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  • Does any one an expert on pachislo machine coin settings?

    Example: Owner sets machine to NOT pay out any coins automatically on pachislo machine. Player inserts coins, plays and wins on a pachislo machine. Player is ready to cash out coins. Owner opens the pachislo machine and manually gives out amount coins to the player. Does anybody know if you can do that?

    1 AnswerGambling1 decade ago
  • Casino revenue reports (Las Vegas)?

    Does anybody know where I can find revenue reports for specific casinos. Already tried the Nevada Gaming Commission very general information. Looking for a technical answer.

    3 AnswersGambling1 decade ago
  • Wheel of Fortune Slots?

    Does anybody know how to frequently catch the spin bonus on the Wheel of Fortune Slots? I am getting robbed and I need some advice from somebody who has a system that can catch the spin bonus on the wheel of fortune with a high frequency.

    5 AnswersGambling1 decade ago
  • Need to find out the name of this horror movie?

    The movie is about a haunted house. The people are trying to find out the story about why the house is haunted. They find out that at the center of haunted house, there is a dead man sitting in a wheel chair surrounded by a room of lead. He is the one that s supposedly haunting the house. The movie is made in 1970's time frame.

    Can anyone help out with this one?

    6 AnswersMovies1 decade ago
  • Trying to find out name of movie?

    The background is set in New York. Hispanic (Puerto Rican) guy trying to make ends meet for his wife and son. The main part that I remember is that the son (about 7yrs) is hanging around with this bad kid. The kid sell drugs and carries a gun with him. The guy catches the kid selling drugs, pulls out his belt and starts whipping the kid. There is like a couch by side sidewalk, (or something like that) and the kids falls over trying to get away from the guy whipping him with the belt, and pulls out the gun that he has. The guy see it and knocks it out of the kids hand and keeps on whipping him and scolding him. HBO use to play it alot during 1996-97. I don't know if it was an HBO Original Movie or not.

    The guy looks like the actor on the movie the Fifth Element that reports to Zorg about his budget needing to be cut and Zorg tells him to fire like a million cab drivers or something like that and the guy runs off.

    I wish I knew the name of the actor and movie. Can anybody help?

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  • What is this Sci Fi Movie Title released in the 80s (Time Travel)?

    It was about soldiers that were half human (Upper body) half robot (lower body). Their lower bodies had wheels and a belt (like a tank). There was alot of time traveling in it. The main bad guy wore a red cape (roman style) and gets stuck in ancient times at the end, or something like that. There was also this flying little robot orb that was the good guy's buddy. The begining of the movie starts out in the jungle or something like that. I can't seen to remember the name of that movie. Is there any body out there that knows that movie?

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  • Need some practical tips and websites to control anger?

    I used to be a nice person. This ended up with people walking over me and mistreating me over the years. (This extremely injured me mentally.) I am an asshole now with anger problems. There are less people mistreating me, but I am turning into the type of person that I never wanted to be. I hold grudges. Every time I get pissed off, I remember all the things that everybody has wronged me with and use it as fuel. I am getting closer and closer to violence. When I get angry, I don't care about the consequences of my actions. (This happens at work and home) I am completely aware of it when I am angry. I used to be civilized, humble, and fearful of my consequences, now I'm the opposite. This is going to ruin my life.

    7 AnswersMental Health1 decade ago
  • Does anybody know any extra information about a Flash Gordon movie coming out in 2007?

    Stephen Sommers is going to be directing it. He also directed Van Helsing, The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, The Scorpion King. I hope that they will use a remake of the same Flash Gordon Soundtrack Performed By Queen.

    2 AnswersMovies1 decade ago
  • What do I need to get done to create my own dojo/ryu (Jujitsu) ?

    Planning on getting my black belt in Fuji Ryu Jujitsu and adding aiki techniques and naming it a different type of ryu (Fuji Ryu Aiki Jujitsu or something similiar to that) with Shihan's approval.

    4 AnswersMartial Arts1 decade ago
  • Can anyone describe or show an image of O-Soto Osae? (Traditional Jujitsu)?

    All I know is that O Soto Osae=Major Outer Press, and that its a joint locking technique (Kensetsu Waza). I need a very defined description. (Is it a wrist, elbow,knee, ankle,or a shoulder lock?)

    1 AnswerMartial Arts1 decade ago