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  • Is there an app that will take money straight from your account to a savings account? ?

    Some of us may have problems with saving. My issue is physically taking out the money, and seeing how much I have left to work with.

    My dad works for septa and says that if he takes a loan out from his job, every paycheck, BEFORE he even gets it yet, they deduct their amount first.

    I'd like an app like that that knows when I get paid, and automatically takes the money out of my account for me. An easier way to take the emotions out of saving!

    Any suggestions?


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  • Who and where are the people who listen to country in Philadelphia?

    92.5 XTU

    I used to be one of those people to jump on the bandwagon and say that country is awful music because they talk about stupid stuff, lakes, houses, cars, girlfriends, creeks and streams. 

    But after being forced to listen to it, I realized that it's one of my favorite genres. It's not that they talked about stupid things, rather, they're the things that we take for granted. Having a Jeep, a girl, even a beer, are all songs revolving around one thing; appreciation. Some of these songs are now modern-day. But a lot of them are also still very deep in country. And it makes me wonder... Where are the actual people who listen to country? You don't usually see people dressed up like country men or cowboy/girls in Philadelphia, so where are they? Are they everyday people like us or are they in a certain part of Philadelphia? Or am I just expecting them to dress like the country? Because I don't and I still love country!

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    Can using breast enhancement cream at 21 affect my breast feeding baby years later when I decide to have one? ?

    I'm 21 years old and am going to start using breast enhancement creams to lift my breasts.

    I know what everyone says and has their own feelings and opinions on whether they work or not, and generally, I don't care. I'm still going to use it.

    My plan was to use it at 21 for a year or two and then stop.

    I have heard that using breast enhancement cream while breastfeeding a baby can do harm to the child either while latching onto the skin or while drinking the milk because it changes the hormones.

    Again my plan was to use it at 21 for a few years and then stop. If I have a baby at...let's just say 30, I stopped using the cream 7 years ago, is it still safe to breast feed?

    Any one who knows anything about these topics would be great!

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  • May someone help me with the red eared slider turtle symbiosis.?

    I have searched all over the web, but I can not find symbiosis for red eared sliders!




    What animals help out the RES and vise versa. What plant or animal helps out the RES and doesn't harm it? And what parasites can RES get? And is algae a parasite?

    Thank you Yahoo World!!!

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  • My Alcatel one touch fierce got wet?

    It accidentally fell in the toilet. It took me about 10 seconds to get it out of the water. I took paper towels to dry it off, after a while I tried to see if it worked. Nothing. I told my family, my dad said to take out the battery and leave it alone, but I tried to tell him that the battery was built unremovable. He said just wait till tomorrow and it will work. I got frightened. When I charged it, the light came on, but it still doesn't work! By the next day, (today) it still doesn't work! I couldn't find rice to put it in, I didn't try salt. The Internet said to try a hair dryer, I didn't use it, my mom would holler at me. I can't use a vacume because I have hardware floors! Please people of yahoo, help me!!!! My dad still says "well you have a warranty and all that crap so you can just get a new one free" he said it so stupidly like "oh I don't care about your phone, you can just buy a new one, as a matter a fact, keep dropping it in water, whupdy doo, what ever" he really doesn't care. So please yahoo, I need your help.

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  • Learning Korean, is anyone willing to help me through email?

    So I really wanna learn Korean. I recently learned the alphabet, but I want to know how to say them in sentences. For example, when people say " Ching Chong Ching" I think that is very stero type. I don't want to be able to say just say 가 하 까 싸. I want to be able to say that with meaning and know what I'm saying, an email tutor? I'm 14 year old girl by the way. Thank you go ma ssem in da 고 밤 습 니 ㄷㄴ

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  • No more crap! If I know he likes me, how do I get him to admit it!?

    So there's this boy named Cedric that I like in my school and on my bus. He is really funny and loves to make to make me laugh. He likes to tease me, and put my face on his video games to destroy it, you know to make me feel bad, but also laugh. But when people are around and even when w e are together, he asks like he hates me! He asks like a total jerk, but everyone knows he likes me.nhe swears down that he doesnt, though. So how do I get him to admit, you know sparke something's up, it's also the end of the school year in a couple weeks, so I want to get some things out of this. Guys, I want your advice too, thanks!

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  • Is my turtle dying, puffy eyes, arched neck, weird look?

    My turtle Jessie won't open her eyes. She opened one half way and the other one not at all! She won't eat, every time she does open her eyes, they look big and swollen and watery. In scared for her! She is about a year and a half. As big as the middle of your palm. She arches her neck like she is going to throw up or something and it scares me. This is my first yahoo ask. I don't want her to die. I love her.

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