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  • Robert Tilton?

    Why do people continue to support a man that has been proven to be so corrupt?

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  • How to determine a CPU problem over a mother board issue?

    I have whittled this problem down to be either mother board related or CPU. When I am doing memory intensive opperations such as installing large applications and system scans my machine locks up.

    I have ruled out RAM with a memory scan, replaced the video card and replaced the hard drive. I replaced the video card as I was having flakey problems and wanted a new one, and replaced the hard drive because it was free.

    Originally I was locking or rebooting while playing Warcraft but now I cant even install large programs, after reformatting my hard drive.

    Pretty sure that my BIOS is fine. Here are my specs.

    MB: ABIT VT7 478 pin

    RAM: 512 mb Kingston, I have as much as 2G but right now I am running the 512 to rule out problems.

    HD: 250 Gig Seagate Barricuda 7200

    VC: NVidia 7600 512mb ddr2

    PS: 480 watt True Blue.

    Misc: 9x Multi slot drive, DVD+-RW & Heat detection.

    This problem started gradually and has escalated which lead me to believe it was HD realted.

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