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  • Council Tax what to expect?

    I haven't had a fixed residence in years. Flipped from friend to friend, relative to relative. Ive not been on the electoral register etc. I'm just renting my first property again in 7 years. Can I put of "Of no fixed abode", will the council accept that? Will they fleece me for every year? I just want to get back into the system, pay my bills etc

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  • Can an MD make decisions with any kind of board meeting?

    I'm a director of a small company. I have been rewarded a 10% stake in the Company. The MD has 60%, Finance 20% and Another 10%.

    I joined the company and helped recover it from the brink of closure to its current healthy state. We moved from Domestic Computers to Business Networks (my area of expertise).

    The MD then bought the building for himself, leased it to the company and increased the lease fee's to cover the mortgage. I would have expected some kind of board meeting to tell everyone what was happening and I would have been more than happy with that. We had no formal meetings or minutes entered into the records.

    The Finance directory was involved in contacting the previous landlord and involved in organizing the deal. I asked the MD about it and with a shrug of the shoulder was told he didn't think I'd be interested or had the funds to invest.....

    It would have been nice to have been asked, I had the finances to do so. As you can imagine moral is pretty low. I have a very good relationship with the company and if i left thinks would fall apart, not because I'm good but because I'm the one with skills in this discipline (Computer Networking).

    The company has been through hard times. We are all on minimum wage and more than happy to do so knowing that things will improve. BUT as the rent has gone up the wages won't change and the MD is going to charge the company for all internal improvement work to the business. Which has put a strain on cash-flow.

    He is paying for the external extension work on his mortgage and of course that's' included in the lease fee's.

    Can this happen without any input or objection from me as a Director? If the company goes under as a result of the strain on finance's were do I stand?

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  • Toilet Facilities are they required for an Intenet Access Shop?

    We have a Domestic Computer Shop. We are considering providing Internet access at workstations within our premises. We do not intend to offer drinks or food or any other kind of service. The stumbling block at the moment is would we need to provide access to toilets? Laundrettes don't and I don't think we need them either. Do we and could you point us towards legislation that would clarify it before we commit to it?


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  • How Far Back can the Tax Man Claim against you?

    Looking back through self assessment Ive no confirmation of receipt of my forms in 2005, yet I've never been fined the £100 and I'm positive I did not submit them. I was self employed for 2 years and I'm sure it was the second year. I've also found out I'm being deducted from my personal allowance for sick benefits going back 4 years against a pension. I pay basic rate on my current job and all my entitlement is on my pension. I'm sure the year missed is negligible on any tax out standing but getting an accountant could be a real expense. Is there a limit on the amount of time the tax office can realistically go back into my affairs? I think the over payments amount to £3000 against my allowance.....

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  • Excel Spreadsheet-Create a Sheet that can be used for Voting?

    I'm looking for a template that I can use to poll people on popularity. Let say "Given the following 10 cars vote for you favorite. The results are given 1st to last. Has anyone seen one on the web?

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  • VISTA- Angel or Devil?

    Having worked with Vista Since January I''ve had enough....

    As an IT bod I just can't recommend it at all to my customers. We are turning away buisness when people come to us with issue's on it.

    Why are all the main manufactures selling it on new machines. Its got more bugs then a forrest.

    Halo or horns?

    I'm seriously starting to look at unbuntu (Linux) as an alternative.

    Windows or Linux?

    Vote now!

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  • Legal Web site that can give details of public Court cases?

    How can I find out why, when and for what a person has being charged with. I've looked on several Goverment sites to no avail..

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