions, about engines and chassis.. the general consensus is that the two main components are identical due to nascar rules.. so where is the performance advantage? why does one car and one driver run away with a race? like Tony S, or Kurt B?Or Flipper? I am not asking about u no who, because they buy their wins..

    11 AnswersNASCAR1 decade ago
  • how many different chassis designs are there out in Nascar.. I know there is ford?

    chevy dodge and toy, but how do they vary within the manufacturers camp? Or are they all the same, but different suspension designs and setups? I am trying to find out where the differences are among the cars, since the body as of next year is of no difference. thanks.

    7 AnswersNASCAR1 decade ago