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  • Does anyone know much about tenant law in Illinois?

    I rent out rooms in my house and last month (December) I met with a man who was serious about renting out the room. He gave me $300 towards first months rent (monthly rent is $625)to show that he wasn't jerking me around and that he was serious about moving in. I told him the room was available for him to move in as of Jan 1st. He said that he was planning on moving in sometime after the first of the month but not "on" the first. We agreed though that we weren't going to pro-rate Jan. based on the date of move in as it would be a day or two. Well New Years Eve he was arrested on an outstading warrent. I don't know the details of it but I know that it is a $5000 bail for him to get out. I'm not sure when he might be released. I'm wondering how long I am required to hold the room for him. I can't just rerent the room as we do have an agreement but he hasn't paid a whole months rent either so when am I legally allowed to rent out the room to someone else?

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  • Who has the money?

    Three men are traveling together. They each have 10 dollars on them. They stop at a hotel overnight to rent a room. They leave the clerk the 30 dollars they have to rent the room for the night. The clerk realizes that they overpaid since the room was only 25 dollars per night and gives the five dollars to the busboy and asks him to return the money to the men. When the busboy gets to the room, he realizes that there are three men there and he cannot divide the five dollars evenly by three men. He decides to give each man a dollar and to keep the remaining two dollars for himself as a tip.

    So each man paid 9 dollars for the room (started with 10 dollars and ended with 1 dollar) The busboy wound up with 2 dollars for a tip. 9*3+2=29. What happened to the last dollar? Who has it?

    This was a riddle my dad told me when I was little and it took me a long time to figure it out. I'll choose the first correct answer with lthe correct ogic behind it as the best answer at the end.

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  • What did he say?

    A man is set to be executed. He is told that if he can make one final statement. This statement will determine the method of execution. If he tells the truth, he will be hung. If he tells a lie, he will be shot. The man thinks, and makes his statement, and is set free. What did he say?

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  • How do I change the type of switch in my bathroom?

    I just moved into my townhouse and my downstairs bathroom drives me crazy. There is one light switch and it controls both the lights AND the fan. I want to install a new switch that has two toggles. One to control the fan, and one to control the lights. Does anyone know how to go about this? I have purchased the light switch that I will install, I just don't know what to do with the wires. HELP!!!

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