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  • why does my computer always restart by itself?

    recently my computer has been restarting by itself alot, it usually happens when im on youtube (mostly when im watching full screen videos and sometimes while its just normal youtube videos) it also happens while im watching videos on hulu and other websites. It bugs me because it happens when im playing runescape or on myspace. Im sure it would happen on any site but those are the sites im mostly on. Does any one else have this same problem? Or does any one know what i can do to fix this problem? And also if you tell me about upgrading my ram can you please explain to me what ram is and where i can get it? Thanks so much

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  • why cant i download windows xp sp2?

    after the download it says this action cannot happen or something like that and it shuts off and nothing happens and i really need windows xp sp2, please help?

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  • Why is my screen on the monitor purpleish?

    its just started turning purple and its like that now, please help me

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