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I am changing my Q & A's to more reflect common sense than emotions. lets see how i do. About me so there is no mud slinging. 45 Male White No party member (thinks politics is a team mentality sport anymore) Father of 1 daughter and 5 boys. Married, Happly. been divorced and have ex's from hell. (we all do) Believe in gun rights. Believe in you do the crime you do the time. only racist to those who make racist remarks, of any race. Work (45-65k year) HS, Some Tech school, some college classes. Army, and from a Army Family of several Generations. American (part German, Scottish, Cherokee) Thinks everyone should own a gun (if you have a unloaded pump shotgun no one is gonna stick around to see if its loaded when they hear that clicking sound that EVERYONE knows)

  • Here is the situation.?

    My mother in law is staying with us. It was supposed to be a short term 2 week deal. The day she moved into our house she lost her job. Her daughter (not my wife but my wife's niece, who is 12) was already living with us. The niece has issues and is VERY babied by her mom, meaning she cries over anything that is not her way. After about a week with us, she actually stopped all the crying as she did not get her way. Also in the house is 4 boys between 15 and 7. And my dad. (this is a 3 bedroom house and we where already crowded as is.) (sorry long but trying to give the full picture) OK, Mother n law puts off job and house hunting for 2 months till told getting kicked out if not. (niece can stay as she was living with us before this). She finally applied for state aid, and is not getting EBT and Families first. 300+ and 145cansh) Told her to NOT spend it and keep it for when she gets her HUD house (5 week waiting list but that time is almost up). Me and my wife have provided all the food needed. We don't load down on soda's and snacks due to the cost of such a large family to start with. Internet is a problem due to number of kids in house and only one pc for them to use (second I work at home with) and one game system (nieces). Our kids already had a limit set on internet use of a hour due to school and 2 hours on weekends. also, bed time in out house is 8 pm on weekdays due to kids getting up for school early. Niece was on same schedule with no problems before her mom moved in. OK, here is where it all starts. Mother in law is required to do community service and look for a job for 30 hrs a week for benefits. she looks for reasons not to go. stays on PC all time. if wife gets up to use restroom or kids for any reason, she sits down. says she is bored. She also lets her daughter stay up past bed time knowing that the rules where set for ALL kids in the house. Another rule is eat all you want at supper, kitchen is closed after wards. her daughter, now that mommy is here, just about every night cries she is hungry at bed time, and her mom sneaks and cooks. Says she don't care what my rules are. (Her daughter plays her like a fiddle. didn't do this when her mom was not here). Also, got up sat morning, niece on game station. told her rules are rules off it till her time after noon. go back to my room to do some work. come back out in a half hour due to 7 yo saying "nana says she don't have to turn it off period and wont. I go in and tell her off it, her mom says no, so I unplugged it.. Wife, tired of her mom always on the internet, set up separate log on's with the times that are allowed per person already set in it so that it wont allow internet if not in their time. Mother n law throws a fit. Later wife comes in says her mom is outside crying over what I said to a friend of mine online in FB msg. I look at ther and she says her mom got on MY account to see what I was saying. THAT pissed me off. I confronted her. told her that was NOT acceptable. LONFG talk, explaining that the rules are same for my kids and hers, and that I will not allow anything other than that. Also confront her over her spending in 2 weeks ALL her food stamps on soda's and candy (all except maybe 20.00 on things she wanted to cook for dinner) and going the day she got the cash part on her card and spending it all too.) Later that night, my wife comes in and shows me her moms Fb (wife had pw from her mom and wanted to know what she had been saying, told her that was just as wrong) Points out that her mom is lying to her ex on us left and right.. I don't know what to do now. I am super pissed at the lies, but, feel that what my wife did is just as wrong. I do know I want Her OUT. advice?

    side notes.

    she has stated she don't want to live alone and wants to be supported.

    she has looked up and told my daughter that where she gets state aid and spent 20 on food here she cant just be kicked out, must have 90 days (looked everywhere for that law and couldn't find it)

    plays the "but I am family" card on wife all time pointing out we let my dad live here (he is in his 80s and contributes to house)

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  • Our local paper asked people to describe in a word, our current state of the Nation.?

    Only 1 person had a positive thing to say, and berated everyone else for being from the south. I ask on here, a forum that is Nationwide, In a Word, Describe our state of the Nation. (Also, could you put what part of the country you live in, not political association.) Thanks.

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  • Do you think that taking 10% of the people in high crime area's and?

    Training them, arming them, and making them reserve police officers would impact the crime area. All would be volunteers, with no criminal record, and able to obtain carry permits. All would be allowed rights to arrest criminals if the witness a crime in action. or to detain till full time officers arrive. Train them to work as a group and not as a single person so they are not overwhelmed.

  • Do you feel that when a person commits murder that they should be NO consideration for their lives?

    As is allowing police the right to shoot to kill instead of arrest (only if the action is in progress and like if the person tries to surrender)

    Allowing anyone witnessing the act to use deadly force if able.

    Automatic death penalty if convicted without any doubt (video Evidence or several eye witnesses)

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  • Should the Government be barred from spending on non Essential things when the nation is in debt?

    Such as Conventions, limo's for elected officials, free plane rides, vacations, bonus's, etc.

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  • Why does the Middle class associate with Obama?

    He is a Upper 1% too. Unless middle class is now Millionaires.

    Would like to see his and Romney's tax returns side by side for last 5 years...

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  • have you noticed that if you ask certain political questions that are against the current President,?

    that make sense and are not stupid, that yahoo pops up a message that says its temporary down. but if you refresh its not...

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  • Is Obama's holding back on the middle east attacks on our Embassys due to:?

    not wanting to anger Muslim's, Or is it due to him being born to a Muslim father and not wanting to fight them. If so, would this make him a National Security Risk.

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  • Question for younger people: Why do you feel you should make as much as people,?

    who have worked their way up at their field of work? Do you, the younger generation, feel like your in-titled to make the same wages when just starting out at a job then those who have been there years and know their job from experience? This is not ment as a slanderous question or one to put down, but a honest question.

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  • How about Mrs. Rice as President and Dave Ramsey as VP.?

    She has experience with other countries and he is about the only person who might set the economy Straight.

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  • Why does everyone have to bring Race into a crime?

    A Crime is a crime. Race has nothing to do with the person. And saying Society has made a person a certain way is just a person looking for justification of their actions. Criminals are Criminals no matter WHAT race or if one race commits more crimes than another..

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  • The American Dream is to Work, have a home, and provide for your family.?

    Why is it now a bad thing to want that? To actually WORK for it (not feel entitled to it). Everyone Dreams of making it big, having more money than to just cover bills, etc.

    So why is it a bad thing now for people to work their way up?

    I am a Father of 6 kids, Husband to a wonderful wife, and bills out the wazoo. HOWEVER, I work, pay my bills (even if late sometimes) and hope to one day hit the lottery. I DON'T blame my life being not that of a movie star on business who are there to MAKE money.

    They do need to pay their FAIR share of taxes, but not extra just for making it big..


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  • To the Protesters on Wall Street and elsewhere.?

    If you win the Lottery are you going to spread the wealth or hire a good tax accountant?

    I am lower middle class struggling, but, if I hit the big one, I sure dont want anyone sitting on their tail ends griping about stuff rather than working getting any. (Esp my Ex lmao)

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  • Should all "perks" of Government workers be stopped.?

    No more fancy SUVs, no more Conventions in locations like Las Vegas, No more inviting a Pro Football team to the White house from 20+ years ago (who just happen to be from the Presidents hometown) There is SO much waste that can be stopped.

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  • Gun Control Lunitics.. Read on?

    this was posted on The Beast. My Question, if you want to be fair in reporting, how many was shot by legal gun holders, and how many where shot in the commision of a crime. NOW that would be FAIR reporting.

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  • Do you think that there should be common sense clause when charging a 18yo for having sex with a 17yo gf?

    It seems wrong to put the label "sex offender" on a person who is basically doing what most have done through out the ages. Rape is one thing, but bf/gf having sex, sorry, I personally wonder how many Judges and Lawyers would be charged if we went back in their past.

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  • Everyone is happy that Democracy is "Exploding" in the middle east and north Africa.?

    Does anyone other than me realize that most of these nations that are our allies will 1) If they do not change, they will blame us for starting trouble for them. 2) If they do change, will more than likely become Muslim Law Nations, and that they will no longer support the USA. 3) That Iran and other nations within their beliefs are pushing for the change so they can influence these nations not us. Just because they want democracy does not mean overthrowing their government they will get it.

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  • another 13 dead in Ciudad Juarez, is it time for OUR military to go in and show the Druggies who's boss.?

    just a few sniper teams could tear their world apart. Or send in a B Team, they are trained to TRAIN the locals how to deal with their own.

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  • The new Medicad Fraud site shows the offender that are being hunted.?

    I Noticed that ALL on the first page (top offenders) and Most of the rest of the list are ALL foreign Nationals. Is it wrong to racial profile this profession.

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