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  • Recent news stories state doctors prescribing placebos to patients. I tried searching for which medicines.?

    I found out clinical trials use placebos that LOOK like real pills, obtained directly from the drug companies. What medicines are suspect as being placebos? Are prescriptions written a certain way to indicate to the pharmacy to use a placebo instead of the real medicines? A medicine I used several years ago doesn't seem to have the same effect. If I change pharmacies, will I get something different?

    How do I find out the medicine I am taking now is real and not a placebo? I would like to know what medicines are the doctors giving placebos?

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  • How can I get Embarq to put newer broadband/DSL/landline wires in our area?

    Sprint/Embarq offered 3mps dsl in our area about 2 yrs ago. I got a newer computer, pIII, 900+ processer, XP, and their card and hub. The 56K line had terrible static and top speed was mid 40K. They put the line splitter/filter in my outside box with duel lines that plug up landline on one and dsl on the other. I have tweaked, speedtested, and used different computers to check my connection. I have read everything available but my download/upload speeds are only 300-400 kbps. Embarq offered 5mbsp at a lower rate, I have paid top dollar for 3mbps and now 5mbps, but transmission rates over these old weather worn lines does not change no matter what computer is used or which online speedtest I use. There are no wireless networks in our area. We can't change our telephone company. Again, how can we get Embarq to install lines that carry signals? I have paid hundreds of $$ for DSL/landline, I have to use them, I just want what I paid for.

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