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I am a 26 year old girl from NY. I have dark red auburn hair and my eyes change colors from blue to green to gray... and mixes of the three. I am in a relationship and am honestly madly in love with my boyfriend. I love music, cats, and am very into psycology. I currently work in accounting and wait tables on weekends.

  • Cat Problem. 12 years old poops in box but pees on floor in front?

    My cat is 12 years old, Male, Neutered, Turkish Angora/ Siamese mix and used to always use his box

    He then transitioned from box to shower floor. I finally took him to the vet and they said he is clinically depressed. They have suggested using Feliaway (I have 2 plugins now), feeding wet food (I do 2x daily now), and adding a window perch since I live in a basement apartment. I have 2 boxes. One short and not too big one tall and decently large. Neither are covered.

    I keep the bathroom door shut and the first couple days he held it. Then I forgot one day and he went in the shower. I haven't forgotten since and came home from work and all was in the box... (never been so excited to scoop in my life) so I don't think its a training issue. Now its gone from all in the box to only poop in both boxes and pee on the floor in front of the box.

    His health minus being a 18 lb chunker is tip top according to the vet.

    If all else fails the vet suggests Prozac and I want to avoid that at all costs.

    What can I do?

    Is something wrong?

    Should I contact the vet again when its been less then a week since I was there?

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  • What should you do when expieriencing all the symptoms associated with Atypical Deptession?

    I do not believe in medication as I was on a few in the past and they made me a zombie.

    I work 60 - 70 hours a week

    I just got a house with my boyfriend

    I just put in my 2 weeks at one of the jobs because I was near nervous breakdown

    I have been diagnosed with an anxiety problem in the past

    I havent been my self since the middle of last winter

    Symptoms :

    Neck, leg, foor, & back cramps

    Over eating especially carbohydrates

    Random bouts of not eating at all

    Lack of interrest in most anything

    Random bursts of energy where I think I am going to feel better then it fades

    No libedo

    Self destructive behaviors

    Happy if something goes really really well... then it fades when the rush is over

    Waking up repeatedly throughout the night

    Napping in the day


    Loss of memory/concentration - Feeling like ADD is going psycho

    Anxiety is through the roof

    I feel like I cant do anything to fix this.

    Moody as hell

    I feel like nothing I do is right.

    I feel like a bad gf, bad friend, bad person in general because I dont want to/ have the energy to/care to do the things for people I used to

    Worst part is with how I have been my boyfriend is feeding off of that and has become mildly depressed. His is situational but all my fault.

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  • Can someone figure out the name of this position?

    I dont know what it's called and I am very curious...

    Guy laying on his back on the bed

    Girl on top with her back facing the guy

    Girl not laying down however in a sort of crab ish position....

    Like leaning back, his hands on her waste (he controlls the movement) her arms behind her...palms on the bed to brace her self(or on his shoulders depending on comfort)... her feet planted on the bed just lower then his hips...

    It kind of looks like the crab but turn the girl to make it rear entry

    I would say it is reverse cow girl except the female is not sitting straight up and knees aren't bent...

    And the girl has NO control because you are litterally in a sort of crab walk position... he has to move for you or move you

    Almost like the reverse Asian but leaning back on her hands

    It is seriously like a mix between The Cram and the Reverse Asian... best way to describe it

    if you know what it would be calld that would be great... not trying to be raunchy or offencive fyi...

    just curious


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  • Abnormal bleeding... please help?

    I had my yearly GYN visit May 11th. I was not pregnant as of that date.

    My cycle is very regular. My period lasts 6 - 7 days every time and there are alwas 20 - 21 days between periods. (I keep a calander and have the one from last year saved)

    My period came May 18th and ended on the 24th.

    Ovulation was most likely around June 4th - 7th ish

    My next period came June 13th and ended the 17th (5 days... which is slightly short and was a bit lighter then average)

    This month I did not have ovulation spotting which should have occurred on the 29th or 30th of June.

    I had substantial abnormal bleeding on Friday July 2nd. No bleeding the 3rd or 4th. Woke up with bleeding Monday the 5th and it has been lightly bleeding.

    I shouldnt be due for my next period until Thursday or Friday of this month.

    Oh and I have the paragard IUD... Just made the doctor appointment for today at 4:20 but could use some imput now

    1 - Could I be pregnant?

    2 - If so around when do you think the date of conception could have happened?

    3 - if not pregnancy what could be causing this?

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  • How can I beat this on my own?

    Ok I know I have been depressed. Worse then I have been a years. A long time ago I was diagnosed with high anxiety and mild depression. I tend to be seasonally depressive and this winter I hit a serious low. I attributed it to the seasonal depression and did what I know to do to get through it like I do yearly.

    However, this time it has persisted. I have been tired, waking up repeatedly with neck cramps and back aches, overly anxious, engaging in destructive behavior, I dislike things I used to enjoy, I hate my job, when I am at work I don't do what I am supposed to...

    It all began durring a house search which was going no where. My boyfriendof 5 years and I were looking at houses and it got to a point where it was all he thought about and stuff went haywire. We had a few houses fall through and etc. Then after well over a year we finally got a house but we are constantly working on it, I have been working 2 jobs (60 - 70 hours and all 7 days a week) since november of last year, I try to have a life, I have been doing things which are very out of character... and I dont know if this just a depression or severe burn out. I know I am one of those people who start to do things which I feel I can control when things feel out of control... And I am unfortunately someone who lieks to run away or find escapes. Now even the "control" behavior has become out of control.

    I do not believe in medications because I have been on a few in the past and I do not mix with them at all. I also do not have issues with expressing my feelings and I talk to everyone about everything so I feel theripy really isnt necessary (this comming from a Psychology Major)

    I have always been able to pull my self out of these funks but this one is so involved and wrapped up that I dont know what to do to stop the behaviors which lead me to believe this is a depression. I am afraid that if I cant pull my self out of this I will lose everything...

    And please dont just say "just stop" because it isnt that black and white...

    if you have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.

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  • Bored with Ipod need some good summer music... can you help me out?

    I have

    Lost Prophits


    Brand New



    Story of the year

    That's the kind of music I consider my staple summer list. I have plenty of other stuff but I want some new stuff to add with a similar sound...

    Anyone have any suggestions to add to my ipod???

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  • What perfumes should I buy if I like...?

    clean & citrusy scents. I do not like florals or vanillas at all. I am also not a fan of anything that is overpowering like Angel or somethign that reminds me of a grandma.

    Smells I have liked in the recent past were Escada Rockin Rio, Bath & Body Works Pomegranite Martini, & Victoria's secret Confident. When I was MUCH younger I wore Exclamation Noir & Tommy but grew out of that.

    Guy's scents I like are Drakkar Noir, Curve (orignal), Nautica Competition (from back in the day), and D & G Lt blue. I only mention that bec I hope it will help u get a sence of the smells I like...

    I hope those examples help a bit... It's been a long time since i have tried out diferent perfumes and I have noticed that the Confident, which I wear most often, isn't a long enough lasting scent.

    Please give me some suggestions.


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  • Translating english to spanish. when saying a sentence which is correct?

    when I say "to taste" would I say

    Probar or Gusto

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  • Do they make air conditioners that fit in a window that opens by sliding side ways?

    I have windows in my bedroom that opens side by side so a normal AC unit cant fit in it. Do they make anything that would. Something that is taller and thinner???


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  • What can we use besides a rug to keep the bed from moving on the hard wood floor?

    When we get on and off the bed, make the bed, anything... it moves accross the room. We are afraid of the scratching on the freshly polyurathaned floors and it frankly impedes certain activities.

    Is there anything that we can purchase at Lowes or Home depot or whereever which we can put under the wheels or legs of the bed to keep it from moving? We can't get a rug because his cat unfortunately is drawn to marking carpets even tho he is neutered.

    Thanks for any suggestions

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  • Behr Paint & Primer in one : Can I go from Dark blue sponge paint to A light sage w/o priming?

    mater bedroom was light blue with a dark blue sponge paint. I will sant any bumpyness away first. I just want to know if you think the paint and primer in one from behr will work. And if you have any expieriance with going from a dark color to a lighter color with this product with out using a primer first.


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  • Was I drugged last night?

    I went out last night and clearly remember exactly what I drank. I am 26 and do not have a low tolerance for alcohol. In the past 5 years there was only 1 other time I had gotten sick from drinking. I had 1 drink at my friends house before going out and then exactly 3 at the club. I counted my money and spent only $30 so I am 100% sure of how much I drank. I started drinking at 9pm and got sick just about 2am. 4 drinks is not something that would make me sick. I violently vomited... and I didnt even dance there which is extremely unusual.

    I dont remember my friend coming with me to the bathroom however she was in there so she had to have followed me... and I dont know how our other friend found us in there. She took my phone and called my boyfriend to come get me. I remember the girls helping me up and carrieing me to the car... but I do not remember the whole walk out, getting in the car, the drive home, walking in the house, changing or going to bed.

    I woke up at 9am... no hang over, a slightly icky belly, and in a foggy haze...

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  • What was it that finally made you realize you are officially an adult?

    My realization came today... Even though I am 26, have been living on my own off and on since I was 17, have had a car since I was 18, been paying my own bills since I was 18, had credit cards for years, all the "adult responsibilities" for years, been with my boyfriend for 5 years, living with him for over a year now, had what I consider a REAL job for the past 4 years, looking at houses since last January ... I never felt like an adult. Nothing ever felt different.

    But today I just finally found out that we are closing on our house 1pm on THIS Thursday.

    I am officially an adult... no choice in the matter... and all I keep thinking is but... wasn't I just 16 yesterday? but... I'm still a kid.

    So yea... I wanted to share mine... please share yours so i dont think I am going nuts =)

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  • Lip breaking out after waxing?

    How do I quickly clear up the rash/breakout which happens on my upper lip when I get waxed?

    This is only the 2nd time I have ever gotten it done and the last time was years ago. I was always afraid to go back because if the embarassing and intensely painful breakout of teeny little pimples that formed and frankly looked worse then the hair it self.

    Would an exfoliating scrub help? What can I do to make it go away asap

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  • Preventing self destruction?

    We all have diferent ways of handling when we get stressed, anxious, or freaked out. When I get to a certain point, I tend to self destruct and I know it is a HUGE problem. It has been years since my last major melt down...It can be as simple as staying out too late too often causing my immune system to be compromised from lack of sleep. However; it can be as large as doing things which go agains my beliefs, morals, ideals, plans, and or everything I have ever worked towards. Lately I feel like I am acting out like a rebellious 17 year old when I am 26 have a 9-5 M-F and a weekend job waiting tables. I keep over doing it and getting sick (I've had the flu 3x this winter) and doing things which are completely out of character even tho I know what the results will be the following day, week, month or whatever.

    I feel like life has gotten beyond my control so what I can control is going out or doing things which arent in my best interest. I keep saying "I am not going to go out this week and only get 3 hours of sleep... I need to take care of me" and then, completely ignoring the fact that I know what I am doing is harmful to myself and others (however not in a physical way), I do what ever my "self destruction" is that day any way.

    I want to know if anyone knows of any way to prevent my self destruction.

    What do you do to pull your self out of this?

    How do you get yourself to do what you know is right?

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  • Going to the Yankee's tinker-tape parade from LI anyone have any tips?

    Which station should we get off at?

    We have t-shirts and Jerseys already so no extra $ needed for that stuff.

    I figured I would wear my gym sneakers, bring money and a gatoraid bottle filled with something fun...

    Do you guys have imput other then that or anything you think we should or shouldnt carry, bring, wear...

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  • Got a cigarette burn on forearm on Friday night, Its monday and has not started to heal.?

    It looks like a 2nd - 3rd degree burn.

    I have used Neosporine and anti-biotic Band-Aids

    I have to cover it at work but try to let it breathe at home

    It keeps leaking clear fluid from dots which could either be hair folicles or sweat glands... or who knows

    The burn is surrounded by a red ring and looks slightly swollen

    It only scabbed over once and the scab was a dark yellow. The scab fell off once water hit it in the shower.

    It still burns as if it just happened.

    Is this infected? Can I take care of this at home or should I see a Dr?

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