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  • HCG levels at 15 DPO?

    My level was 301. The nurse said that puts me at 2-3 weeks pregnant however I was thinking I was 4w2d. Is 301 at 4w1d (15 DPO) normal?

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  • 15 month old swallowed something, not sure what it was..?

    I had my babysitter over to watch my son while I was working from home. She said, as she was preparing his dinner, that he digested something, she's not sure what. She's thinking it was a large chunk of cheese (she was grating it) but isn't sure. He was sitting on the counter top helping her when he did this. I don't think anything was on the countertop such as detergent tab or what not.. I'm waiting for the peds office to call back. He is not drooling, showing any signs of discomfort. Are there signs I should be looking for?

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  • Is the Army requiring all Soldiers to be paid 2x a month instead of the optional 1x a month?

    If so, can you provide a link? We opted to get paid only on the first and I've heard that effective Oct. 1 it will be changing to everyone gets paid 2x a month. If so, I need to change our bills. TIA!

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  • Toys to keep a 1 year old occupied on a 3 hour flight.?

    I'll be flying with my son next week. It's about a 3 hour flight and I'm looking for something to keep him occupied. He has zero interest in TV so a portable DVD player is out of the question. I know to bring drinks and snacks. Anyone have any suggestions of small toys to take along? TIA!

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  • The Tonight Show band?

    So what happens to Kevin Eubanks when Conan takes over "The Tonight Show"? Please tell me Max "WHINE"burg won't go with him. I can't stand him.

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  • Need help with sleeping postition.?

    My five week old refuses to sleep on his back. I've tried a sleep positioner, swaddling, double swaddling, white noise machines, the fan, running water, vaccum to get him to sleep on his back or his side. After six hours of crying I gave up and put him on his tummy and he slept for four hours! Has anyone else gone through this? What did you do? I'm so worried cause of the risk of SIDS. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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  • Diabetes after pregnancy?

    Hi! I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at my 28 week apt. I was unable to control it through diet alone so I was put on insulin and everything's been good since. (I'm now at 38 weeks) How many women have had type 2 diabetes following their pregnancy? I was at a higher risk before getting pregnant because I had insulin resistant PCOS but was able to keep under control through diet and exercise. I was just wondering if this will completely go away after I deliver or if I have a chance of it turning from GD to type 2. Thanks in advance!

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  • Freeze ahead meals for when baby comes?

    Hi! I'm 34 weeks pregnant and am looking for some quick and easy ideas for meals to freeze ahead for when our baby comes. So far I have white chicken chili and lasagna. (The lasagna itself can cover two-three meals) I figured I'd get bagged salad/bread to go with these. Does anyone have any suggestions for freeze ahead meals?? Thanks!

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  • When did you start to dilate? (in a normal pregnancy)?

    Hi! I'm 32.5 weeks pregnant with #1. I had to go to L & D the other day for contractions that were picked up during a non stress test. The dr did a vaginal examination and said, "Your cervix is waaaay up there but I can tell it's still closed." So my question is, when did you start to dilate? Could you tell (without checking for yourself) that something was happening? Thanks!

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  • Breast Pump advice?

    I'm planning on breastfeeding my baby when he arrives. However, I'd also like to pump occassionally(a couple of times a week or once a day to build supply) so 1) dad can help out 2) we can go out and about and leave milk with a babysitter. Does anyone have a suggestion for a good MIDPRICED pump?? I'm not looking to spend $300 but was looking in the $150 price range. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!!

    9 AnswersNewborn & Baby1 decade ago
  • Fetal movement at 21 weeks?

    Hi! I'm 21 weeks pregnant. Up until Friday I was experiencing a LOT of movement however it was lower down in my pelvis, right about at my pelvic bone. Now, it feels much lighter (I can still feel it but it's not as obvious) but it's higher up. I know the baby moves up into your abdomen but I thought it wasn't until later on like week 24. Has anyone else experienced this or can offer an explanation? Thanks to all who answer!

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  • Boarding our cats...?

    My husband and I are going out of town for 2.5 weeks. We just moved to the area and know absolutely no one so we're boarding our cats while we're gone. My question is: is there anything I can do to make the experience less stressful for them? I read somewhere to take an article of clothing so they have a familiar smell. Just wondering if anyone who boards their cats have any tips to help us out. I have one social cat and the other one is rather unsocial. Serious answers only please. Thanks in advance!!!

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  • Breast pump suggestions?

    Hi! I'm about to start my registry and am interested in putting a breast pump on it. I plan on breast feeding exclusively but plan to pump occasionaly so 1) hubby can help with some feedings 2) extra milk supply in case of meds/going out. Can anyone recommend a good pump that's relatively inexpensive (say, under $100) for the occasional user?? (MAYBE once or twice a week) Thanks in advance!!

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  • Is 12w4d too early to tell the gender?

    I had a quick u/s yesterday because we couldn't pick up the baby's heartbeat with the fetal monitor. (The little bugger was hidden waaaaay in the back) When the picture came up on the screen, I could have sworn I saw a penis but the nurse said it's too early to tell.. I guess it could have been the umbilical cord but again it looked like a penis. With my friend's baby she was able to tell at 12w on the dot that the baby was a girl..Has anyone had the gender of their baby revealed that early?? Serious answers only. Thanks!!!!! :)

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  • 12w and no heartbeat with the monitor?

    I'm currently 12w along. I went in and they tried to pick up the baby's heartbeat with the fetal monitor but couldn't find it. I'm not too alarmed cause the dr said it was normal. We also saw the h/b at 8w and it was a strong 171 bpm. Has anyone else experienced this and what was your outcome?? Thanks!

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  • 11.5 weeks and losing symptoms?

    I'm 11.5 weeks along. I had horrible morning sickness which somewhat slacked off last week. The last incident I had was last Friday. My breasts are still kinda tender but not as tender. I have a *touch* of heartburn and am a bit dizzy, especially when I lay down. I still have the twinges and twitches going on. My question is: Is this normal? My drs office is booked-I have an appt next Tuesday for a routine exam. I read that your symptoms can subside at around 11 weeks cause the placenta is taking over. Does this sound normal? Serious responses only. Thanks!!!

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  • Heartburn help?

    I have mild heartburn and was wondering if Tums EX 750 was okay to take. My dr gave me a list of meds but I can't seem to find it. Since tomorrow is a holiday the office is closed (yay for the military!). If it's not okay then what is? Thanks! I'm 11w2d in case that helps.

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  • How do you know things are going okay?

    My husband and I are currently expecting our first child. I'm at 11w2d. Due to my insurance I won't be getting an u/s until 20 weeks. My husband is in the army and has been gone for this entire pregnancy so far. I had light bleeding and went to the ER at 8w and was able to see the baby's h/b at 171 bpm. However, my husband leaves on Monday for three weeks and will miss the first official OB appt on the 16th of this month. He's so worried that something's wrong. How do you know? I still have all my symptoms: nausea w/vomitting; tender nipples, cramping in my lower abdomen. My symptoms have gotten a bit lighter but I read that it's expected at 11w due to the placenta taking over. I haven't had any bleeding so my OB isn't worried about the cramping. I pee a lot, have difficulty sleeping. I was all fine and dandy until he got worried which now makes me worried. How do you know when things are going okay? Serious answers only please. Thanks in advance!!

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  • Heartbeat question?

    So, I was able to see my gummy bear's heartbeat last Thursday.(171 bpm!) However, due to how far along I was (7 weeks) we were unable to hear it. I will get to hear it at my 12 week appt but that seems so far away. I know that you're not considered out of risk until after the first trimester but do the statistics of miscarriage go down once you see the heartbeat? or is it only after you hear it?? Just wondering if anyone knew for sure. Thanks!!

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  • Military spouse and pregnant....?

    Hi! I'm about seven weeks pregnant. This is will be my first child. I was wondering if anyone can tell me what to expect for my first appt. I know I have to fill out a lot of paperwork but wasn't sure if they'd do a pelvic or anything. They've already told me I'll have an u/s at 12 weeks, sooner if they feel it's needed. Thank you!!

    Military spouses answer only please. Thanks! Also, please no negative comments about being seen on post for my prenatal care.

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