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About me not much to say. I live in fort worth Texas. I like anime and well Japanese culture. I use chopsticks at home lol. I am also active at school have a lot of friends from all kind of backgrounds. former names Nope.avi Ganta igarashi Current animes i am watching Nichijou Eureka 7 Samurai 7 Toradora! Casshern sins Angel beats! Zero no tsukaima Completed animes Mirai Nikki Deadman wonderland Cowboy bebop Fclc Hotd I will answer serious questions and joke questions just don't troll me I will simply block you with no reply. My favorite anime characters 1 Ganta igarashi from deadman wonderland 2 saya takagi from high school of the dead 3 shiro from deadman wonderland 4 tie between tobiume and heineko from bleach 5 yuno gasai future diary I have been a mavs fan since 2006. got it good. dont ever call me a bandwagon

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