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  • How to customize title bar buttons in Windows 7?

    I had found an article on the Internet, about how to customize the buttons on title bar (minimize, maximize/restore, close). I had bookmarked it, but before six months, my computer broke down, so all my data and my bookmarks are lost now. I've been looking for that article about two months, but I didn't find it. Although, I think that the bitmaps, are located in C:\Windows\System32\imageres.dll. I'm not totally sure, so, if you could find another way to customize these buttons in Windows 7, I would really appreciate it! Please!

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  • How to merge two partitions?

    I have five Operating Systems and Grub boot-loader:

    # Windows XP (/dev/sda2)

    # Windows 7 (/dev/sda3)

    # Edubuntu 9.04 (/dev/sda9)

    # Ubuntu 10.04 (/dev/sda5)

    # Ubuntu 10.04 (/dev/sda7)*

    *The last Ubuntu, doesn't open correctly, it looks like MS-DOS, it's only a terminal.

    My HDD has 160GB capacity. I want to format /dev/sda7 partition, and make it NTFS, and then merge /dev/sda3 with it to increase /dev/sda3 capacity. I installed EaseUs Partition Master, and formatted /dev/sda7 (Linux as it appeared there). Then I tried to resize /dev/sda3 (Windows 7). I couldn't. Then, I deleted /dev/sda7, and tried to resize again Windows 7 partition. I couldn't again. So, I did something wrong? Should I try to use another program? Or merging two partitions, to increase ones size, is impossible?

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  • How to install Windows XP and Windows 7 on the same partition, or create a new one for Windows 7?

    I have on my computer these OSes (Operating Systems) (all 32-bit):

    # Windows XP Home Edition SP3

    # Edubuntu 9.04

    # Ubuntu 10.04

    I want to install Windows 7 Starter 32-bit. I insert the installation CD, and boot from CD. Installation continues, till I get the message: In which partition do you want to install Windows? So, I select the partition where I have my Windows XP installed, because Windows 7 can't be installed on the other partitions. Then, I get the message, that Windows 7 will be installed, and the previous versions of Windows will be backed up, as Windows.old . Also, it says that when this will happen, the previous versions of Windows will not work, but only the files will be kept. If I want to keep Windows XP WORKING, should I create a new empty partition and install Windows there, and if so, how can I do that? Please answer as soon as possible.

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  • Do you know a program that cures and fixes errors automatically ?

    I want a program available for Windows XP, that fixes errors real-time, when they occur, and warns me for critical errors and what to do. Please, tell me if you know something... It would be very useful...

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  • Why I can't change theme with Emerald Theme Manager ?

    I had a problem with my Windows XP, so as I had Edubuntu 9.04 too, I changed OS. Now, I' m using Linux... I searched for a Windows Se7en theme at and I found Win7 Transformation Pack. But then, when I tried to install the emerald theme, nothing happened. Although, I think I made everything right. I opened Emerald Theme Manager, and clicked "Import...". Then I chose the theme and clicked "OK". But, then nothing happened. I double-clicked the theme, I went to the Settings, but my theme never changed. If you think I did something wrong, tell me what it is, and if you think that the theme has problem, send me a link with another one that works...

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  • Which is the best site for downloading Linux software ?

    If that helps, I have Ubuntu 9.04 and till now I use for downloading LInux software.

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  • Windows XP restore from Edubuntu ? Or another way ?

    I have Windows XP Home Edition SP3 and my netbook is Acer Aspire One ZA3. My computer came with two Operating Systems: Windows XP and Edubuntu 9.04 When I open Windows XP, it shows the boot screen, but when it' s going to show the logon screen (logonui.exe), a message appears in the screen and it tells:

    Parser Message


    Value creation failed " at line 41

    I know that there is a problem with logonui.exe When I took my computer, I backed up all the system files (WINDOWS and system32) in a flash drive. So, when I faced the problem, I opened Edubuntu and I tried to replace the current logonui.exe with its backup, but then I saw a error message, saying "Copy failed, the destination folder is read-only". So, the only thing that was left to do was System Restore. I knew that I couldn' t restore the system from the Windows System Restore, but at the manual it said:

    To restore Windows XP, back to the factory default settings, press <Alt> + <F10> when you see the Acer logo at the boot of your computer. I did this but nothing happened. PLEASE, can somebody tell me what to do and if there is a way to restore Windows XP, from Edubuntu that I use now ? (Don' t answer like this: Change OS or install Windows XP, Vista or Se7en again)

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  • How to fix Windows Blue Screen Error ?

    This error occurs while running a presentation with OpenOffice Impress...

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