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  • What is your favourite Mean Girls quote?

    In honour of the 10th anniversary of Mean Girls, what was your favourite quote from the movie?

    4 AnswersMovies6 years ago
  • Full House Question: Which sister do you think Stephanie was closest to?

    Do you think she's closer to D.J. because she looks up to D.J., or Michelle because Michelle looks up to her? And why?

    3 AnswersDrama6 years ago
  • Relationship between Dionne Warwick and Aretha Franklin?

    Do they get on or are/were they rivals? They both had the same song/similar types of music and were very popular around their debut.

    1 AnswerR&B & Soul7 years ago
  • Will Wonka Question?

    Note that this is about the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971), not the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory remake (2005).

    In the 1971 movie, Wonka takes everyone on the tour, but Charlie and Grandpa Joe try out some Fizzy Lifting Drinks which nearly puts them in danger. Had they not been able to save themselves, what do you think would have happened?

    Obviously the competition was designed for Wonka to find an heir, and the child who was the less naughty (which would be Charlie) would win it. But had Charlie been eliminated at that point, we're left with just Veruca Salt and Mike Teevee. The Goose Room scene would be next thus tempting Veruca to do her bit and get eliminated, leaving just Mike.

    Would Mike win, or would he still have to face the Wonkavision Room? Or will Wonka have called off/restarted the competition altogether? Or would something else have happened?

    Let me know what you think?

    4 AnswersMovies7 years ago
  • Why do most gay people hang around with the opposite sex?

    Most people I know are accepting of gay people, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation. I know gay people are friends with straight people of the same sex but it seems that gay males usually hang around with straight girls and lesbians usually hang around with straight guys. Is it a sin that a gay person and a straight person of the same sex can't hang out together and be friends?

  • Why does Katie Hopkins keep going on This Morning?

    Surely they would have had enough of her by now?

    1 AnswerCelebrities7 years ago
  • Would Snape have treated Harry better if he was a girl?

    If Harry was a girl who was the spitting image of Lily but had several traits of James (e.g. eye colour, playing jokes on people - basically the opposite to the male Harry), how do you think Snape would have treated her? Would he be reminded of his former sweetheart or would he still be angry at the fact that Lily married another wizard, especially one who liked to torture Snape?

    4 AnswersBooks & Authors7 years ago
  • SURVEY: Need answers for the following questions for a quiz?

    1. A month of the year when you're likely to go on holiday

    2. A bird that cannot fly

    3. A musical instrument that you cannot carry around with you

    4. Something a knight has

    5. Something associated with Santa

    6. Something that only babies have

    7. An animal that can be used to provide food

    8. A film that starred Sean Connery as James Bond

    9. Real or fictional, a famous person with red hair

    10. Something on the menu at McDonald's

    It's for a quiz my friend and I are doing.

    8 AnswersPolls & Surveys7 years ago
  • POLL: Age of Sam Bailey fans?

    According to people on YouTube most people who like Sam Bailey are in their late 30s or older. I'm 23 and I love her! If you're a fan how old are you? I want to prove that young people like her.

    1 AnswerPolls & Surveys7 years ago
  • Do you think Snape deserved to be Slytherin?

    Snape wasn't necessarily a bad person, and like Dumbledore said, some people are sorted too soon. Do you think Snape should have been in another house (if so, what?) or was Slytherin the best house for Snape?

    4 AnswersBooks & Authors7 years ago
  • Middle names for Dinah and Cooper?

    A friend is having twins, a girl and a boy called Dinah and Cooper. Any good middle names? (No stupid suggestions such as "mite" for Dinah please)

    4 AnswersBaby Names7 years ago
  • Why didn't Hermione use Petrificus Totalus when she needed to?

    The only time she used it was against Neville who is her friend. Why didn't she use it when fighting people? For someone who knows a lot, it doesn't take rocket science to figure out that stunning someone can be handy in battle.

    2 AnswersBooks & Authors7 years ago
  • What kind of names would be unacceptable for a kid?

    Are there any names you wouldn't want your kid(s) to have? Like anything that might attract too much attention and cause them to be bullied? Or anything that's just weird?

    Also, what do you think of alternate spellings, e.g. Aimee for Amy, Jordin for Jordan, etc.

    6 AnswersBaby Names7 years ago
  • A few questions for MLP fans?

    1. How can Twilight and Shining Armour be siblings when they don't look alike (Twilight is purple with a blue/purple mane and purple eyes, SA is white with a blue mane and blue eyes)?

    2. Why are there no male alicorns?

    3. Can alicorns be born as alicorns or do they just become alicorns when they become royalty (e.g. if an alicorn and a non-alicorn had a baby, would it automatically be an alicorn or will it become one when it grows up)?

    4. Do you think that because of the show's large male fanbase there will be more male characters and male-targeted episodes?

    5. Would you sooner be a pegasus, earth pony or unicorn (alicorn isn't an option because that's what everyone would say)?

    1 AnswerYahoo Answers7 years ago
  • Confused about plurals?

    I know all the correct plurals for words, but supposing it was someone's name, would the rule still apply? i.e. supposing someone has two Mickey Mouse plushies, would the correct way to say it be "Mickey Mouses" or "Mickey Mice"? Same for things like Batman (Batmans/Batmen etc.).

    And on another topic, if a consonant before a Y means the plural ends in IES, how come for the TV show The Wild Thornberrys it's spelt as ThornberrYS and not ThornberrIES?

    3 AnswersHomework Help7 years ago
  • Harry Potter fans: Which would work better as a couple?

    Slytherin girl and Gryffindor boy OR Gryffindor girl and Slytherin boy? It's for a friend who's writing a forbidden love story and can't decide which to use.

    9 AnswersBooks & Authors7 years ago
  • Is Prince George misunderstood?

    Because he is a half-blood prince. The last one was.

    10 AnswersRoyalty7 years ago
  • If the Queen died, what would happen to Prince Philip?

    Would Philip assume the title of King, or would Charles assume the throne? And if he doesn't become King, what would happen to him? Furthermore, if Philip is married to the Queen, why is he not King in the first place? And would the same thing apply to spouses of future monarchs, e.g. would Camilla be Queen when Charles is King?

    12 AnswersRoyalty7 years ago
  • POLL: Marmite or Kerry Katona?

    Because people either love or hate both of them. Which one do you prefer and why?

    3 AnswersPolls & Surveys7 years ago