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  • Does Auto Aim in Red Dead Redemption make Multi-player Mode unplayable?

    I am not going to buy the game if it allows auto-aim in multiplayer unless someone who is a hardcore multiplayer/PVPer can demonstrate in a well-thought-out-answer why I should.

    From all reports I am reading, this game is great except for the fact that noobs can auto-aim and kill you every time, thus allowing spawn camping and frustration. To me this is a flaw that makes the game completely unworthy of my hard-earned money.

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  • Do Heely's cause kids to develop physical disabilities?

    I have heard of Heelys (most popular brand is made by Heelys - being banned in some malls, schools, and playgrounds due to safety concerns related to possible injuries resulting from their use, however, has any research been done about the effect of using Heelys on a child's development? The way that a child needs to walk when not "wheeling" down the sidewalk is unnatural. Is it possible that by allowing our children to wear these shoes we are contributing to developmental issues by promoting bad posture and possibly physical disabilities as a result of poorly developed bone structure from their walking unnaturally during formative years?

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  • Why do people not choose best answers or bother to give you a thumbs up for a good answer?

    Now, I am not speaking just of my own answers... perhaps none of mine have really been any good (besides the 1- so far - that got a "best answer" rating)

    It just seems to me that people do not bother to go back and give feedback to others when they ask a question, or read your answer on someone elses question.

    I promise, by the way, that if you answer any question of mine... I will pick the best answer, and I will give you a thumbs up on good answers/quests (once I am at a level where I can do that)

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  • Are all NATO countries contributing equally to the NATO efforts in Afghanistan?

    Today our Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, will be directly asking the Germans, Italians and other NATO countries who have not been participating in the direct conflicts occuring in the south of Afghanistan why they are not. Many are accusing the German's, for example, of being cowards. This morning I heard a representative of Germany pointing back at the second world war as a reason that German troops are loath to get involved. To me it sounded like he didn't know the difference between the murderous actions of the Nazi's and legitimate military action that is often required to ensure the safety of innocent people. What do you think?

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