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  • Has anyone used "Cantering the Country"?

    This is the first time for us to do a unit study, and I was wondering if anyone who has used it has any tips or suggestions. How long was spent on each state, anything in particular that you liked or didn't like? My daughter is starting 3rd grade if it helps. Thanks!

    1 AnswerHome Schooling9 years ago
  • Besides cost, should I get wood floors or laminate put in my house?

    I have 2 dogs, one is a 40# puppy that runs through the house a lot, and I have a 7 yr old daughter that might get who knows what on the floor. I would need about 1000 sq ft that would include the den, dining areas, and formal living area. Any input from people with experience with these floors would be greatly appreciated!

    4 AnswersDecorating & Remodeling1 decade ago
  • Does anyone know of a more traditional Baptist church near Fort Worth?

    We are looking for a Baptist church that is more old fashioned. We like traditional hymns and preaching from the bible. Thanks for any suggestions!

    2 AnswersDallas1 decade ago
  • Do these people who want to "fix" the environment have any common sense?

    There are scientists who are busy trying to build something that will "scrub" the carbon dioxide out of our environment. Do they not realize that all living green things need carbon dioxide to live, and all people and animals need the oxygen they give off to live? If these people succeed in there endeavor to lower the CO2 levels, they would be the real ones responsible for destroying the earth! Carbon Dioxide is essential to our life!

    6 AnswersOther - Environment1 decade ago
  • Any hotel recommendations in downtown Atlanta?

    We will be there in May for my daughter's college graduation, and have never been there before. We are not looking for fancy, but not really cheap either. We would prefer a nice clean place near food places if possible. Thanks!

    1 AnswerAtlanta1 decade ago
  • If I can only choose one Disney theme park, which should I choose?

    I will be going to Orlando in January for business. There will be two of us, no kids. We like most anything, not really interested in water parks. Thanks!

    26 AnswersOrlando1 decade ago
  • Is there a statute of limitations on a court case that was won in the State of KY?

    I won a court case in 1998 against a drunk driver and was awarded $162,000 and never got the money.

    4 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 decade ago
  • How do you handle a defiant 5 year old?

    We adopted a 5 year old little girl. She has lived with us for 4 months now, and we love her as if she was born to us. She is the best thing ever, and we are so proud of her. However, she has recently become very defiant. I am sure she is testing us and her teachers, but she has to learn that this is not acceptable behavior. While I do believe in spanking in certain circumstances, this is NEVER an option with this child because she was abused. Time out has not helped, and we have also tried taking away privileges such as tv and her favorite books. We also have tried daily allowances where she gets 10-25 cents for up to 10 tasks completed in a day, such as cleaning up her room and obeying teachers, etc. She gets no money if she misses 3 things. Nothing seems to work, and she has been in trouble every day this week in school and at home for being rude and defiant to adults. Please, any suggestions would help!

    12 AnswersParenting1 decade ago
  • Help with trail riding?

    I have a 15 yr old mare that I ride mostly on local trails and in the back pasture. Anytime we go out to west Texas for a trail ride (about a 3 hr drive from where I live) she gets really upset. We normally ride on wooded trails around home, and out there it is all wide open spaces, and I wonder if this could affect her. She will start going sideways, and eventually freeze up. If I try to force her to go, she acts like she is in a panic and will completly blow up, including rearing which she never does anywhere else. If I get off and lead her, she will relax and walk, but as soon as I get back on, it starts all over again.

    8 AnswersHorses1 decade ago