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I live in USA Im 21 yrs old with a 25yr old boyfriend- We live together I've been going to college for 3 years now trying to become an elementary school teacher.

  • How to significantly re-word this sentence?

    Different facets of this process have different effects, in different directions

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  • What could have caused all my appliances to break in one day?

    I live in a house where the electricity is illegally wired and we are receiving less voltage than what we should be. One day my landlord shut my power off for nearly a whole day and they were turning it on and off and doing other stuff (I really don't know exactly what they did). When I came home that day, my big screen TV, DVD player, VHS player, surround sound, oven, cell phone charger, and box fan would not work at all. I asked my landlord about it and he claims that since the majority of them were connected with a surge protector and they were not on, it is impossible that the electricity had anything to do with all 7 things burning out in one day and he refuses to compensate for anything. Have any electricians or appliance repair people ever heard of something like this happening before or know any other possible causes?

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  • How to I approach him?

    I took a college class in spring and I kinda fell for my discussion teacher. He is a graduate student at my school and although he is like 10 years older than me I can't stop thinking about him. Now class is over and he is no longer considered my teacher at all. I know for a fact he is single and I really want to do something about that but I don't want to be too forward because I probably will see him around campus and I don't want to feel too stupid. What should I do to approach him?

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  • Do I need ander management?

    I am a very happy and friendly person but I am also very educated. The only reason why I think I need anger management is because when I see a man degrading a woman in public it makes me so mad that I start cussing and getting loud and ugly. I think I react to strongly but I do not think my reaction is totally incorrect. This is the only circumstance in which I react with this level of anger. Do I need anger management or is there something more specific that could help me keep my cool?

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  • What can I watch that deals with relationships or society?

    My boyfriend and I want to watch or listen to videos, documentaries, speeches, comedians, ANYTHING that will help us become more educated about families and relationships and society. Videos that college teachers made you watch are great, such as "Tough Guise" and "Killing us Softly 3". Although these documentaries are not directly related to relationships, they help us comprehend how society is structured and it's social problems.

    Any videos/documentaries that you watched or remember from college that would help my situation?

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  • Who should apologize first?

    I know this may sound stupid to a lot of people but please I just need to know your opinion about who is right. My boyfriend (of 3 years) and I agreed that we are going to both try to be the bigger person when one of does something wrong. Bigger person=tell the person calmly and maturely what they did wrong instead of yelling and giving immature responses. We are doing this because we have a severe problem solving our relationship problems without several hours of immature screaming matches.

    My boyfriend's opinion: If the person starts yelling instead of remaining calm to discuss the problem, the person who made the person yell should apologize first for making the initial mistake and causing the yelling.

    My opinion: If the person starts yelling instead of remaining calm, the person who yelled and was not the bigger person should apologize first since that's the only way the problems can start to be solved.

    We both think both people should apologize, it's just a matter of who should apologize first...

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  • Does Amazon have NON-KINDLE audio books?

    I don't have/cannot afford a Kindle but I need to listen to (not read) some books. I know they have stuff like that available at public libraries, but I would like to purchase (or even possibly pay to rent) audio books from AMAZON only because I have a gift card for Amazon.

    --Public library is 100% out of the question

    --If Amazon is not possible, I still need audio books for the cheapest anywhere so any other recommendations would be helpful ONLY IF AMAZON IS NOT POSSIBLE.

    --If it makes a difference, the audio books I need are for my boyfriend and I to listen to together that are self-help or relationship advice to help save our increasingly deteriorating relationship.

    --If it is not some sort of audio/media, it will not help my situation.

    Thank you for helping--you could possibly be saving our 3 year relationship!

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  • Can you ever truley fall out of love?

    My boyfriend of three years just explained to me that when you fall in love with someone, you love them the rest of your life, even if they cheat on you with your best friend. That's exactly what happened to my boyfriend in his past relationship, yet he told me tonight that he is still in love with his ex-wife even though she cheated on him multiple times. Even though he is still in love with her, he explained to me that he could never forgive her. He explained to me that once you love someone that strongly, no matter what they do to you, there will always be that love there. Is this true and it's nothing to be worried about, or did my boyfriend just admit he is still not 100% over his ex-wife?

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  • How to stop my dog from peeing for bath time?

    Ok here's the scenario: I lure my female basset hound into the bathroom with a treat. Then I shut the door and let her eat it while praising her. Then I gently take off her collar and tell her she's a good girl. Then I warm up the bathwater and encourage her to come to me. When she refuses, I start walking toward her, still praising her, and she pees right then and there every time! How can I stop this?!?!?

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  • How do you know when enough is enough?

    My boyfriend and I just celebrated our 3 year anniversary, bust unfortunately we have both been much unhappier then we use to be for the past year almost. We fight the majority of the days of the week and our arguments get so out of control that we usually both end up yelling and so pissed off that we realize hours went by already. We fight about trust issues and control issues and what my boyfriend refers to as me "wanting to live a single lifestyle" because he feels we should be together 100% of the time we are not working/at school and I feel we should have some time apart doing a hobby or visiting friends/family because we spend so much alone time together everyday! I am a college student so this large amount of hours fighting is really starting to affect my schoolwork. I love him a lot and I know he loves me just as much, but I feel as if we have so many problems right now that we will never be able to solve them all. Has anyone had a relationship like this before? What was the result?

    --We have been going to couples counseling for 2-3 months now but the counselor really doesn't get the full extent of all our problems since we have to pay him to listen to us and get feedback! And now were running out of money!

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  • Is there any other websites EXACTLY like Yahoo Answers?

    I need more opinions on something than what this website is giving me. Is there another website where I can type in my question and have it posted for the public to answer?

    My question is regarding an interpretation of a quote from a book

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  • How would you interpret this sentence?

    "If sometimes it seemed to him that his house lay down along the hillside like a big comforter, muffling all things, then her house sat on its corner lot like a tiny power station, transforming big currents into small ones and sending them out into the neighborhood."

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  • How can I stop these fake beggars?

    The gas station right down the street from my house always has people asking for money by the pumps. After going there for a while, I noticed one guy is the same guy who keeps coming back and saying he ran out of gas and needs to get home to a few towns over. This not only makes me uncomfortable and pissed off, but it also makes me never want to go to that gas station again. I don't think it's right that my favorite gas station looses money over some a**hole and I'm forced to drive out of my way to get gas without being pestered. I literally have 1-2 people come up to me asking for money every time I go there! Can something be done to stop that fake beggar or can something be done to fix the abundance of beggars at the pumps all together?

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  • How would you interpret this sentence making it easier to understand?

    Regarding the Civil War:

    Hope and denial moved into the uncertain space left open by the shortcomings of nineteenth century communications technology and the bureaucratic failings of both Union and Confederate death registration procedures

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  • Should I have called him?

    My boyfriend and I (of 3 years) just got in a huge fight because I had to agree to meet with some of my classmates for a group project at 7pm for 2 nights. He was pissed because he said I should of at least had the respect to call him and let him know the plan before I finalized the plan 100% with my group members. I am working with 4 other girls so 7pm was the ONLY time all 5 of us had free time to get together so the plan was inevitable so I feel there was no need to call him and therefore no need to apologize for not calling. He's ready to break up with me over this because he said it's a respect issue! Who is right??

    P.S. I told him about my plans as soon as I got home from school that day

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  • Does a BS or BA really matter after you graduate?

    I am 1 year away from my bachelors degree and I am faced with the option of BA or BS. The classes I take to get those are slightly different but I was wondering if after graduation, is there a difference in job opportunities with a BS versus a BA? Or has anyone ever got a BS or a BA and wished they would have gotten the other?

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  • My friends baby died, what do I do?

    My high school friend just recently had a baby and her baby was born with an inherited muscle disease and he died on his 2 month birthday. I want to be as supportive as possible but I don't know what to do. I visited her a few times already, in the hospital and at home, brought her flowers, listened to her talk, offered any support possible, but what else can I do?

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  • How to re-word this sentence?

    Ever since the first Cinderella story was exposed to the public, several writers and directors have used that same story line to base their classic love stories on.

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  • How to re-word this sentence?

    In the southeast, rice was the dominant crop while in the Deep South, cotton was the dominant crop.

    Thank you!

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  • Poem or song about a unhealthy relationship?

    Where can I find poem or some songs about being in a relationship where you are not being treated they way you should and your about to give up?

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