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  • Why did God change the rating system?

    I am sure that somewhere in the bible it said thou shalt not be able to give artards a thumbs down anymore because we don't want to hurt anybody's feelings. How do we tell people they will burn in hell and see if we get a thumbs down? We all know it useful to know you will burn in hell. Everybody pray that Odin fixes Y!A so it doesn't suck anymore.

    9 AnswersReligion & Spirituality9 years ago
  • Why did Yahoo Answers change the rating system?

    I think the new system is the most retarded thing I have ever seen. Is it politically incorrect to have a "disagree" or thumbs down choice now?

    Will anyone quit participating because it is stupid now?

    8 AnswersYahoo Answers9 years ago
  • Why is a blumpkin called a blumpkin?

    just wondering how it was coined blumpkin. Seems like an odd name to me.

    1 AnswerWords & Wordplay9 years ago
  • Republicrats and demopublicans, are they destroying us?

    I see so much bickering between liberals and conservatives, so much hatred. It seems to me that even though we all have some differing ideas of how politics should be, I am wondering where we are as a country? We are not really that far apart. I am conservative, but contrary to popular belief I am not a fundamentalist Christian (actually I am atheist) I am to some degree pro-life, but open to pro-choice ( i just think late term abortion is effed up)

    My primary worries for this country is the enormous debt. I am not concerned who caused it I know Libs are going to blame GW and Repubs blame Obama. In reality the debt has been an issue for years and only getting worse. SO what is the solution? How do you see a non-partisan way of solving what will undoubtedly destroy us eventually?

    4 AnswersGovernment9 years ago
  • How do I avoid skid marks?

    No matter how well I wipe I cannot seem to avoid skid marks in my drawers. Should I switch from whitey tighties to some boxers? This is not a joke, I have tried everything I can think of, but have a bad gas problem and it is really embarrassing when my mom does the wash and my undies are skid stained.

    5 AnswersFashion & Accessories9 years ago
  • Why did my priest tell me this?

    My Priest say that if I keep masturbating every day that I will go blind. I have since doubled up and now masturbate 4 times a day, but I still havn't gone blind. However my right arm has gotten really muscular. Am I going to hell for sure now?

    7 AnswersReligion & Spirituality9 years ago
  • How can anyone who is not retarded believe in the magic sky wizard?

    Let us pray that we are not born in Africa, cuz God hates all the little African kids because Adam ate from the tree of knowledge.

    6 AnswersReligion & Spirituality9 years ago
  • Will Barney Frank wear white?

    I wonder if Barney wedding gown will be white? Where will he keep his colostomy bag? Jim Ready must be one desperate individual.

  • How long does codeine withdrawal last?

    I have been taking codeine for back pain for 3 years. I have been taking 10-12 APAP/Codeine 300/30 tablets every morning. I quit cold turky and feel like death warmed over. How long can I expect this to last?

    2 AnswersPain & Pain Management9 years ago
  • A question for the SDA?

    I recently attended a SDA service (i am not a Chirstian btw) and just prior to the service one of the officials was discussing the churches bills, budget etc...

    Doesn't this contradict their belief in the Sabbath by discussing business on Saturday? A church is a business, and I find hypocritical that they would discuss the churches utility bills, yet forbid its members to engage in business activities of their own on sabbath.

    8 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • What do i do about water in braking system?

    My teenage son informed me that he has no brakes in his 93 pontiac sunbird. When I checked it out I found that the pedal has no pressure and pushes to floor. I told my son that has leak in brake lines.

    My son in his infinite wisdom decided to fill the master cylinder with water to try and find the leak. Needles to say I was a little P.O'd when he did this.

    My question is, will I be able to correct this, or is it better to simply replace entire braking system? I am thinking that everything to the calipers is going to be screwed because of this water.

    I am tempted to scrap the vehicle over it, it was a cheap $600 transportation special and I really don't want to invest hundreds to repair all of that.

    3 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago
  • Should I tell them I am an Atheist?

    I became an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church so I could make a few bucks in Vegas performing wedding ceremonies. Should I tell them I am an Atheist or just keep that tidbit to myself?

    23 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • Can anyone tell me just how I can be as pure as Christian Purity?

    How can I be a good true Christian too? Do I have to hate Muslims, Homosexuals and Atheists?

    I am a good true Christian.

    America,even though it is a Christian country,seems to have become very atheist and immoral over the years unfortunately. We Christians need to spread God's word and teach parents in particular the importance of teaching their children to read the bible and be good moral Christians.

    Atheists are proven to be more likely to commit crimes,whereas true Christians never commit crimes or do immoral acts. We really need to make the public aware of this.

    We also need to make people aware of how the atheist liberal media contorts things to suit the atheist agenda and how the liberal media is overly accepting of homosexuals.

    Remember,Mao,pol pot,stalin,hitler dahmer and bundy were atheists. Do you want to be like them?

    The following people need to repent and find Jesus before it is to late and they are in eternal damnation.




    those who have premarital sex

    divorcees and single parents(except in domestic abuse situations)

    16 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • What is your opinion of this video?

    I can't believe people watch a video about how "evil" the computer is, while watching it on a computer. Also did you know that junk mail comes straight from Satan. I swear, some people even though they seem to be intelligent people fall for this crap.

    My question is for peoples opinion on this video.

    Youtube thumbnail


    4 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • Does anyone think that maybe we are just an alien ant farm?

    like the ant farms we had when I was a kid? we could be some experiment, not saying i believe that, but I am open to the possibility.

    ps I dont count scientologist, they seem just to be after money.

    9 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • What is the legal way to transport a pistol from state to state?

    I have a concealed weapons permit in the state in which I reside, this permit is also valid in the state I am going to. However, there are several states in between where it is not valid. I have never transported a pistol or any any other gun across state lines. What is the legal way to transport it? I will be driving my person vehicle.

    3 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 decade ago
  • Does anybody know about Scheel's beer?

    I really enjoy Schell's beer brewed and bottled in New Ulm, MN. It is a very tasty brew of German heritage. They have released their 2008 Snow Storm winter brew. I am enjoying one now and it is delicious! My Question is if anybody knows what other states sell it? I know they sell it in Minnesota and South Dakota. I am going home (to michigan) for Thanksgiving and am wondering if I should take some with me to share with my family or does anyone know if it is sold in MI also.


    1 AnswerBeer, Wine & Spirits1 decade ago
  • How creepy is this? Coincidence I'm sure but...?

    I have seen allot of Obama antichrist questions etc.. Before I get slammed let me make myself clear I DO NOT think Obama is Antichrist, I o not believe in the Antichrist and I am atheist. I just think it is creepy thats all.

    The Illinois state lottery evening pick 3 lottery numbers for Nov. 5, the day after Obama was elected, was 666.

    Verified here

    Creepy huh...surely coincidence but creepy none the less.

    12 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • Why is there so much hate in R&S?

    I am an Atheist. One thing I do not understand is why there is so much hatred. I see people asking questions about how funny it would be to see all Christians dead. I see a small percentage of Christians condemning Atheists to hell. I would wonder why there is not more intelligent debate and less hatred. I find that most believers are decent people who want to be free to believe what they choose to believe. Many Atheists like to treat them as if they are stupid or something because they choose to believe in God. I don't understand this. I choose not to believe in God. I cannot accept the fact that there is a divine creator. That is just my choice. I feel no desire to tell others they are "wrong" for choosing to believe in any God. For all I know it is me that is wrong. Why is it so hard for people to quit judging others? I realize there will always be extremists in any group but it just seems to me that allot of people only come here to incite hatred and judge others.

    14 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • I am very emotional, does anyone know why?

    As i get older, I am 38 now, I get very emotional. I mean really emotional. It is embarrassing because I am a guy, but I cry allot. Sometimes over the most trivial of things. I don't feel depressed at all. I well up with tears several times a day. I don't know how to describe it really, it can as simple as something sad on TV. I can't watch shows on animal planet like animal cops and news reports about kids getting hurt really tear me up. I haven't always been like this and it has gotten exponentially worse since the recent birth of my daughter.

    3 AnswersMental Health1 decade ago